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  1. You have as much a chance to beat the Raiders , as you have to make the playoffs. Next week for the first time all year , the Raiders will be able to put our their starting offense line.( Lt K Miller Lg R Incognito C R Hudson Rg G Jackson Rt T Brown- Game over) G/T D Good on obvious short yardage situations comes in as extra Te. It’s scary to think what this offense would look like with Antonio Brown.( true number 1 Wr - only thing they are missing) . With two number 1’s next year they will get that receiver. Still the Raiders have so many options on offense . They can play with three Te’s as all their Te’s ( D Waller , F Moreau , and D Carrier - h/back ) can do both - block , and catch. They can play with their monster Wr combination . Tyrell Williams 6’4 205 and M Ateman 6’4 215 who both are physical run blockers . Two Te’s D Waller 6’6 255 , and F Moreau 6’4 255 , with Josh Jacobs as the single back. As good as you think your front seven on defense is, they are no match for the Raiders massive offense line. Either get out of the way, or prepare to get run over.
  2. The NFL has to take away these bogus roughing the passer calls, as they can change the outcome of games. Who cares Monday if the NFL admits they blew the call.
  3. J Gruden can’t stand players that are always hurt , and unavailable. JJ Nelson missed a lot of preseason games, and four of the first five games . It was only a matter of time before he lost patience with the player.
  4. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. If the Raiders still had Antonio Brown , Alec Ingold(FB ) would still be out there . The Raiders second Te ( Foster Moreau) was the player that has benefited the most from Antonio Brown being let go. They play more two Te Formations ( Waller, and Moreau) with the Rb ,and Fb in the backfield. The scary part for the rest of the league is Trent Brown hasn’t been fully healthy yet, and the return of Gabe Jackson. The Raiders offense line only going to get that much stronger going forward.
  5. https://twitter.com/SGafety/status/1180969519281508353?s=09 Something like this
  6. Best updated Nfl rosters, and teams practice squad. And it’s free - cheapskate.
  7. Ourlads.com has the best updated rosters , and every teams practice squad.
  8. The Raiders stole Darren Waller off the Ravens practice squad late last year. The guy is easily a top three Te in football now. ( complete Te whose developing into a very good blocker. Throw in rookie Te Foster Moreau and they have one of the best one two punch at Te.( I believe was taken after Wesco). Good Gms find players no matter where they are.
  9. Sure has , but is versatile enough that he can play CB. That's is where the Steelers plan to play him- at CB. The point is so many team are more willing to give a high pick for a CB , than if that player was a safety. Obviously the Jets won't trade him for anything less, and why he probably going to be a jet for some time.
  10. CB position is a higher priority position than safety . ( everyone looking for reliable cb's- that aren't out there. There are still quality safeties such as TJ McDonald that are free agents, and there isn't a big drop off.
  11. If anyone knows Sar 1 personal - it's time for an intervention . I don't know if he's Off his medicine , or has serious alcohol problem. Or took a beating in the stock market , and had to sell his luxury car he used for attention . Something not right with him , as this nonsense screams he is crying for help. Hopefully he is just joking around looking for attention. But if he's serious than someone needs to do something before he hurts himself. Please get help Sar 1.
  12. Only playoff the Jets are going to , is the American League playoffs for the Yankees . That's if the Jets own a couple of suites at Yankee Stadium. If not they will be drafting in the top five of the 2020 NFL draft again. That is the quickest way to turn the franchise around, providing Joe Douglas is that good at his job.( drafting). Why would anyone want this Jet team to be a playoff team with all the holes they have on this team. The goal is to eventually win a Championship, not just make the playoffs. The Jets win more than 6 games they are just continuing the endless cycle of mediocrity. Time for the Jets to embrace the Dolphin plan. They should be trading everything that might fetch them a draft choice .( Keeping their small core players they want to build around.
  13. The odds of the Jets offense scoring a TD , is about the same as Raideraholic being right. Expect the Jets to score two Tds.
  14. Do you know what a franchise Qb is? You don't need an offense line , Wr's, cb's or pass rushers if you have one. So obviously if that franchise Qb isn't healthy , you have no chance to win. Normally some would say has he proven himself to be a franchise Qb yet, but we know he came from the QB factory USC. Look at USC track record , of producing top NFL Franchise Qb's over the years. That we're confident to say he will become a franchise Qb in time. .

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