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    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    26 years old are the biggest pussies around,. See Fantasy football. Who can be a true fan, and root for a player on competing team to do well.( despite the fact they might be competing against your team. Hey don't try to solve problems. Just scream and kick your feet when things don't go your way,. Grow the _ uck up. Don't like it, find a country to live in that ideals are closer to yours. This country sucks, than why is everyone trying to come here.( explain your reasoning here).
  2. Raideraholic

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    The NBA showed already what happens when leadership strong,( private company sets a policy) . Why doesn't any NBA player challenge the rule.( show the owners where the power lies). Player are making ridiculous amount of money to play a game, and they aren't giving up any money to make a political statement. You believe they are, than I have a bridge I will sell you cheap. Go ahead keep going against the fan base of your sport, ( make sports political) and watch your product die( Ala ESPN). Everything in life is political, I watch sports to get away from that, Teams don't care if a player is black, blue , purple , but can that player give you best chance to win,.( sports is everything we want in society). The NFL was the most popular sport, and they did the most stupidest thing. Bring politics into, and they are trying a way to get out of the mess they created,. ( again why doesn't the NBA have the same problem- they as a company set the policy early. ( why doesn't Lebron James challenge that rule- what he doesn't care?).?
  3. Raideraholic

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    The fans are the people that are paying the players salaries. You tick enough paying customers, and the revenue isn't there anymore .( player salaries go down. Again if the NFL wasn't scaried , or hurting they would stick to their position. See ESPN who destroyed their product, by becoming political . ( fans just want to watch the games) Nfl career is so short, why the owners destroy the players in negotiations( when they negotiate a new collective bargain agreement . They are going to cave, suspend the SOBS and you will see how fast they change their position. Any company you work for set the rules. ( what you must do). Hey you have a free choice, but when you get the C Crapernick or E Reid treatment than you have no one to blame but yourself. Jmo can't wait till M Lynch is an ex Raider- he makes hard to root for your favorite team. I hope Gruden doesn't take his crap.
  4. Raideraholic

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    No if the NFL did what the NBA ( more African American percentage make up the league) did. The league would be prospering , and not in serious trouble. The NBA stated that everyone of their players would stand , or be subjected to suspension by the league. Lebron James the biggest race baiter, I don't see him challenging that rule. It's called leadership . The NBA has it, the NFL doesn't . They created this mess, and they have to live with the consequences.
  5. Raideraholic

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    I hope so too, so when players salaries dry up they will appreciate how good they have it,. If the protests weren't having an effect on the NFL owners bottom line, you think they care. Everyone has a free choice to do what they think is right, but there is always a cost to that choice. Looks like will be another year without watching the NFL,
  6. Raideraholic

