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  1. Johnny football is just plain good. I really hope he drops to 18
  2. grad students get a stipend and tuition maybe they could work something out like that for the athletes
  3. why are people getting away with telling other posters they are bad posters or should stop posting.
  4. ibtl. but yea it seems like it depends on if they like the poster or not sometimes
  5. joewilly78 should win post of the week
  6. I wonder if he Will end up as an assistant at Alabama or a reporter on a college football network
  7. can we just suck for winston or someone atleast with the sh*tty teams i know the direction they are going. The jets just confuse me
  8. wasnt miles austin good that one year? Sign the beast
  9. on paper at least it doesn't look like its gonna equate to more wins though. we may go 8-8 again
  10. I wonder if cro will be pissed if we ask him to sign again as our last option like last year
  11. what makes someone a good poster or a bad poster?
  12. i wonder how many people make it past their first 6 months here as a new poster.
  13. he was a pro bowler and ranks above average in those stats people on this site love
  14. when he played for the eagles i got to watch how sh*tty he was id pass on him
  15. you said not overspending in free agency every team has overpaid players. Sydney rice? also every team drafts players so obviously they build through the draft but they also build with free agency so what ur really saying is draft a top qb and win a super bowl?
  16. i love the mccann signing hiroki and CC scare me tho
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