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  1. i think we have a winner with david harris. From my understanding pryor launched and hit his own teamatte injuring harris
  2. should rly also take in to account turnovers on the jets side of the field. pretty much gives the opponent a guaranteed 3 and sometimes more
  3. my dad got to talk to sal paol. suppousedly gambles was terrible in interviews and only got far from the success of the 49ers
  4. maybe its just living near philly for so long but i think fans heckling is part of the charm
  5. hes ok nothing special tho for how much he talks. he may not even be starting caliber on our team tho. More rotational
  6. 4th straight three and out holy sh*t
  7. then why were u blaming the coaching?
  8. dude geno looks better then last year but come on. he is a below average qb. red zone offense is when he's tested and fails. only thing keeping this game from being a blow out was the somewhat competent play of the d
  9. we probably got away with a roughing the kicker penalty there
  10. blaming the refs is such a childish thing you dont get better only looking at things you cant control
  11. Exactly. im more suprised they looked so dominant early on. Jets play up and down to their opponent all the time which is good and bad but at least they have the capability to show flashes
  12. the lack of running game definitly hurt. thought when we were up by a good margin Wed run it down their throats
  13. i dont think its an implosion i think the jets just played better then they actually are in the first half
  14. we need a touchdown. The D cant hold one of the most potent offsenses in the league to under 20
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