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  1. Chris Herndon doesn't have the speed , or the athletic ability to be a top ten TE . No Defense coordinator is staying up at night worrying about stopping Chris Herndon. With that said , can he be a productive starting Te in the Jets offense? Without a doubt. With the addition of RB L Bell and the slot receiver you signed in Fa (J Crowder), C Herndon numbers are going down not up. He's about 500 yard receiver in 2019. If he is productive Te in the Redzone you can live with those numbers. the Jets top five Offense threats defense will game plan for stopping. 1. L Bell 2. Q Enunwa - if healthy ( big question mark with him) Most dangerous from the slot - signed a slot receiver so that hurts him. 3. J Crowder 4. R Anderson ( pure speed threat ) 5. Chris Herndon When you're the fifth option when your Wr corps isn't exactly top tier says you're overrating Herndon game bigtime. Again save this thread , and let's see how far I'm off.
  2. Depends if your running a man blocking scheme, or Zone blocking scheme. What KO you're going to get.
  3. The Raiders picked him up late last year. He has great size and speed that the Raiders tried him at CB.( never played but from his tape seems very stiff - think he's a better safety prospect than CB . The Raiders drafting two monster size CB in the draft T Mullen in second, and I Johnson in fourth Probably says they didn't like what he showed at CB. The CB I would watch that might not make the roster is the CB from Fordham Dylan Mabin 6'1 195 4.4 . His technique looks really good .
  4. You will like this article of mix martial trainer who worked him out had to say about him. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.reviewjournal.com/sports/raiders-nfl/chris-warren-wild-card-in-raiders-growing-backfield-1642715/amp/
  5. Rumor was he came in at 270 at Ota's . https://youtu.be/KAAosOX-zKo. But he looks in great shape, and ready to do some damage #34 .
  6. Now when the Raiders cut someone , the Jets can sign him to their 53 man roster. So not only can you get great story lines, but might be able to upgrade your talent level in the process.
  7. If the new Jet GM was smart , he would be on the phone trying to trade for Jaguars De /lb Yannick NGakoue who currently holding out , and not showing up for mandatory camp due to this contract. The Jaguars are up tight against the cap, and already over next year cap . He has been one of the best pass rushers in the league the last three years( under 25 years old still) . Y NGakoue is versatile as he can play Olb in a 3-4 defense, and De in a 4-3 defense. Probably going to cost at least a second round pick. Right now the Jets have no outside pass rush, not good when you have major question mark in coverage.
  8. How do you become rich by making wise decisions. Buy when it's low, and sell when it's high. Sar1 is no different he would sell his Jet tickets in a heartbeat , if he was to make a big profit.( than upgrade his car to higher class)
  9. Someone looking to sell their season tickets. Not bad pump up the Jets, and get your price now before its becomes almost impossible to sell later.
  10. Jets better make sure they are running a power blocking scheme and not zone blocking scheme. If they are running zone than K Osemele isn't going to be much help.
  11. Every team going to throw early and often against the Jets secondary , and against their Lbs. They are going to have to prove they can stop any teams passing game. Once teams establish the pass it will make it easy to run against the Jets later on. No team going to play into the Jets hand -be so predictable and run on first and second down.( that’s wishful thinking). There is no difference to an offense whether they move the ball consistently on the ground, or through the air.
  12. Tell me how you are stopping this Raider offense . With what? Again investing heavy in DT's might work against some teams, but not the Raiders interior offense line.( G Jackson , R Hudson,and R Incognito) Your outside pass rushers aren't beating T Brown,and K Miller . Too many weapons in the passing game that it isn't going to be pretty for the Jets defense. Only way this game close if Gruden conservative on offense. ( forces the run). They should throw early and often .( light the Jet defense up like a Christmas tree) Once they establish the pass, they will be able to run it successful later on.
