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  1. Just win baby . They got the job done , and are 1-0 .( 1-0 in AFC conference against playoff team) . So you’re crazy if upset today.
  2. You were saying ? There starting offense hasn’t played one snap all preseason. The offense looked out of sync early because they were rusty not haven’t played a game since last year.
  3. Always love Rico,Gafford when was with the Raiders. Despite his speed not great with the ball in his hands.( not natural running with the ball on returns, and after the catch). Nice deep threat who can stretch the field.
  4. Tanner muse you either claim him off waivers , and put him on your 53 man roster . He’s most likely going to stay on the Raiders practice squad if he clears waivers. ( knows the situation .
  5. KJ Wright was always signing one of two places Seattle ( first choice) and with the Raiders second chance . That’s it.
  6. The Raiders who lost two lbs who were going to be key players , sign Lb KJ Wright and trade for Denzel Perryman. Two guys who know Gus Bradley system like the back of their hand, and can come in from day one and make a big time contribution. Bring it on Ravens.
  7. You didn’t learn from hyping Sam Darnold that he was better than D Carr , and the guy was the worst QBs in the league. Hype up Zach Wilson too, and let’s see what he does. Lmao
  8. Do you know Raiders we’re a top 10 offense in 2020 . Outside of 4 players being new on the team on offense , everyone of these guys knows J Gruden offense. ( no learning curve) . Now on defense there are 14 players on the team that weren’t’ there last year. My point you have a rookie QBs and so many new parts on offense, and new offensive scheme , that you aren’t going to be as fluid as a team that been together for years.
  9. Who cares what any QBs ( especially rookie QBs ) have looked in the preseason. They mostly see vanilla defense in the preseason, and it’s a whole another game once the regular season starts. See Browning Nagle - look like the second coming of Joe Namath against vanilla defense in preseason, only to look like crap once they started to play for real. Jet fans should be excited, but temper your expectations , because there is going to be some growing pains.
  10. No I believe he has to miss the first three weeks, can be activated after that.
  11. K Joseph signed with the Steelers practice squad. K Joseph a good player playing near the line of scrimmage( hits like freight train) , but struggles due to his lack of height( see Lamarcus Joyner)in coverage as he would make a jet Te look like D Waller.
  12. Guys that have five or more years are pn’t subjected to waiver wire rules. They become unrestricted Fa’s . Can sign with anyone. Why the Vikings cut him to put some player on Ir.
  13. Raiders cut Zach Wilson favorite target in college Matt Bushman was cut by the Raiders today.
  14. Sarah Lee had better chance than D Lee ( tiny lb) of making the Raiders 53 man roster. Good luck D Lee - shoe Rt lb have no reason to be in the NFL.
  15. The Raiders who lost two lbs for good part of the season . Traded a late 6th rounder for a seventh and lb Denzel Perryman . Knows Gus Bradley defense like the back of his hand.
  16. Just tell the interviewer you have to go to the bathroom . Was so obvious with him rocking back and forth .
  17. Every year I explain this to Jet fans. was Joe Klecko a hall of fame- yes Off the field he’s a convicted Felon - why not in the hall of fame. Fact.
  18. Most likely resigning with Seattle this week( lost a lb) and outside chance he signs with the Raiders . Those are the only two. Teams on his list.
  19. Means nothing what a rookie QBs does in preseason against second + third stringers, and Vanilla defenses . See Browning Nagle look like the second coming of Joe Namath in the preseason . Only to sh*t the bed when he played against real NFL defenses.
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