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  1. 28 minutes ago, jetspenguin said:


    At least you came back... but save that 16 games white wash b.s.. you got your ass handed to you.

    Sent from the Suicide Watch desk.

    Sure did where did I say they didn’t .  But in the grand scheme of things it’s just one game.      Only good thing about this game it was over early.

  2. 4 minutes ago, RevisIsland610 said:

    You need to turn it down a little. The Raiders aren't that good. They looked horrible today and are only 6-5. There is a very good possibility they miss the playoffs. 

    Every team has these type of games, again you can say what you want because your team embarrassed my team.   ( can’t say anything)   The Raiders are still making the playoffs- let’s see if this one comes true.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, Villain The Foe said:

    It's all good. Both teams are trying to build. Gruden has done a good job out there bro. 

    Again I know it’s one game , but still living in NY this is a very tough loss to take( especially the way they were dominated)

    I was a big Jamarcus Russell fan but when he was destroyed by the Jets at home , I was done with him.    ( that’s how hard I take this loss)

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  4. 5 minutes ago, sec101row23 said:

    Your team isn’t nearly as good as you think it is.  And that is just a simple fact.  

    Sure but even though you dominated this game , It’s just one game. Why you shouldn’t gamble because anything can happen one game.   The Raiders are still making the playoffs.

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  5. Just now, Raideraholic said:

    Jets won the game in every facet of the game today.   ( can’t dispute that).   You’re judge on what you do 16 games, and not one game.  SARS 1 I give you your props , as you were right on this game.

    I’m at  a party right now( wasn’t happy party) and when I get back  will be back to discuss this pitiful game by my team.

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  6. On 11/22/2019 at 7:10 PM, kevinc855 said:

    Looks like it’s Gona be a rainy and windy day with also lots of rain prior to game time. Gut tells me that forces the raiders to run more which is a plus for us, on the other hand we may have to run more which hasn’t been such a plus. Thoughts?


    Raiders are running it no matter the weather conditions are. Probably where ever Jamal Adams lines up they are running it right at him.( reason being easy to get a block on him, than run away where he can chase down the play).

    The Raiders offense line is massive Lt Kolton Miller 6’9 330 Lg R Incognito 6’3 325 C R Hudson 6’2 315  Rg Gabe Jackson 6’3 335 ,Rt Trent Brown 6’8 380.    Now throw in both Te’s that are complete Te’s.   Darren Waller 6’6 255 , and Foster Moreau 6’4 253 ( both are excellent  Big time blockers)       In the backfield with Josh Jacobs could be Fb  Alec Ingold 6’1 240 or Te / H- back D Carrier 6’4 245 .       They can even use G Denzel Good 6’5 340 as extra Te. ( with  their two complete TE’s   it’s never really necessary.   

    Raiders Offense line is way bigger than Te Jets defense line and let’s see what happens

  7. 19 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

    Raiders haven't won a playoff game since what, pre Rex? 

    6 seasons before Rex? 

    Made the playoffs once in the last 17 seasons?  

    Just win baby!  Excellence. 

    When was the last time the Jets even made the playoffs.    Another top five draft pick.  You would think with all those high picks they would be on the cusp of being a playoff team.  Oh well maybe next year.  

  8. 2 hours ago, DetroitRed said:

    You got your SB tickets yet?

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    Not this year yet.  Something like the 7th most cap space.   5 picks of the first 90 picks in the 2020 draft.   Give Mike Mayock another offseason , and maybe next year more realistic expectations.         The goal is to make the playoffs.    They do that it was a successful season.

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  9. 2 hours ago, BurnleyJet said:

    I give you one thing, you’re consistent. You tell us how good the Raiders are every year. On the shear weight of odds they might be good sometime.

    Clearly you did it right in building a very good line. Your rookie running back has been great. I’m sorry but Carr is a just a game manager. Although that will do.

    Let’s see how our poor line holds up against your pass rush. I think our D-line rotation is very good, and will clog the middle. Our linebackers outside of Hewitt and Jenkins are poor. Should be an interesting game.

    Again we are going to see but the bears front seven is a little more imposing than the Jets front seven.  The Raiders were able to run on them( they were number 1 than too), and I expect they will have success on the Jets defense too.

    Raiders can line up in so many different combinations .  2 Te’s , Fb and full back in the backfield with Tyrell Williams .    Three Te’s ( with D Carrier 6’4 240 As H back- really a wr. ) one Te Darren Waller+ two monster size Wr. Tyrell Williams 6’4 205 and Martel Ateman 6’4 220 who are both physical run blockers.

    Raiders aren’t a one dimensional offense that has to be able to run the ball to win. They have  a variety of weapons that can hurt a defense in the passing game.

  10. 1 hour ago, RonaldJet said:

    Edoga, Lewis, and Beachum all questionable 

    Demaryius Thomas is questionable with a hamstring 

    Henry Anderson and Steve McClendon are questionable 

    The Jets look to be incredibly banged up for this game. 



    The term questionable designation isn’t the same in the NFL, as it was in the old day.( when they had  the Probable designation.      Most everyone on that questionable list is going to play for the Jets. ( new probable ).    Now doubtful, and out .  That player isn’t playing.   

    Were in week 12 in the NFL , what player isn’t hurting by now. 

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