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    i don't think he played long enough to warrant a first ballot hall of fame induction. Let's see if he gets in one day, but he will never be consider an all time great CB .( have to do it much longer than he did. JMO
  7. You're entitle to your opinion. Let me ask you .1. How many teams have a better offense line than the Raiders ( LT D Penn lg K Osemele, C R Hudson RG Gabe Jackson and RT Kolton Miller? 2. J Gruden has been a terrible Qb evaluator( would be in trouble if they were looking for a Qb) , but you give him a proven Qb ( Carr) to work with , and his offense is going to be pretty effective. 3 .Where would you rate the Raiders Wr Corp of 1 Amari Cooper, 2. J Nelson 3 . Martavius Bryant ,4. Ryan Switzer , 5.Seth Roberts.( will try to trade, but won't eat his contract if they can't trade ( Seventh rounder gets the job if Roberts gets traded)? 4. Te Jared Cook is a bigtime weapon that defenses must account for. Every top offense has these kind of mismatches they can create from the Te position. Lee Smith ( one better blocking Te, and Derek Carrier . 5. m Lynch is still very effective RB.( still very hard to bring down after contact) Ran the ball much better in the second half when they started to run more man power blocking , than zone. That was on the inexperience offense coordinator ( T Dowling) . You have one of the premier power blocking offense lines around, and you run too many outside zone plays. ( have to play to the offense lines strength) . You have to play to your team strength. The point is with Gruden this Raider offense going to be one of the better offenses out there.(no doubt about that) What they get from the defense is the question mark. Will determine how far this Raider team goes. Need to see on the field, and not just on paper. ll
  8. Not out of the question. 1. one of the better offenselines out there. ( K Miller will solidly the RT position)2. Gruden will make sure he protects Carr( has gotten hurt the last two years). 3. Bigtime upgrading in coaching staff- no longer will Andy Reid out scheme them . ( even the playing field). 3. Going to be one of the better offenses in the league.( have a lot of explosive weapons). How far the Raiders go will come down to the defense. On paper I'm more excited to see this unit perform. There defense style will be similar to the Vikings. ( ex Bengals DC is their DC) . The Raiders are going to hit the Qb in 2018. They have added a lot of pass rushers this offseason that K Mack + B Irvin can get a rest now and than.( A Key gives them that third pass rusher they lacked). Adding DT M Hurst, and Pj Hall will provide a pass rush inside( both with Mario Edwards Jr )fit the new defense perfectly.( all can create inside pass rush). They totally rebuilt the secondary. Get back last year first rounder( G Conley- has looked like a shutdown CB) and S Obi Melifonwu who were injured for most of the year,. Their top four Cb's 1 G Conley 2 R Melvin ( great year for the Colts last year) 3 D Worley 4 Nick Nelson - was drafted in fourth round but was suppose to go much earlier .( hurt while working out for a team) . They have a new kicker and punter. Still going to be one of the better special team units around.
  9. The Raiders might be the team to look to make a deal with. Probably would say these would be 10 Olineman they carry. 1. LT Donald Penn ( probably his last year with the Raiders, as they drafted his replacement this year)2 K Osemele 3.Rodney Hudson 4. Gabe Jackson 5 Kolton Miller - this year number 1 pick( Penn's eventual replacement- probably this year starting RT ) 6. Brandon Parker - 3 Rd pick this year. They drafted to be eventually RT. 7. last year fourth rounder David Sharpe - coaches think he can be 10 year starter at RT ( needs to lose 10 -15 pounds) Can play guard 8 . Jon Feliciano - backup center, and Guard 9 Denver Kirkland - guard 10Ot Jylan Ware - probably year away still - developing prospect 11 Vadal Alexander probably doesn't make there roster, but suspended the first four games- so don't have to make a decision with him till than. ( injury insurance) Now here is the deal J Ware probably their ten best offense lineman but they have three young tackles already in front of him.( They keep experience human turnstile B Giacomini- who D Carr hopes never sees the field.( would get destroyed against Afc West pass rushers in that division). They probably keep experience garbage player over the better long term player. Jmo Rather see them go with nine offensive line players than keep Giacomini- who we all know is horrible.
  10. True but Sam Darnold is still a rookie Qb, whose going to experience growing pains. ( most rookie Qb struggle there first year- some do come in and have success right off the bat. ( Darnold only having two years of college playing experience works against him coming in and not struggling. Jet fans have to have patience with Sam Darnold. It isn't all about 2018 for him. Let the kid develop , and give him time to mature into a franchise Qb. ( has ability to be that kind of Qb). Not to mention give the Jets chance to put the pieces around him , that will make him successful.
  11. Teddy Bridgewater short game is very very good, but he has a very weak arm.( Going to be interesting how He does in the Meadowlands wind) . If Teddy is the guy to start the season , don't take any Jet Wr whose game is the deep pass. ( if you play fantasy football).
  12. You can't build a whole offense line in freeagency, as it just to expensive to do that. At some point you have to start using draft capital on the offensive line. ( make the investment). Need a balance of Proven offenselineman ( expensive free agents) and young cheaper offense lineman( you draft). Jets went out and took their Qb, and it now about putting the best offense line they can behind him. ( more young Qbs are destroyed playing behind inferior offense lines). I like the approach the Raiders have taken on the offense line. They signed two expensive offense line free agents ( c Rodney Hudson) and Lg K Osemele . They drafted RG Gabe Jackson in the third round .( whose second contract was expensive) Giving themself one of the premier interior offense line. They have aging still effective Donald Penn at LT. They really have started to address the tackle position in the draft. Investing a first( Kolton Miller) , a third( Brandon Parker, and fourth rounder last year David Sharpe ( needs to drop 10-15 pounds before seriously option at RT) Last year seventh rounder Jylan Ware a developmental prospect probably has zero chance to make the roster. Probably going with ex -jet human turnstile B Giacomini ( makes it just because he has experience, but Who Carr hopes never have to play.
  13. Raideraholic

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    Connor Cook has looked pretty bad this offseason. ( Just how bad did Hackenberg look). It wouldn't surprise me if the Raiders signed J Manziel ( up in Canada ) at some point during the season. J Gruden has always liked him, and he's willing to sign for cheap.( to get another chance to play in the NFL. Johnny football fits the type of Qb Gruden prefers, than someone like Hackenberg.
  14. Raideraholic

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    Lets just say there is a big big dropoff from Derek Carr to C Cook, or E J Manuel. If c Cook was all that , he would easily beat out Ej Manuel. That hasn't happened, and he's no closer to winning the backup Qb job. Now with that said no third string Qb with no playing experience whatsoever, thrown into a game against a playoff caliber defense, is going to be successful. ( just aren't going to have chemistry with players you never threw too. So I can't kill Cook there.
  15. Raideraholic

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    The fact is it's hard to develop a young Qb with three Qb's in camp.( almost impossible with four) Due to the new rules there isn't enough time for NFL teams to work with non finished Qb. It wouldn't surprise me if the Raiders sign another Qb that further along than Hackenberg.( never can have enough competition in camp- that can really push for the backup job. my advice to Hackenberg if he's serious about continuing his career as a Qb , he should try to play up in Canada. He needs to play, (only way he's going to develop) and if he improved he will get another chance in the NFL.( right now there are so many Qbs that you can get that are much closer to being NFL ready.