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  1. man i just took an exam my brains fried. But still if the players dont play like they did under rex itll obviouslly show he "made" them and they didnt just show up outof the first round as studs ^ CTM got what I was attempting to say really
  2. why not? If wilkerson doesnt look like wilkerson or richardson regresses they wont have as good as a D as we think this year If we take everyone playing for rex last year and add who we have this year it looks like a scary D. If for whatever reason Rex made those players the jets D will not be as good as I think they will
  3. well lets see. If the jets arnt a top 3 defense this year id say Rex did a pretty good job then
  4. isnt he also way undersized? 230 pounds or something at combine Hed do good going to a small town team tho if the mental health rumors are true.
  5. i feel like wilkerson is a top 5 talent at his position and wouldnt want to give that up. Impact players like that are just to hard to find to let go for some picks
  6. I didnt think he was making it out of 20 but now im really scared to hope the jets get him
  7. isnt the rumor he has anxiety and depression of some sort and thats scaring teams?
  8. best player available lol this is great i really hope we keep both itll be so fun to watch
  9. the best player in the draft we need to take him ps: i rly like how pick was in instantly for oakland. Ran for amari lol
  10. Maybe I just grew up in this whole "troll" Era but I love it. Woody doing this and Manish taking shots at pats for it have really made me laugh
  11. i woulda rather had vjax then harvin but as of right now no
  12. them overpaying has nothing to do with it. They obviously wanted him gone and capatalized on people falling in love with his super bowl preformance
  13. is this our new santonio holmes? fell in love after memorable super bowl preformance. gets dumped by other team. problem child
  14. has he missed games or something? whats with the stats this year
  15. honestly i think this is a sell high move for the seahawks i dont think percy harvin is that good better then anything the jets got tho
  16. jets sent a care package to devon stills daughters so theres that
  17. still cant score tds in the red zone or anywhere for that matter
  18. i dont know what is worse. that we dont have a good qb on the roster or that our starter is playing as bad as a washed up old backup (vick)
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