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  1. Raideraholic

    Sam, Quincy, Bilal

    That's just silly. Jets have their Qb, and it just takes time . Anyone who thought a rookie Qb wasn't going to go through growing pains , weren't being honest with themselves.
  2. Raideraholic

    Khalil Mack couldn't protect a 20-0 lead.

    Only way the Raiders come out ahead is if Arden Key, Pj Hall,Maurice Hurst , and Fadol Brown become the pass rushers the Raiders think they can become. Raiders without a doubt traded away their best player on their team, but I expect the defense to improve because Paul Guenther is the best DC they have had in a long time. It's a shame K Mack never had a chance to play for him, and they really didn't get anything back that can help them this year.
  3. Raideraholic

    Khalil Mack couldn't protect a 20-0 lead.

    I'm surprised K Mack looked as great as he did missing all offseason, and training camp. Just came in a few days before the season started. His conditioning was pretty good for someone who been out that long. I'm stoked the Bears lost( give me top five pick in 2019 draft) , and I'm still alive in my suicide pool.( had the packers yesterday).
  4. Raiders defensive coordinators weren't very good the years K Mack was a Raider. ( that is a fact) . Paul Guenther is a legitimate DC who would have freed up K Mack to become without a doubt the best defender in football. ( K Mack will get much better the next couple of years- still has a lot room for improvement. Case in point you take K Mack rookie year versus Arden Key now. Key has a lot more pass rushing moves than Mack had his rookie year. K Mack needs to incorporate more of his pass rushing moves, than rely just on power. ( more time goes on he will understand this).
  5. That's just silly . k Mack is one of the best players on defense in this league . ( he doesn't take a back seat to any of those players) Those other players you mention just had better pieces around them . Football still a team game, and not just how great an indivisible is. ( 11 guys are on defense). Why it was a shame K Mack never got to play with the youngsters the Raiders brought in this year. Just would have freed him up to have a real special year. Sucks that they traded him without getting anything to help the 2018 team out .
  6. K Johnson was a legend in his own mind.( he wasn't Tampabay down fall, it was Gruden inability to draft a young Qb) . Sure probably the Raiders will never draft a talent like K Mack ( once in a lifetime talent) . One player doesn't make a defense , and you have to see the defense the Raiders eventually put out there. Will the defense be great with more parts ( ability to pay a lot more guys)than having one superstar defensive player getting Qb money . ( going to effect your ability to keep a lot of guys around him on defense.
  7. The rumor is the Jets did outbid the Bears. They just weren't trading him to Afc team.
  8. The one saving grace for the Raiders is that Raiders defensive coordinator Paul Guenther ( has total control over the defense) . He will draft the players on defense that fit his defense. Case in point see the players the Raiders drafted on defense this year.( DT Pj Hall, De Arden Key,DT Maurice Hurst , and CB Nick Nelson) . Gruden will pick the players on offense. ( thank God they have their Qb because he's terrible drafting Qb's). D James play made me sick today, and wasn't a surprise what K Mack is doing tonight.( just felt like a kick in the balls).
  9. The Raiders weren't ever going to trade K Mack to an Afc team- especially the Jets. It was pure fantasy he was ever going to be a Jet.
  10. No Reggie Mckenize ( who Gruden will blame) will take the fall no matter what happens with that trade.
  11. Raideraholic

    Mack traded to Bears

    What that tells you the Raiders are expecting the 2019 draft to be stronger than the 2020 draft.
  12. Raideraholic

    Mack traded to Bears

    J Gruden speciality is offense. Do you really think he cares about defense . If the Raiders signed Mack to that extension , you could kiss Amari Cooper gone.,. A Cooper is easily a 1,500 yard receiver this season. Raiders defense will be so much better this year than the 2017 version. ( even without their best player ) . Way better defensive coordinator . It's a shame we never got to see k Mack play in this new defense. she could easily put up 20 sacks this year. Arden Key winning D -ROY this year will go a long way in getting over this Mack trade.
  13. Raideraholic

    Mack traded to Bears

    That isn't the case the Raiders were going to sign him but he wanted more than they could offer at the time.( Raiders were up against salary cap , and could only offer so much). They contacted him about a week ago ( second time). Let's see what happens now they cleared a lot of salary space. As long as the Raiders let Paul Gunther pick the players for his defense . ( he knows exactly what he's looking for ). He had to have a big hand in the defensive players the Raiders drafted this year.
  14. Raideraholic

    Mack traded to Bears

    That has to be the dumbest statement ever. D Carr gets to work before J Gruden arrives. J Gruden says he never had a Qb pick up his offense faster than Carr has.( that doesn't happen without putting a lot of work in). A Qb in Gruden offense has so much on his plate , very complex offense that has so much motion, and where Qb has a lot of audible options. The Raiders protect Derek Carr he's going to put up monster numbers in Gruden's offense. ( by far the best Qb j Gruden has ever had in his career)

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