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  1. I sometimes feel like we have a insane expectation for cro. People say this is a passing league and we have one of the best CB's in the league with revis. We cant expect cro to completely shut down the number 2 receiver. It doesnt happen for other teams and it doesnt happen for us. Now penalties always suck and can be cleaned up but number 2 CBs are were i expect penalties. I wont expect our all world corner revis to make penalties but a 2nd CB who is gonna be covering some fast reciever and being thrown at all day will. If our lbs arnt being harassed by TE's cro is going to be seeing a lot of action like today. Hopefully the line will get some more pressure and cause bad decisions like the 2nd weeks game.
  2. I honestly wanted sanchez to go down for a couple games and see what mcelroy could do this season but with him being hurt my plans shot.
  3. dont wanna say i told you so but i told you so. mcfadden is something special . at least the jets are scoring
  4. Honestly the one thing i cant forgive sanchez for is how he did the modeling picture thing. Just because of my hate for all things Tom Brady. Brady is the pretty boy who does magazine spreads the jets are suppose to be gritty thugs. Sanchez should really know better
  5. I am still not sure we can definitively say how good our D is yet because of the 2 offenses we have played so far. (dez and miles gave us trouble until dez got hurt in the first game) I did notice this though in the Jacksonville game and i really think by mid season the defense will be the best in the league with coverage tightening up and wilkerson being a force on the line .
  6. I dont have a good feeling with this one. Think Darren McFadden is gonna show us how we wish the jets ran the ball 24-17 raiders
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