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  1. did one of these when it was free with you guys. and won like twenty bucks throug through PayPal so yea its legit
  2. eh theres phantom pi calls on the D all the time so this isnt to suprising i think decker pushed a little in the beginning of the play tho
  3. idk if he looks like a franchise qb but he looks like a starter finally still the thing that seperates the pack is red zone offense and he struggles
  4. he's good enough to be on a team but a lot of players fall into a similar boat. some coaches just like having other people around
  5. Sanchez needed to go. that being said he looked ok for us before he got hurt and he should be entering his prime. it shouldn't be a surprise he is playing better
  6. maybe in a way. Gian whatever his name is was known for having a lot of penalties according to espn
  7. i want to see geno put some points up. All other stats are irrelative
  8. there are only so many rosters spots available. I thought you liked going best pick available? if your not plugging holes and are drafting best available there is only so much playing time the 13 picks could get if most even make the team. Is there a breakdown of how many spots open we have realistically available? Im sure saftey is open and maybe TE but im not sure otherwise how the roster looks especially if we carrying 4 running backs and maybe 3 qbs.
  9. if we draft 13 players and cut 6 of them idk how id feel. This is a draft to move up maybe even to watkins territory
  10. lol he says miami is reaching. I dont like Lee one bit so meh rather the jets pass and miami reaches for him
  11. not contending? pretty much i think itll be more fun to watch tho
  12. you can look at this team and be excited with geno and vick as our qbs?
  13. i think espn said it best. If we were the patriots, saints, broncos or 49ers this would be overpaying but for a middle of the road or slightly below average team (since some people think we suck) this contract is what you gotta do to get somewhat marquee players.
  14. i liked jaws saying mike vick starting and chris johson running would be insane.
  15. allegedly kelly is really disturbed by jacksons gang associations. He didnt leave it all behind when he got drafted
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