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  1. It’s new offense and every player learning the playbook. Unfortunately it takes time . Mack Hollins ( a career journeyman ) is thriving why. He played in this offense , and until those other players , and the Qb get up to speed . Raiders should be 3-1 with some questionable coaching decisions . That’s football and they are 1-3. Still time to rectify there season but starts on Monday night in Arrowhead . Going to be tough as kc playing well , and Raiders offense struggling especially in red zone. Raiders starting Monday have to score Td, and not settle for field goals. This team going to be unstoppable once these players learn the offense.
  2. He also threw two interceptions last night. One game doesn’t make a season. ( you’re judged on 17 games, not one) You run like that and someone going to eventually take his knee out . One big hit and let’s see how effective he is throwing from the pocket . You run like that and sooner or later it’s going to end bad for you. Paging Buffalo backup Qb.
  3. We are going to examine if K Drake is wash up . Let’s see what he does in the passing game against the Jets defense. That’s all
  4. Demarcus Robinson has been one of the Chiefs top weapons for years. You better not sleep on him or going to over over 100 yards receiving on the Jets defense. Rb K Drake is very good receiver out of the backfield. Might see them use him quite a bit this Sunday.
  5. You run as much as Josh Allen and eventually bad things are going to happen. All it takes one hit , and doesn’t matter how big you’re( defenders taught to go low on big guys ) , as it can end your career. Give me pocket passer Qb who can win his arm, not this exciting guy who not most accurate passer, but is very dangerous dual threat. Qb’s like Josh Allen don’t last long playing that style , and once that mobility is gone , let’s see if they can win with their arm just. The Bills have real exciting Qb , but have very short window , as you can’t take the shots he takes out there. This is the NFL . Not For Long - you keep playing with fire, you’re eventually going to get burnt.
  6. Patrick Graham if your team is smart.
  7. Kenyan Drake is no joke in the passing game as he’s like having another Wr out there. K Drake not the best in pass protection , but l Jackson is very elusive , and Any pass to him could go the distance .( not to mention you can move him outside right before the snap, and get him matched on Lb- than see him attacking well down the field. Demarcus Robinson a lot of Jet fans are sleeping on , and this ex Chief( was in Raiders camp) has made a lot of plays in the NFL . He’s capable putting up over 100 yards on the Jets secondary.
  8. Ex chief / Ex Raider Wr Demarcus Robinson going to put up big numbers on the jets defense.
  9. Two advantages the Jets have over the Ravens is 1. They’re at home , and 2. Ravens are probably looking past the Jets .
  10. I could see him signing to the Raiders practice squad . He always seems to end up where Patrick Graham is. Nice veteran to help monitor the young UdFA ‘s Luke Masterson, and D Butler. I wouldn’t want him to come in and knock either rookie lb off the roster .
  11. Raiders went from Oakland valued at 1 billion , to going to Las Vegas , and now worth over 6 billion as a franchise. That’s why you move to a new stadium.
  12. No Raider fan is thinking that. The Raiders stay healthy at some key positions this is a Super bowl caliber team. Good luck to any defense that thinks it can stop the Raiders offense . Devante Adams, Hunter Renfrow , Te Darren Waller( new contract) - these guys get open very quick . . Throw in Tyron Johnson( Mack Hollins will be the second Wr on run downs but T Billy is going to see a lot single coverage , and once he does going to beat single coverage all game. The Raiders RBs will never see an eight man front , as they have very deep talented Rb group ( going to run Josh Jacobs into the ground) . 6 RBs right now are on the roster right now . Will be five when season starts . They have one of the best play callers in the game Josh Mcdaniels. Everyone knows how good the Raider offense going to be but there defense is where they are going to win the AFC West . Patrick Graham is a defense genius - he will play 3-4 and 4-3 defense ( will be head coach somewhere next year) See what he can do with actual talent on defense . Graham doesn’t have to scheme up a pass rush this year . Max Crosby, and Chandler Jones are probably two best pass rushing duos out there .( very solid depth m Koonce, t Bowers, and C Ferrell) There Dt’s are there to stop the run and keep their Lbs clean. Their Lb corp d Deablo - hes going to be a superstar D Perryman ( one premier run stuffers) and Jayon Brown ( top cover Lb who will come in for Perryman) . They have three man to man cbs Nate Hobbs - 5 round steal last year thst going to be one top Cbs in the game.( going up against D Adams every day in practice sharpens your game, Hobbs will play everywhere outside, inside - nickel cb, and even will line up at safety . Roc Ya- sin will be cb opposite him. A Averett can play inside or outside . Safety t Moehrig - is a big time Fs can play in the slot . Jonathan Abrams - is Jamal Adams 2.0 - Graham put him in best position to succeed - do what he does best . d Duron will be the safety on obvious passing downs with Moehrig . Graham it didn’t matter if first string defense or fourth all three levels of the defense was in sync . That was with vanilla defense, can’t wait to see the real defense game plan. Raiders kicking games is top notch. Don’t be surprised if this Raider team hoisting the Lombardi trophy at the end. See you hit big mid to late picks in the draft , it can cover for missing on the early picks in the draft.
  13. Patrick Graham could , if your team was smart they name him there head coach next season. I never saw a Raider defense with every level of the defense , playing on the same page. ( didn’t matter if first, second , or third string defense Can’t wait to see what he does game planning for an opponent .
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