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  1. Well I’m picking the Jets this week, so you should feel better about their chances.
  2. Darnold >>>>>>>>> B Nagle That should make you feel better.
  3. The Cb playing with a cast on his hand( broken thumb) didn’t help either. Probably pulls him down When he realizes he was beat. Still Was nice play , and why Henry Ruggs was the correct pick for the Raiders. Btw my memory shot as I would have swore they were up 12, not five.
  4. The cb is first round pick D Arnette. Whose going to be a very Good cb in this league , but make a rookie mistake. ( Robbie Anderson went in motion - so wasn’t able to play bump and run). You’re up 12 point, and must know the situation there. You let him catch that out short, and tackle him , you don’t bite on that move. ( it happens- to a guy making his first professional debut) The biggest error was the safety( Erik Harris) who took a terrible angle . A starting Fs has to make that tackle , what should been 15 -20 yard game turned into 75 yard Td. That what speed does as you make one mistake, and it can cost you in a blink of an eye.
  5. Why ? I live in Mahopac Ny. ( same town that had the common sense to ask TomShane politely to leave.
  6. No with 49ers hurting at Wr, and Te George Kittle ( didn’t he leave yesterday game with an injury) possible out. The 49ers are going to try and win with the running game. That’s the one thing the Jets defense seems to do well.( plays into Jets hands).
  7. Jets 13- 49ers 10 as Q Williams shows why the 49ers made a mistake taking N Bosa.
  8. What’s next is he going to be Sam Darnold new QBs coach . Work on improving his throwing mechanics .
  9. Osemele got 12.7and 12. 7 in first two years( guaranteed) , and third year his salary wasn’t guarantee as they would have took a zero hit if he was cut. Raiders traded him to the Jets in year four, and was zero cap hit.https://overthecap.com/player/kelechi-osemele/1385/
  10. You’re wrong Osemele signed his deal with no guarantees .( basically was year to year deal) He was going to get paid , as well as he played. When the Raiders signed Osemele they were a man on man blocking scheme. Gruden came in third year of his contract , and switched to zone blocking scheme. ( Osemele is poor fit for that blocking scheme. If Gase ran a man blocking scheme the trade would have been a steal for the Jets. He doesn’t and someone screwed up by not knowing he sucks in a zone blocking scheme.( next time do your homework Jet FO.
  11. No Raiders changed the blocking scheme from man on man blocking scheme ( K Osemele best suited for) to a zone blocking scheme.( was a poor fit in that blocking scheme). The Jets should have known this , as they were a zone blocking scheme. ( have no one but themselves to blame).
  12. Call me a homer if you want. 1.The Raiders will win the AFC West 2. Wr B Edwards will win OROY .3. D Arnette will win DROY 4. Arden Key will have 10 sacks coming off the bench 5. The Raiders will revenge that loss to the Jets by lightning that Jet defense like a Christmas tree.

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