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  1. The NFL player not standing for the flag. You think it was coincidence that after Colin Crapernick pulled his little stunt that NFL ratings dropped, and MLB baseball ratings went up.( until yesterday no MLB player kneeled for the national anthem) The NFL employs 75 percent of their players are African Americans. A lot of those guys wouldn't be millionaires without the fan support. The players have a right to disrespect the flag and this country. It's the fans right to show their voice / disgust by turning off the game See ESPN destroy their network and product by going against their best interest, Majority of sports fans just want to watch sports , and not be hammered with everything politics. Hopefully sports owners wake up before they destroy their product like ESPN did.( I know a lot of people who won't watch a team who has a player that kneels for the National anthem. Fans stop watching and let's see how much your pay decreases.
  2. Jets’ Jamal Adams Earning High Marks

    I don't know where you thought I was taking a shot at Adams( my praise of him was sincere- played very well all game. That clip I posted showed his intelligence. Ko destroys defense lineman every week ( has to lead the league in pancake blocks) It wouldn't have been pretty if he tried to be a hero , and took on Ko one on one. Like you alluded to that play might have went the distance if he tried to take on Ko. Played it very smart.( limited to six yard gain).
  3. Jets’ Jamal Adams Earning High Marks

    Jamal Adams looks like he's going to be very good safety for a longtime for the Jets. ( very impressive the way he played) He even showed intelligence .
  4. 14 point dogs sunday

    Delrio could careless about point spreads , it just about winning the game , and starting the season 2-0. The Raiders are still a work in process on defense , and they are going to use this game to try to figure out how the fix the weak spots on defense going forward.( Wlb - on passing downs , CB position) The Raiders were counting on their first two draft choices (CB G Conley and S/lb Melifonwu ) to fix the defense . Both have missed all of training camp , with Melifonwu out at least the first eight weeks( Ir) and Conley hasn't seen one snap yet. I don't care how talented Conley is, he's going to go having growing pains at CB .( have to give him as much playing time , because he's going to be needed soon against the Wr their other Cb's have trouble matching up with.( Small shifty/ very fast Wr's) . Who knows how he will perform today, but he has to play as many snaps as possible. Tyrell Adams came in last week on passing downs at Wlb( trying to fill the role Melifonwu was drafted for- Te neutralizer. He really was bad , and if he continues to,play that bad they will try someone else at the position. Can't let every Te you face look like Tony Gonzales.
  5. Jets vs Raiders Week 2 Preview

    I seriously doubt Jared Cook goes for over 100 yards receiving this week.( probably finishes with 60 yards) The reason there are a lot of Raider players that are going to get their touches in the offense. Let's See 1. Michael Crabtree 2. Amari Cooper ( need to feed your top two Wr's) 3. J Cook 4. Beastmode 5. Cordealle Patterson - whether they line him up at RB or Wr.( terrible route runner but they want to get the ball to him fast with space- use his premier returning skills) 6. Seth Roberts 7. RB Jalen Richard 8. RB Deandre Washington ( both of Lynchs backups will get 7-10 touches per game whether they are runs ,or passes) . Those are the main options. Than you have Fb Olawale , Te Lee Smith ( premier run + pass blocker who will play a lot ) and Te Clive Walford who might get a pass thrown there way. The Jets bring extra defender in the box than you can expect Carr to pass it. He's going to take what the defense gives him.
  6. Jets vs Raiders Week 2 Preview

    Raiders probably coming out throwing from the start . (Expect to see them run the no huddle. After they soften the Jets up with the pass, than they will start to run it. ( Carr good at spreading it around) The Raiders rushing attack is a lot more than just Beastmode . jalen Richard and Deandre Washington add a diffrent dimension to the offense ( both 5-9 205 get lost behind the Raiders massive offenseline. ( both complement Beastmode game nicely) The Raiders will get their yards on the ground. Raiders special teams unit is still one of the better units. The Kicker Tavecchio ( Janikowski replacement) probably doesn't kick as well as he did against the Titans( much tougher off the dirt infield). His kick offs will be deep,. Punter Marquette King is very good at changing the field. The Raiders possess the premier kick returner Cordaelle Patterson ( very good gunner too)- big mistake if the Jets give him a chance to take it out. , and Jalen Richard is no slouch as the punt returner. Watch # 26 Shalom Luani who worth the admission just for his special team ability alone.
  7. If Hack plays vs Oakland

