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  1. Let’s see when a guy can’t even remember the play call given to him, than whose going to trust his judgement on anything. Look up the clip , where he can’t remember the play call J Gruden gave him, And he basically craps his pants as a QB.
  2. No the Raiders offensive line coach(Tom Cable) won’t take any tackle with less than 34 ‘ arms to play tackle for him. AVT arms are like 321/2= Was never going to be the Raiders pick for tackle( there biggest need heading into the draft). Alex Leatherwood was their pick from the start , and would have never made it out of the first round.( Ravens, and Steelers would have picked him- two pretty good organization drafting offensive lineman.
  3. Would he even go as they both are on totally opposite sides of the political spectrum. I agree with the poster who said a Rodgers is the biggest A-hole. Really would be tough to root for your team with thi guy under center.
  4. Only problem New York isn’t on his list of teams he will accept a trade to. Las Vegas is one. 2 to 3 other teams not named the Jets.
  5. 5’8 is 5’8 . That isn’t going to get it done against the bigger Wr, and the Te’s in coverage.
  6. Good luck with that one , as the 5’8 midget a major liability in coverage.
  7. Let’s see Tom Cable who has been one of the best offense line coach in the league picks the guy he wants to be his starting Rt .( Alex Leatherwood fits his blocking scheme to a Tee) Who cares where draftniks had their offense tackles ranked. ( I’ll take best offense line coach opinion over them every day) . The Raiders had one of the best starting offense lines last year despite their top five offense lineman playing in just five snaps all year. The Raiders offense line will still be one of the better offense lines in the league next season. Just set the offense line up for the ne
  8. That is so dumb , as Tom Cable has produced a top offense line no matter how many injuries he has faced since joining the Raiders as offense line coach. There are certain qualifications offense tackles must possess if they’re going to play for him. He has never drafted a tackle with less than 34 inch arm length .( Tucker doesn’t meet the criteria 321/2 arm length). Until Cable stops producing a top offense line , than he always get the benefit of doubt. Really could care what anyone had Leatherwood ranked, as he fits what Cable wants his tackles to possess .
  9. All the defense has to be is average , and they are a playoff team. That’s how good their offense will be this year. Let’s see defense will look something like this Lde Matt Crosby/ Solomon Thomas Ldt Jonathan Hankins Rdt Q Jefferson/ D Irving Rde C Ferrell Slb Yannick Ngakoue / Malcolm Koonce mlb N Kwiatkoski and Wlb Corey Littleton / Devine Deablo T Moehrig - Fs deep single high safety and Ss J Abram- will play five yards to the line of scrimmage. Cb T Mullen Cb I Johnson 6’2 215 4.4 ( think he was made for this cover three. / R Douglas 6’2 209 D Arnette will be the nickel Cb /
  10. Actually three safeties this draft - one they are playing him at Lb ( Devine Deablo 6’3 225 -Kam Chancellor clone. Trevon Moehrig will be starting Fs with Ss J Abrams ( will be star in Bradley system) Tyree Gillespie will be backup Fs, and K Joseph / Jeff Heath will be backup Ss . Probably s Devine Deablo 6’3 225 and Corey Littleton 6’3 226 will be the lbs on obvious passing downs. Raiders have added through free agency and the draft a lot of depth on defense. Looks like they will be rotating a lot of guys in all game to keep everyone fresh.
  11. Raiders offense will even be more potent in 2021( lost n Agholor - got faster better route runner, and hands in Wr John Brown . Rb K Drake joining Josh Jacobs gives two beast running backs. Te Foster Moreau( J Witten stole his minutes but they let him fully recover from Acl injury). All the Raiders defense has to be is average, and they’re a playoff team . Gus Bradley is better Dc, and scheme is better than Paul Guenter. Have added a lot of depth on defense line( Y Ngakoue - Sslb) Q Jefferson ,Solomon Thomas , David Irving( played two games last year wasn’t in shape) . Raiders had t
  12. No doubt the Jets drafted a top notch guard whose going to form a pretty dominate left side to run behind with Becton. ( great trade). Seriously doubt AVT was on the Raiders radar, as they were in need of a starting ORT , and AVT doesn’t have the arm length you must have to play tackle for the Raiders.( why Tevin Jenkins arm half inch shorter than you must have was never going to be option for them.
  13. Tom Cable has always put a top offense line out there for the Raiders since becoming their offense line coach. You can laugh now but the Raiders will still have one of the best offense lines in the NFL in 2021. Take that to the bank.
  14. Guy nails two months ago predicting Leatherwood was Tom Cable type of lineman.
  15. Tom Cable ( Raiders offense line coach ) has certain criteria all his offense tackles must have, and Leatherwood checks off most what he looks for in his tackles. Leatherwood ability to run is very appealing to Tom Cable, and his versatility on offense line( can play every position) is another appealing thing. . Tom Cable philosophy is you give him an athletic lineman he can mold him by improving his technique. A lot Raider fans aren’t happy, but Tom Cable has done excellent job with the Raiders offense line, that he gets the benefit of doubt.
  16. I agree Jon Gruden will never let him get past him at 17. He can learn behind Derek Carr for the next couple of years.
  17. Whose going to trust Chris Simms when he can’t remember the play called.
  18. Let’s see how Orlando Brown does in a different offense than the one in Baltimore.( lean heavy on their rushing attack) Way different offense he will be going to in the Chiefs. Not to mention his reputation in the Pro’s was playing Rt, and not LT. The Ravens always seem to come out of these trades , so Let’s see what they know, that everyone else doesn’t.
  19. Raiders aren’t given Jaryd Jones-Smith , or Brandon Parker ( 3 rd draft choice three years ago - looked very good playing Lt one game( more natural side) , but still look shaky at Rt. ) the Rt job without drafting one, and possible getting one in Fa( Mitchell Schwartz . Last year Sam Young who was the was forced to play a lot was the weak link, but the Raiders offense line still performed at high level despite their top five offense lineman playing only five snaps all year together.
  20. The biggest obstacle why the Jets won’t be any good next year is everyone in the first year of learning a new offensive system.( no Ota’s). The offensive system could be better but you won’t start seeing results till year two when everyone more comfortable in the system. Rookie QB , and you’re looking at a big learning curve.
  21. Sorry Mr Darnold , didn’t mean to rip your son for his horrendous play the last three years. I believe Bill Parcells once said you’re what the back of your football card says you’re. He’s garbage.
  22. Sorry Mr Darnold , didn’t mean to rip your son for his horrendous play the last three years. I believe Bill Parcells once said you’re what the back of your football card says you’re. He*’s garbage.
  23. Sorry Mr Darnold , didn’t mean to rip your son for his horrendous play the last three years. I believe Bill Parcells once said you’re what the back of your football card says you’re. He*’s garbage.
  24. Hey I scammed another team to pay me handsomely. Life is great when you can be the worst Qb in the NFL for the last three years, and still be someone starting Qb. There is a sucker born every minute.
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