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  1. Let’s see when Dr Fraudci email all come out , and they show you he’s been lying from day one . He knew the cure from day one- there was no need to take a shot. You took an experimental drug that no one knows 10 years from now the side effects. Right now those people look stupid, let’s see in couple months who the real stupid people were.
  2. Derek Carr- wins league MVP. Look at his numbers - they get better every year in J Gruden system . Tom Cable built his dream offense line( very fast athletic Ol made for Zone blocking scheme) Not only they don’t miss a beat, but it’s a better all round offense line. This team going to pound the rock with Jacobs, and Drake . Best Te Duo of D Waller , and Foster Moreau ( two complete Te’s can block as well catch) . One of the few teams that can match Kc Chiefs offense explosiveness. They are even faster with John Brown( faster / better all round Wr than n Agholor ) , K Drake - gives explos
  3. Keep dreaming you’re in a better position than the Raiders . Everyone keeps crapping on the Raiders offense line decision , but it will be one of the best offense lines in football next year.( built for zone blocking scheme) Last year rookie guard J Simpson made tremendous improvement in his game film from week 2-4. To week 16,-17 was a beast . Could force his way into starting lineup. ( shows the coaching he’s getting that he can show that much improvement not playing). One guard position they are missing for the future as ever offense lineman 25 and younger. If B Edwa
  4. L Joyner all 5’8” is 184 pounds and will be 31 years old this November( he’s gone after this year) , and Ashtyn Davis didn’t even show he was a starting safety last year .( although to be fair due to covid, and no training camp that has to be taken into consideration. That safety duo right now would be a joke .
  5. Raiders drafted Ruggs over every Wr in the draft for his blazing speed . ( matchup problems his speed creates for a defense). They have better Mims - in B Edwards( Carr always love to throw to this type of Wr). H Ruggs was like 183 pounds last year, and now 195 ( 12 pounds of muscle added) . Now with addition of Smoke ( John Brown- faster better all round wr over N Agholor who can stretch the field - what asked Ruggs to do. This year you see the Raiders with year of Carr working together in offseason with Ruggs they utilize the short to intermediate routes that made him so dange
  6. Ruggs speed is a big reason why the Raiders had the eight best offense in football last year. Why they beat the Kc chiefs( should have been a sweep) ,and why Darren Waller had a monster year . Last year Ruggs was more decoy who opened up for everyone on offense to be successful.( N Agholor - got how much money from Patriots- thanks Ruggs ) . Derek Carr said without doubt Henry Ruggs is the most talented Wr he has ever played with.(saying something when D Adams is someone who played with.
  7. The Raiders offense out played the Chiefs offense both times they played last year. ( defense was brutal as they should won both games) The Raiders offense this year will be light years better than last years unit. Fully healthy Te Foster Moreau gives the Raiders one of the top Te duo. ( D Waller) The offense line will be way better this year than last year unit,(fit the blocking scheme to a T( T Cable - been one of the best ol coaches around) and last year unit played only five snaps together. ). Rb Kenyan Drake brings a different element to the offense , as nice complement to Jos
  8. Derek Carr( every year gets better in J Gruden system) wins league MVP honors, as the Raiders win their fourth Lombardi trophy.
  9. Well the Raiders are one team to watch. They have D Waller , Foster Moreau( Raiders basically limit his snaps last year to get him fully healthy.( looks explosive). Moreau could be number 1 Te on a lot of teams . The first two Tes are going to play a lot- first Gruden loves two Te formations , and both are real Te’s( Can block as well catch). The third Te depends what they want . Derek Carrier - more H- back / Wr type than traditional Te. Not inline blocker the first two are, as more on the move blocker . Special teams . Matt Bushman - paid him a lot as uDFA but works cut ou
  10. That isn’t funny, If Darron Lee makes the team, than there was a rash of injuries at the Lb position. No team wants to have that.
  11. What Darron Lee is insurance for Divine Deablo . ( Gruden said he could be ready for training camp) . 1 MLB N Kwiatkowski 2. Wlb c Littleton 3. N Morrow 4. Divine Deablo 5 Tanner Muse 6. Javin White/ Asmar Bilal like either over PDE’s Darron Lee .
  12. Raiders are having a dwarf throwing contest in training camp, and Darron Lee fills the bill. Darron Lee has no chance to make there 53 man roster. Something definitely up with third round draft choice S / lb Divine Deablo who either hurt, or holding out. This isn’t fantasy island ( look boss the plane) where you can come in and win a spot on talented Raider roster.
  13. Let’s see when a guy can’t even remember the play call given to him, than whose going to trust his judgement on anything. Look up the clip , where he can’t remember the play call J Gruden gave him, And he basically craps his pants as a QB.
  14. No the Raiders offensive line coach(Tom Cable) won’t take any tackle with less than 34 ‘ arms to play tackle for him. AVT arms are like 321/2= Was never going to be the Raiders pick for tackle( there biggest need heading into the draft). Alex Leatherwood was their pick from the start , and would have never made it out of the first round.( Ravens, and Steelers would have picked him- two pretty good organization drafting offensive lineman.
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