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  1. bad things happen when we cant pass protect though
  2. im not knocking the sign just everyone says he is graded lower in pass protection and equal in run blocking so its a slight downgrade
  3. where are you reading this every espn/BR/Beat writer ive seen so far says giacomini is a slight downgrade
  4. allegedly he graded out on that pro football focus thing that people here refrence in the red without peyton and green with peyton. but hey hes young and should be getting even better
  5. i dont know how much its gonna change our offensive but hey its a step best chance is to hope geno gets better and they bolster the o line. i kinda hope they get barr in the draft now but since hes run a faster 40 people think hes going top 10 DAMN YOU SAL
  6. thats not a bad deal i dont know if this helps to much but thats what hes worth so good deal
  7. i know we all hate the patriots but 12m for revis isnt an awful deal especially for one year
  8. what happened to those other guys schwartz or something who were graded higher?
  9. wasnt he rated as best cover corner in league last year by the numbers?
  10. schefter is the legit source... can we pretend he was hacked?
  11. maybe the weather is affecting him leaving
  12. im really not crazy about lee or ebron. Tey were pegged to be athletes but doesnt seem to be that way. I think there would be higher value at 18 then a offensive player at that point if it was up between D and those 2.
  13. i guess best case scenario for me would be grab decker at 7-8 mill then draft mike evans at 18 i think both of those 2 things happening is a longshot tho
  14. i feel like deckers production would fall off a cliff here tho Watching revis (if he goes to pats) cover decker would be an absolute sh*tshow for the jets. I was hoping we were gonna bolster the D or something since not to great offensive skill positions are available but that ship has kinda sailed
  15. tates only a year younger and 5 inches shorter lol thatd be great if he was a #1 but overpaying for a stable #2 is meh
  16. you do realise tate got 6.2? You think we can get decker for the same? I know we all slight homers here but come on i see him more 8-10 range and thats overpaying imo
  17. the substantiation is thats what he expects. What do you think decker is worth for a desperate team? theres always one sucker
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