  13. First off he never wanted to play for the Jets. Before R Incognito signed with Buffalo( after Miami) , he begged the Raiders to sign him.(was diffrent management who weren't interested at the time. Richie Incognito completes the Raiders offense line , and well worth the risk.( all about keeping Carr well insulated that he can find all his new toys on offense.
  14. First off one person doesn't make an Offenseline , as you still have some serious holes on that offense line.( your offense line isn't anywhere close to caliber as the Raiders. Second the Raiders have the answer for KO. pj Hall 6'1 310 4.73 Hes way faster, stronger, weighs a lot more than the incredible shrinking man, and wins the leverage battle.( lower man wins) Third ex Jets OC J Morton is Raiders senior offensive coach . He knows the majority of the Jet offense players strengths and weakness. Big Advantage right there.This is the game you're going to regret not upgrading your CB position,( instead investing so much in Lb's that are going to get exposed in the passing game). Pray for snow in November, or the Raiders are going up,and down the field against the Jet defense all day.
  15. Thanks to Fa, trades, the draft, and undrafted Fa haul this Raiders team isn't anything close to that 4-12 .( injuries on the offense line played big hand in the bad year - K Osemele, Gabe Jackson -played with torn labrum substain in week one , D Penn - Ir , and rookie LT K Miller played with knee injury All year an injury he substain in week 4. ). Lets see the whole Wr Corp has been rebuilt from last year 1 A Brown - one top three Wr in the game . Tyrell Williams fa , K Doss - undrafted one of the best route runners , Hunter Renfrow , and JJ Nelson Fa / RcGafford speed threats( none of those guys were on the Raiders.( Gafford a CB on the Raiders practice squad they moved to Wr- might be the fastest guy in the NFL. Te . This was totally rebuilt too. Out Lee Smith - one best blockers and Jared Cook . D Waller 6'6 258 4.44 they stole off the Ravens Ps is bigger and faster than J Cook . E " There it is " Swoope - former colt/ exbasketball player, Foster Moreau - draft choice. And Paul Butler- blocker but way better receiving threat than Lee smith was. Two big additions to the offense line Lg R Incognito, and Rt Trent Brown. RB - Josh Jacobs - dangerous runner and receiver Chris Warren 111- was on Ir but a load to bring down. Fb - InGold undrafted Fa has good shot to be starting Fb- was the top Fb in last year draft. You put the offense line they have now , and the weapons around Carr - expect to see Carr be in the running for league Mvp.( like 2016 before he went down with broken leg) You can do the same thing on defense. Only thing working against them is a brutal schedule - one of the worst ever giving out to an NFL team.
  16. You can throw out all the run defense stats from last year, and they mean very little. It isn't anywhere close the same Raider defense. Last year one of their top run stuffers (DT J Ellis only played in six games (was on IR) . Arden Key 235-240 was always suppose to be situational pass rusher only( till he got bigger) , but after the Mack trade was forced to play De fulltime. A lot of old past their prime defense ends played the other end position. That isn't the case this year they drafted C Ferrell because he's a three down De. They have a lot of options for the other De position. Ideally they would like another rookie Maxx Crosby to have that position( both rookies Ferrell and Crosby hand fighting are elite- can he get his strength up enough by the start of the season to win that job fulltime. B Mayowa is a pretty good run defender, with some pass rush ability. Last DT Pj Hall 6'1 310 4.73 can play De. So they will play something like this on the run downs . LDE Crosby/ Mayowa, Hall Ldt J Hankins Rdt J Elllis / M Hurst Rde C Ferrell . All there lb's are excellent run defenders but coverage isn't there strength.( those guys will play zone only be responsible for a certain area ) . Have three missiles safeties ( FS K Joseph SsJ Abram Ncb - L Joyner who can close fast on the RB. On obvious Passing downs to matchup on the RB they have a lot of options Lamarcus Joyner ( can play him at a lot of positions - could get get that responsibility on bell, or one of the monster Cbs they drafted can come in get that job . The Jet defense isn't slowing down the Raiders passing game. They are going to throw all over that Jet defense .( go up and down the field against the Jets defense). Matchups are much worse for the Jets.
