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  1. Do you know the best investment the Raiders made this offseason. Signing a Qb( Marcus Mariota) for 10 million dollars a year, and he’s the third string Qb. Bad investment. No best investment because it motivated / piss off Derek Carr to raise his game to another level. The guy playing his best football , and it was because of that contract to Mariota. if the Jets get Lawrence , I wouldn’t be so fast to get rid of Sam Darnold. Competition has a way of motivating players to perform at their best. Let both of them compete for the starting job.( probably can easily keep both for at least another year). The QB is the most important position , and Having two potential QBs isn’t a bad thing.
  2. False. Trent Brown goes 6’8 380 . I know I don’t understand this common core math but I believe 380 is greater than 360.
  3. Mike Glennon only played for the Raiders in the preseason. Took me weeks to get over seeing that horror show.
  4. Mike Glennon is dog crap, and the Jaguars aren’t winning any games with that loser.
  5. Alec Ingold is playing with a couple of broken ribs ( was in the hospital for the last game’ , and the beat writers were surprised he was back to practice that soon. A Ingold will tell you himself he should have made those plays, and won’t use his injury as excuse. He’s one of the top Fb in the game today. N Aglohor has been a godsend this year, but had some plays that could have changed the game if he was able to make the tough catches that were there for him. Biggest surprise is the play of Lt/Rt Brandon Parker who there third string tackle. So many Raider fans thought he shouldn’t have made the team this year( he’s been Gods awful his first two years), but has really start to put it together In his third year in the league. Sometimes us fans don’t see what the coaches see in a player , but those guys are more time right In their opinions than the fans.
  6. It sucks to lose a game like that, but can’t be disappointed by the teams performance tonight. Playing the chiefs you can’t drop some of the passes they did tonight. Tough to blame the offense but to beat an explosive offense , you have to make the tough catches that were there to be made.
  7. Screw you Mark Sanchez , you don’t eat a hotdog on the sideline. ( still ticks me off today). Why the butt fumble was so enjoyable to me.
  8. Thank god you said Chemistry, and not bonded . Thought of Ned Beatty in Deliverance flashed through my mind there for a second.
  9. Sorry ask someone else to go , but I’m not going to the Steeler board, under no circumstances .
  10. When the Raiders have a fully healthy offense, they can beat any team. The problem is they’re really hurting at the tackle position right now + have some injuries on offense . Trent Brown is the best Rt in the game has played in one game, and three snaps in another .( that’s it) When he’s in the lineup it’s a total different team. Lt Kolton missed his first game of his career. Not having their bookend tackles effect their ability to throw the football down the field. The defense is very disappointing. They have enough talent on that side of ball but just haven’t gotten the job done.( think they need a new Dc ).
  11. It was a freak injury, and unfortunately they didn’t know how to treat it back than. Today that injury is no big deal. Bo had it all - size, And blazing speed . It was a matter of time he was going to break one. Bo Jackson - D Henry with sprinters speed.
  12. Don’t think Gilmore is the best cb in the game anymore . He has really slipped this year, and is clearly on the down side of his career.
  13. If Bo Jackson just played football , and stayed healthy he would have been the best rb to ever play the game. He played a full baseball season, than would come straight to football( missing the first four games). Raiders would have won two more super bowls if he didn’t get hurt.
  14. Happybirthday, and don’t pull a Jeffrey Toobin.

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