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  1. Big difference missing one Ota's versus all of them. what jet secondary looking at happening to them too.
  2. Raideraholic

    So Who is Our Backup Center?

    Osemele will be a great addition to the Jets offense line at LG , and gives them quality tackle depth.( can play Rt or LT if they get an injury). Most Raider fans didn't understand why the Raiders traded K Osemele, but his interview with Lefkoe ( Sp?) pretty much explains the move now. He didn't agree with some of the moves Gruden made last year. Have to worry more about doing your job , than what the front office does. They are paying you to be a team leader( Gruden Grinder) than someone mailing it in.
  3. Again you no Mike Mayock, and it okay to have your opinion. It really doesn’t mean things in the grand scheme of things. Let hear your personal opinion of all these Clemson players in the draft. ( need a good laugh now and than).
  4. I didn’t talk about the Raiders in this thread first. Someone had the nerve to bring up Robby Anderson a Wr so bad than he never put up 1000 receiving yards on a bad team. See T Pryor even did that. Some team offers the Jets a fourth rounder Robbie Anderson good as gone.
  5. Raiders beat the crap out of you the last time , and they will beat the crap out of you this year. Robbie Anderson is a third string Wr on most Nfl roster. Yet you are pumping a player who they would have took a third rounder for during the draft. Hey can stop the run and probably even stronger this year. Who cares NFL a passing league and your lbs and Cb aren’t stopping anyone passing game. My favorite is jet won and losses on Jetnation. Every year after week five they can’t get the win total they predicted. You picked 3 for a reason ( ahead of the Raiders).
  6. Listen you saw more Clemson games than me. You probably know more than me there. Still that just your fan opinion on the players, but I will go by Mike Mayock opinion who Gets actually paid to do this work . Send Mike Mayock your resume, or better yet put in your resume to be the next Jet general manager. If you're counting on one dimensional Wr ( R Anderson) to be your number 1 , or number 2 Wr than your team in trouble.
  7. Yes it will be. Extremely confident I will be walking out of Met life a happy man. With my # 21 G Conley jersey on. Yelling on top of my lungs I told you so.
  8. Raiders when they get the Jets in known passing downs the Jets offense line going to have major trouble. LDE C Ferrell/ Maxx Crosby Rdt Pj Hall( too fast and strong for either RG or center to handle) Rdt M Hurst Rde Arden Key ( just situational pass rusher- will finish with no less than 9 sacks next season . Q Bell 6'4 240 4.38 I expect to be at one of the lb position out there on known passing downs. Will use him in coverage, but when they blitz him right up the A gap - Darnold better get down fast because this guy a missle . ( Watch his get off,and how fast he gets back there. Also might not be wise to rollout with Q Bell out here at Wlb. Raiders secondary so much stronger , and deeper it's going to give those pass rushers more time to get home.
  9. Not even close to the same defense as your looking at maybe seven new starters. Raiders could play a 5-2-4 defense . LDE C Ferrell Ldt J Hankins / J Ellis Rdt Pj Hall / M Hurst Rde Josh Mauro ( strictly run defender) Wlb V Burfict Mlb B Marshall Sslb Q Bell - 6'4 240 4.38 ( can rush the Qb majority time ,but should be able to drop in coverage) FS Lemarcus Joyner ( will play ncb if jets play with three Wr's.) / Karl Joseph Ss J Abrams CB G Conley and T Mullen . Might not be Mauro but will be new guy whether it's B Mayowa, or Maxx Crosby. Jet Wr Corp doesn't scare any team . ( they aren't that good) . j Crowder is pretty good, but again like Lamarcus Joyner matchup on him. Enunwa is better in the slot, but you have Crowder now. Enunwa isn't catching anything on Conley.
  10. No what C Ferrell was - is the best fit for the Raiders defense.( fills what exactly they were looking for a power rusher three down De.( why they were willing to take him at four) Again go look up Mike Zimmer double A gap blitz- Gruden talks about it. Now add the Raiders additions in Fa, and the draft . ( see exactly what they are doing).
  11. Mlb Brandon Marshall - played on some championship defenses with the Broncos. ( think he never faced him) Than they always have this freak they could put on him. https://dawindycity.com/2019/04/16/chicago-bears-nfl-draft-quinton-bell/
  12. When Sam Darnold puts up better numbers than Derek Carr than I might take you serious. All you have is hope. ( we seen how far that has gotten you the last fifty years) . Please save this thread because you knowci'm bringing it back after both teams play.
  13. How many Tds did Trayvon Mullen give up at Clemson,( how many Wr's got behind him). Exactly - one dimensional Robbie Anderson isn't doing anything against him. Let's see what happens when two teams play . You prove to be right I will give you your props. Go ahead Robbie Anderson catch it , and see the shot k Joseph, or Johnathan Abram deliver. ( two heat seeking missiles). Btw the most dominating Clemson defense lineman that day was C Ferrell .( he embarrassed Jonas Williams all night- only time J Williams looked good when Ferrell was out of the game.( #7 wasn't up to the task).
  14. Joyner can play a lot of positions on defense ( any safety position, nickel CB, even played some lb in passing situations. You can throw out the Raiders third worst run defense. The Raiders upgraded the De position big time versus the run ( C Ferrell, B Mayowa, Josh Mauro - one dimensional run defender, and Mad Maxx.( how much strength he can add by the start of the season will determine if he can be starting De opposite Ferrell. They upgraded the lb position B Marshall , v Burflict, Tevon Conley , and let's see Quinton Bell role 6'4 240 4.38 speed ( former Wr turned De ) I could see him being Sslb. Safety upgraded bigtime too . Karl Joseph only weakness , he was a poor matchup against the Te at Ss. . He moves to FS, and another missle Jonathan Abraham plays Ss. ( matches up better to the Te). The Jets aren't running on the Raiders or passing on them. Now let's see the Jets defense stop the Raiders passing game. 1. Very good offense line now, Antonio Brown , Tyrell Williams, Keelan Doss/ Hunter Renfrow , Te Darren Waller 6'6 250 4.46 ( stole him off Ravens practice squad- fills the Jared cook role) / and Rbs Josh Jacobs/ Jalen Richards both are nightmares coming out of backfield in passing game. They are going to throw all day on that Jet defense. Throw early and often , ( after abuse them) than run the football. Btw They have their one dimensional speed threats ( Jj Nelson/ Rico Gafford but they are their fifth or six Wr not their first or second Wr.
  15. G Conley was a 2017 first round pick who played in one full game his rookie year ( Jet game) 2018 played in 16 games. ( hence why I said it was basically his rookie year last year. Like I said G Conley might not be the best run support CB around, but the man can cover with the best of them. Conley was easy a top 10 pick who dropped in the draft because of the bogus rape allegation( bar tape cleared him) . Raiders got him much later for that exact reason.( look it up) Raiders are so loaded at CB now I think Nick Nelson would make a great safety. Excellent tackler with very good instincts. I personally like him better at safety than CB.

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