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  1. Want to get your mind blown. This 2003 tv show the dead zone talked about everything we are experiencing today.
  2. Do your research Dr Fauci in 2005 published a paper telling you what was very effective fighting corona virus. ( Yes this might be a different strain but it works the same way. Ask yourself this why would Fauci do a 360 degree turn on his position toward this drug. Okay I will say it Fauci is a fraud. This has more to do with the election in November, than this virus. Let’s look at Fauci stock portfolio , and you will see why he’s pushing certain drugs. It’s always the money.
  3. Did you just see what happened in California yesterday in the special election. People have had enough of Politicians destroying their lives for a disease that kills less than 1% of the population- very dangerous for the very old as that is no joke) . The politicians who prevent the reopening are just setting themselves up to be kicked out of office. People have had enough. Also like the Flu it doesn’t last into the summer months.
  4. This one isn’t going to age well for you. Let’s see how wrong I am off.
  5. Training camp will start on time. The governors can talk all the crap they want that they aren’t going to open up there state. Lawsuits are coming from business owners( violating their constitutional rights) , and the states that have already in financial distress ( ny was 6 billion in the red before corona virus - whole hospital system was on the verge of collapse) , will be forced to reopen.( or owe even more money) There is no bailout coming for states that were poorly managed .
  6. Has any of them averaged 4 yards per carry last year?
  7. Good he was so annoying as he used to have seats next to my brother in law in the old Meadowlands. I wish he would have done it sooner.
  8. Any team that has multiple new starters on the offense line is going to be severely affected by having no Ota’s. It takes time to build cohesiveness on the offense line with just one or two new starters , but when you’re dealing with four and five new additions -look for a lot of growing pains.
  9. Raiders drafted two Wr’s Henry Ruggs, and Bryan Edwards. Lynn Bowden Jr will be listed with the Rb’s. ( even though he will see action all over the field) Tyrell Williams isn’t going anywhere. Top four wr’s are locks 1. Bryan Edwards 2. Tyrell Williams 3 Henry Ruggs 4. Hunter Renfrow . Eight wr’s are competing for 2-3 spots.
  10. How is any second round pick a sleeper. Second rounders are expected to produce, and right away. Now you take a fifth rounder the expectations aren’t as high.
  11. Lyn Bowden will be listed as a RB with the Raiders, but will line up all over the field.
  12. Lyn Bowden will be listed as a RB with the Raiders, but will line up all over the field.
  13. Lyn Bowden will be listed as a RB with the Raiders, but will line up all over the field.
  14. This is draft grading for the NFl. Go look up those draft grades last year after the draft, versus what they looked like after the season. Let’s see again who had one of the best drafts in the NFL .( by season end) The draft is the lifeline of any NFL franchise. Mike Mayock has knocked it out of the park for two straight years.
  15. Did the Raiders have one of the best drafts in 2019? Yes they did. They knocked it out of the park this year also.( again time will show it was one of the best). Was Henry Ruggs the best Wr in the draft. No Was he the best fit for what the Raiders needed , and what they have. Yes. Tyrek Hill isn’t Kc best player( T Kelce is- Like Darren Waller is the Raiders. Tyrek Hill is what makes the Chiefs offense go. ( puts so much pressure on a defense) . D Carr number were up all across the board last year. They will go much higher in 2020. ( Ruggs capable of taken to the house anytime he touches it from anywhere on the field).

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