    Last year that might have been the case ( lack of pass rush inside) but that isn't the case this year . With return of their best defense lineman( I consider Mack more a Lb) Mario Edwards Jr . The addition of two rookie DT's Eddie Vanderdoes,and Trayvon Hester . They have Bruce Irvin on the other side of K Mack -they should provide constant pressure on the Jets Qb. The Raiders defense is suspect . Their Lb's are terrible in coverage( all Te's abuse them) , and their secondary can be beat if you have the right receivers.( small shifty/ very fast Wr) Their first 2 picks ( G Conley and Obi Melfonwu have missed all of training camp with injuries ) and they were counting on both to shore up their defense. Probably won't see either till week eight. This might be the Jets best chance to have success on offense, as this Raider defense isn't anywhere close yet to being very good. With the offense they have, all they need the defense to be is average.
  8. marshall and decker stats yesterday

    The Giants have championship caliber talent on offense, but if you don't have an offenseline - just aren't going to see that talent.
  9. The Raiders might be cutting Sebastian Janikowski. The Raiders want him to take a pay cut, and he's refusing to . His salary guarantee fully by tomorrow if he's still on the roster. So something probably happens tonight.
  10. Grade the Trade: Richardson to Seattle

    The Jets I gave an A for the trade. I didn't think anyone would give that high a draft pick for one year rental + pay his salary . The Jets had no intention to keep Sheldon Richardson long term.( they wanted him gone . So he was never a option to built longterm around him. Last point Sheldon Richardson useless on team rebuilding. Seattle I gave a C for the trade, but I change that grade now to a B. The Seattle overpaid for a one year rental.( no doubt about it) Let's face it Seattle Core starting to get old( their time is now) s Richardson going to make Seattle defense a lot more scary , and they should recoup a third round pick in 2019 when Sheldon Richardson leaves in Fa after this season. This trade works for both teams, but I have to give the Jets the higher grade.
  11. Cut down bonanza

    There is two Wr for you , from the Raiders. Kj Brent 6'3 190 - right now is NFL ready to play Wr on this level.( if Raiders carry six will be the guy - if not he will be on someone 53 man roster). Jaydon Mickens - smaller Wr 5'10 180 with very quick feet ( smaller size version of Pats Julian Edelman) just doesn't fit the Raiders offense.( rather see go to Jets than Patriots.
  12. Jets Shopping Sheldon...Again

    Raider fans would probably be willing to offer their third rounder for Sheldon Richardson . Raiders GM Reggie Mckenize would never give up a fourth rounder for Him, and pay him over 8 million for one year rental. ( loves his draft picks, and the young tackles they have) Raiders defense is garbage not because of the personnel , but because Jack Delrio won't give up running the defense . Ken Norton Jr is the Raider defensive coordinator in name only( glorified cheerleader whose Delrio puppet) . Raider fan like to kill Ken , but the real culprit is Jack Delrio. Denver defense was good with Jack Delrio as DC ( conservative bend both don't break philosophy) , but became elite with Wade Phillips attacking defense. That still bothers Jack Delrio today, and until he swallows his ego and relinquishes control of the defense to John Pagano( Chargers ex DC, and Wade Phillips disciple) . Raiders brought Pagano in as assistant head coach this offseason . Until he starts pulling the strings on defense, it isn't going to matter one way or the other.( Sheldon Richardson or anyone else isn't going to change their fortunes on defense).
  13. Broncos interested in Kap!

    Please John Elway sign Crapernick . He could be the difference maker you're looking for. Than you can sign Michael Sam. Two for one , and settle an injustice done to to these two playmakers.
  14. I don't know what game you were watching but Russell Wilson was pretty darn impressive tonight versus the Chiefs defense.( albeit without Houston, and e Berry missing) . Some of the touch passes he threw were ridiculous.( Kc Cb's Were all over the Seattle Wr's all night). Sure some of Russell Wilson passes were under thrown, or the Chiefs defender ran the pattern better than the Seattle Wr. What do you expect when he playing behind a lousy offense line. Russell Wilson wasn't going against some lousy pass defense, that Chief defense can make a lot very good Qb's look average. I have a lot more respect for Russell Wilson the Qb, after his performance tonight.( that's as good as it gets - ).
  15. Should be a nice matchup in week two . From left to right, Lg K Osemele C Rodney Hudson and RG Gabe Jackson . Leonard Williams gets a sack against that interior , and he has earned it.