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  1. I 'LL overpay for an 25 year old offensive tackle every year than over overpaying for a Mlb . That isn't the position you invest crazy money in. We will watch the season plays out, and it will show exactly what I mean. Two times he pancaked K Mack last year- now imagine what he will do to J Polite( 150 pounds lighter than him). Btw Thanks to the Jets for taking a big salary Lg salary off the Raiders hands who didn't fit their blocking scheme.( zone blocking ) The beauty part is you plan to play with a similar blocking scheme .( someone didn't do there homework). Lets see upgrade their offense line bigtime while paying about the same. K Osenele contract saving s ( terrible fit) + how little they are paying Incognito.( better fit)= about the same for Trent Brown contract. Ask V Miller ( now has to see him two times) how hard it's to get around Brown.
  2. Again if the Chiefs did trade t Hill it would be to a NFC team. Might be a nice replacement to OBJ for the Giants.
  3. What are you related to late Jet owner Leon Hess. Wanted choir boys, and he wondered why he didn't win anything.
  4. Even the Raiders have standards. We might take a guy that's plays a little dirty, but we don't take woman, and child beaters. Kc trades him it will be to the NFC .
  5. Neither Henry Anderson or Leonard Williams , are 4-3 De's ( won't get enough pressure from your De's . Henry Anderson was traded to the Jets because his previous team was moving to a 4-3 defense.( not a fit) . He's a 3-4 De. Q Williams to get the best production from him he should be 3- technique in the 4-3 defense. ( Jets play him at NT would be the biggest mistake they could make) . Mclendon IIs a NT. I still think Jets are going to be a 3-4 defense. Run downs LDE Q Williams NT McClendon and Rde L Williams . Passing downs Mclendon exits . h Anderson comes in at LDE Q Williams at NT Rde L Williams Outside lb's on the run downs will be Brandon Copeland and Jordan Jenkins . J Polite replaced Copeland on the obvious passing downs. Cj Mosely, and A Williamson will be the inside lb's.
  6. Tom Shane don't shake it too much , or you could go blind.
  7. Jets secondary after the Raiders first offensive series - knowing it's going to be a long day.
  8. Don't worry T Hill justice is coming for you , and it will be from #55 V Burfict in week two. Let's see just how tough you're woman, and child beater.
  9. I hope the Jets aren't seriously thinking about playing him fulltime at NT .( what a waste of a talent) It's understandable playing him there on obvious passing downs there. Do you know the abuse NT take, and your shorting his career if they plan to play him fulltime. ( not smart investment ). Not to mention he will get destroyed in the pro's at NT. ( this isn't college football anymore as he's a playing against men now). Jmo If the Jets don't play Q Williams , and L Williams at De on the run downs they are doing the kid a big disservice.
  10. Some teams the Jets defensive line is going to be able to over power, but the Raiders aren't one of them. Their interior offense line ( r Incognito , R Hudson, and Gabe Jackson) matches up well to the Jets defenseline( l Williams , Q Williams , and h Anderson). Jenkins and Polite aren't doing anything against the Raiders tackles. Trent Brown eats up way better speed rushers than Polite. ( won't even get off the line of scrimmage) The weapons the Raiders have on offense, and the Jets questions at CB, and it's not a good matchup for the Jets. I hope Greg Williams plans to play man to man because their going to be some quick scores.
  11. The best thing that can happen if some of the young CB's surprise.( whoever said that was correct. The Jets have the makings of a pretty good defense , but they still need to add outside pass rushers.( Jenkins had seven but he probably never sees that again- honestly do you see being a consistent sack guy. Polite severely undersized , and let's see what he can do.) . Not to mention have to upgrade the CB position. Once they do this the Jets defense can be special . Right now outside of some trade , or some players surprising , this Jets defense still has major holes.
  12. Every great defense first goal is to stop the run, so yes the Jets defense seems to have that going for them . No doubt about it the Jets should be one of the better teams stopping the run . The NFL is a passing league , you better be able to defend the pass too. This is where the Jets defense going to have major problems. Why would a team even try and run the ball early when they are putting themselves in bad situations.( second, and third and longs -they know the Jets defense is very good in that area.. Every team going to throw early, and often and make the Jets prove they can stop the pass. After they establish the pass, than they can run the football successful. Case in point the Raiders. You get Antonio Brown , and Tyrell Williams Te Darren Waller 6'6 255 4.47 lined up at Wr. Two Rbs who are excellent receiving threats Josh Jacobs, and Jalen Richard out of the backfield .( they can empty their backfield , and force the Jets lb to cover them). There is no need to even try and run the football.
  13. Sure Qb is the most important position, but you have to put the weapons, and the offense line behind him. ( to get ultimate production) See Steve Young looked like garbage playing in Tampa bay , but became a franchise Qb behind a real offense line . David Carr could have been a great Qb if he went to the right team, but he went to the Texans who neglected investing in the offense line.( guy took such a bad beating that he never developed ) . Sam Darnold is no superman. He needs an offense line. Trading for an offense lineman that is terrible fit for zone blocking scheme is someone not doing their homework. Teams make adjustment , and I expect them to take away Darnold rolls outs, and force him to stay in the pocket . You have substandard offense line , and the Qb tries to run make a play , and bad things happen.
  14. Honestly if one of your family members were involved in an accident with a young drunk driver would you dismiss his actions. No big deal let him off. This could have ended badly for everyone, and him getting four games hopefully is a wake up call for the young man.( not the end of the world) Again if R Incognito received a suspension for more than two games, the Raiders never sign him. Great offense lines need chemistry and cohesiveness - tough to build missing a quarter of the season. They aren't signing him for hard knocks. That's HBO worries.
  15. Does the NFL offer its players a free car service . ( doesn't cost them a dime) So no NFL player should ever get behind the wheel drunk. That stupidity alone should get you four games. Second the Raiders are on hard knocks this year. If Incognito received anymore than two games suspension , no way the Raiders sign him. Do you know the potential ratings nightmare for HBO if they couldn't put two powder kegs ( Incognito , and Burfict) on the opposite side of the ball. Mister bighead aka Antonio Brown without a doubt is the NFL hardest worker ever- makes Jerry Rice look like a slacker. Who really wants to see that. People want physcopaths as it becomes must watch tv. Btw Jet fans will be watching hard knocks this year for a different reason. Seeing who the Jets can claim when the Raiders make their cuts. ( if the Cardinals or 49ers don't beat the Jets to the punch.

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