  17. Mayock " You can't sign all Boy Scouts" by signing enough high character guys it affords you a chance to sign a guy like Incognito. The Raiders did their homework on Incognito . ( he is in tremendous shape). The raiders Just were waiting for a response from the NFL the range of games Incognito was looking at a suspension.( before they official signed him- well whatever the league told Mayock it was acceptable. After the Raiders showed interest in Incognito , three NFL teams were interested in trying to sign him. https://youtu.be/mU4ItQXEwsw
  18. Derek Carr going to have monster year in 2019 . It's all setup for him to have a big year. Second year in Gruden's offense. Offense line - easy one of the top five offense line in the NFL So many weapons at his disposal that can attack from anywhere.( choose the way you want to get beat the slow way, or the fast way. Lmao did you see the Raiders schedule. One of the worst schedules ever giving out by the NFL. By the time they play the Jets they will be used to 1:00 o clock eastern time slot. Let's see first two games at home. Than seven straight away from Home( counting London game where they are the home team) Again there isn't any crying in football, you play the cards that are dealt you.
  19. Not bad, that was pretty good. Still waiting for someone tells where the Jets pressure going to come from. The Raiders interior offense line excellent RG G Jackson C Rodney Hudson , Lg R Incognito is pretty darn good.( Jet DT's don't scare the Raiders interior offense line). Polite going to do anything the 6'8 379 Trent Brown . ( Good luck he literally eats these speed rushers up. Raiders throw early and often versus the Jets. After they establish the pass, than they go to the rushing attack.( to finish them off).
  20. Haven't you learned anything from the last time you invested so heavy in the DT position. You had way better talent than on the defense line than you have now , and the defense wasn't that effective. That Jet defense line isn't doing anything against the Raiders offense line. ( not to mention Derek Carr has quick release) . The Jets run defense was excellent last year , and probably even better this year with their additions in the draft , and in Fa. Who cares the NFL is a passing league. Antonio Brown, Tyrell Williams , K Doss/ H Renfrow sometime speed burners Jj Nelson/ Rico Gafford . Have Variety of Te's Receiving threats Darren Waller 6' 6 256 4.45 , Foster Moreau . Rb's that are great receiving threat Josh Jacobs , and Jalen Richard that can lineup outside too. Too bad the Jets didn't invest in their pass defense, and unfortunately they are going to find out the hard way what a mistake that was against the Raiders passing attack.
  21. With the signing of R Incognito, v Burfict, and the trading for Antonio Brown it's almost guaranteed the Raiders will be on hard knocks.( must watch tv) . I guess you don' t know the Raider history as it filled with a lot of R Incognito types. The Raiders don't get to their last Super Bowl without signing R Incognito of the defense ( Bill Romanowski). You think it was an accident that Romanowski broke Shannon Sharpe arm during an important game in the division that year- I have a bridge to sell you if you believe that. Football isn't for choir boys why the Jets never won anything under Leon Hess.( he took so many great players off his board because they weren't nice guys). just win baby . The Raiders are back.
  22. Gives the Raiders a top five offense line now , while giving one of the youngsters Lester Cotton, Brandon Parker, and Tyler Roemer another year to develop before they assume that lg job. LT K Miller 6'8 330 Lg Richie Incognito 6'3 325 C R Hudson 6'2 300 RG Gabe Jackson 6'3 335 Rt Trent Brown 6'8 379 . If anyone was meant to be a Raider it was Richie Incognito. Welcome aboard.
  23. Every team has a speed threat to stretch the field. Except the Raiders have two JJ Nelson , and Rico Gafford( might be the fastest guy in the NFL) who are way faster than Robby Anderson. Not to mention both are competing for the fifth Wr job, and not the number 1 . ( big difference right there) 1. A Brown 2. Tyrell Williams 3. k Doss 4 Hunter Renfrow 5. Speed threat ( jj Nelson / R Gafford)
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