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  1. It’s a chargers home game ha ha but 74% of the fans in the stadium will be Raider fans. Love getting an extra home game every year. That has to be disheartening to be on offense in your own stadium , and crowd chanting defense. Raiders own the LA market, and could be the AFC West with a win tonight.
  2. You have to give young players time , as they don’t all develop at the same time. See Henry Ruggs who a lot people were labeling a bust after last year. H Ruggs had to get stronger to hold up in the NFL, and to get healthy.( clearly was playing hurt last year because he’s looks ,and playing way faster this year - NFL Dbs scare sh*t of his speed. Been hard for D Carr to gage his speed still , but once they eventually get that down he’s going to be something special. The more and more he gains Derek Carr trust, the more he will be used in the offense. Now getting back to the j
  3. Very good post you don’t have new coaches , new system , Rookie QBs , and a lot rookies and you were always going to struggle. It takes time to learn a system, and for everyone to get on the sane page. Derek Carr is going on his fourth year in J Gruden system - you think any QB would do better not knowing the system as well as he knows it by now. Jet fan have to have patience as You can’t keep changing system , and expect Zach Wilson to grow as a Qb. ( all you would be doing is setting the kid up for failure) . Jets might need to get some more experience coaches on staff , and so
  4. Ravens did that exactly when H Renfrow wasn’t even the target . Raiders sent the league numerous hits on Renfrow that they seem to be targeting.
  5. X Howard can’t handle H Renfrow triple fake .
  6. Shut your mouth, I have Carolina in my suicide pool tonight. Go Darnold show everyone the franchise QBs you’re.
  7. That is a shame as he was a good poster .
  8. Raiders have a defense now under Gus Bradley . They are playing light years better than any Raider defense in a longtime. They just need an average defense , and this team easily a playoff team. ( 2-0 in the AFC against possible playoff teams ) Maybe 3-0 if they can beat the Dolphins at home next week.
  9. Just win baby . They got the job done , and are 1-0 .( 1-0 in AFC conference against playoff team) . So you’re crazy if upset today.
  10. You were saying ? There starting offense hasn’t played one snap all preseason. The offense looked out of sync early because they were rusty not haven’t played a game since last year.
  11. Always love Rico,Gafford when was with the Raiders. Despite his speed not great with the ball in his hands.( not natural running with the ball on returns, and after the catch). Nice deep threat who can stretch the field.
  12. Tanner muse you either claim him off waivers , and put him on your 53 man roster . He’s most likely going to stay on the Raiders practice squad if he clears waivers. ( knows the situation .
  13. KJ Wright was always signing one of two places Seattle ( first choice) and with the Raiders second chance . That’s it.
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