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  1. The Raiders strength is their offense line. Lt K Miller Lg R Incognito c Rodney Hudson Rg Gabe Jackson ( doesn’t look right - might be D Good time) Rt Trent Brown . Both Te’s ( Waller and F Moreau) are complete Te’s.
  2. Raiders are going to play there two Te Sets Waller+ Moreau With their Fb Alec Ingold + Rb Josh Jacobs with Tyrell Williams as the lone Wr. ( they played that a lot) They can bring in another Te D Carrier in the backfield occasionally with J Jacobs . ( three Te formations) Was very successful in Green Bay. I don’t think Jamal Adams going to be successful for the fact Jacobs and Ingold / Carrier all are excellent blockers, and Carr gets rid of the ball very fast.( Gruden will design plays to take advantage of J Adams aggressiveness.
  3. No you’re NFC East slayers - too bad you don’t play in that division . All your wins have come against that division. That’s it.
  4. Sure was. In hindsight it looks like a terrible pick, considering Jamarcus Russell was one of the biggest bust. My draft philosophy never changes , I would always take the QB, over taking a top Wr every time.( especially if I thought that QB could be a franchise QB. Still would make that choice again if that was my team choices .(were in a similar situation) Now as Great as Calvin Johnson was as a receiver, what exactly did his teams ever win? Still need the most important player QB , and if you don’t have that you have to keep trying to draft.
  5. Yea first pick Strong safety J Abram Hurt his shoulder In week one , and was placed on Ir for the season. ( only reason he’s been invisible , as he was a big loss for their defense). Second M Crosby 6.5 sacks ( Salt) and Ferrell 3.5 sacks ( Pepper ) have given the Raiders excellent production from their two rookie De’s. C Ferrell was a perfect fit for what Guenther was looking for his defense. He might never be double digit sack artist , as they were looking for all round De.( can play both the run, and give some pass rush) . Not a guy who was just a pass rushing specialist. Two things have hampered C Ferrell development . The Raiders to get as many of their best pass rushers on the field together, they have asked Ferrell to play Dt .( on the passing downs). Also during the trip to England Ferrell caught some kind of bug and lost about twenty pounds, and his strength. Ferrell play has really improved big time the last couple weeks as he’s playing De exclusively, and he finally back to his normal weight.( strength has returned) . This is the thing they not only hit on the draft , but they were excellent in the undrafted Fa market too. Let’s See Fb Alec Ingold might be the best fullback in the NFL. Found their backup Center, and eventually replacement for R Hudson - Andre James. Found their punter A.J. Cole . Found a Wr for their future K Doss. Cb K Nixon is a nice looking cb whose been getting more playing time.
  6. Dion Jordan and Te Darren Waller both never reached their true potential earlier in their career , due to the fact both had serious substance abuse problem . So it’s immaterial what either did , or were in their past, but what they are now - sober. Personally I don’t like the fact they play Dion Jordan inside ( Dt) on the passing downs. I think they should have four man rotation at De M Crosby, c Ferrell, B Mayowa( sack leader) and D Jordan. ( I would deactivate j Mauro - whose just one dimensional run stuffer , who offers no pass rush). They should have four man rotation at Dt Pj Hall - teams Better double team ( tremendous strength , and quickness) , Johnathan Hankins , and M Hurst( better pass rush than run defender) , and old Man Terrell McClain . Pj Hall , and M Hurst should be the Dt’s on passing downs. ( by playing D Jordan inside they are stealing valuable minutes from each player). Another thing that bothers me, is I don’t want to see #35 Curtis Riley on the field for anything other than special teams. Definitely want to see more of # 31 Isaiah Johnston in the sub packages . ( very raw, but eventually could be their best cb).
  7. If J Adams is so good in coverage let’s see him take Te Darren Waller man to man. Let’s see how he holds up there.
  8. I’m telling you don’t be surprise D Jordan has monster game Sunday.
  9. Lamarcus Joyner who Gruden has ruled out yet for Sunday( doubt he plays in the Cold) , has been terrible as the nickel cb this year. ( probably goes back to fs next year. Cb Nevin Lawson play much better last week as the nickel cb, than Joyner has all year there. ( could just be just the opponent ( Bengals)
  10. Both of the Raiders starting safeties I wouldn’t say are out. It’s true they lost two Ss to Ir . (Rookie J Abrams in week one, and K Joseph in week 10) Safety Lamarcus Joyner there is a good chance he’s out this week too, but he’s the nickel cb. Eric Harris has been one of the starting safeties for much of the year( he baited P Rivers throwing three picks to him) . Raiders recently signed veteran SS DJ Swearinger. Might lose a little in run support , but they probably get a little better in pass coverage. Swearinger played very well in his first game with the Raiders despite just being signed.( should be even more comfortable this week. Going to be interested how much newly signed MLB Preston Brown plays this week. ( Bengals defense scheme very similar to the Raiders Defense scheme.
  11. Sam Darnold - Hans Solo Joe Namath -C-3PO( knee surgeries will do that to you) Wayne Chrebet- Luke Skywalker Jamal Adams- Princess Leia
  12. Couple of points. The question you said Carr doesn’t like cold, wind, and the Wet. What does that have to do with wins and losses. Offense could have done its job, only to lose the game because defense couldn’t stop anyone. Second who cares about what happened in 2018 , as the 2019 roster is radically different on both sides of the ball . On offense - Carr, and three offense lineman are left from 2018. ( totally rebuilt). The offense that they were suppose to be with Antonio Brown, and JJ Nelson might have been effected with the cold , wind, and cold.( much deeper passing attack coming from the West to the East. Not the Raiders offense now that relies on its Te’s ( three of them), it’s running game , and it’s big powerful offense line. Again Carr can throw the 5-15 yards passes all day in the cold , and wind. ( that was my point, and it’s true). The Wr Corp T Williams, M Ateman, Zay Jones( played in Buffalo) , and H Renfrow( catches everything ) games aren’t going to be effected by cold, and wind either. The wind+ wet hurts the Jets game more than than the Raiders( you don’t run the ball well, and takes R Anderson strength away. Carr has over 70 % completion percentage this year , and has much quicker release than Darnold. The Raiders can dink, and dunk the Jets defense all day if they have to.
  13. Do you know what Oc would do is run at him all day. Say for example he was lined up against Trent Brown 6’8 380 . Than when he pancake him , he would finish him off by falling on him. Any decent Te would block J Adams to the other goal post. This is silly an idea as playing Jamal Adams at Cb. The guy can’t cover at safety , but he’s going to stopping top wrs . Please.
  14. That what Jets PSL were for the Jets fan this year. Like throwing your money down a hole.
  15. No Super Bowl this year ,as they still need more pieces before they are legitimate contenders. Once they make the playoffs , this was a successful season. Anything after that is gravy.
  16. Not for Gruden grinders. The Raiders have traveled more than any team in the NFL this year. They have made a lot of trip this year (West to East ) to play at 1:00 eastern time. I think this young team will be ready to play this Sunday. ( under any weather conditions).
  17. The Raiders run two , and sometime three Te sets. All their RBs ( Jacobs, Richard, and Washington) , and Fb( Alec Ingold) are all good receivers. Raiders have some big Wr T Williams 6’4 205 , M Ateman 6’4 215 , and little Hunter Renfrow who does his damage in space. Let it Rain , let it be cold , and wet because Carr can throw the 5-15 passes all day. Now throw in the fact the Raiders have two Te’s That are excellent blockers , (can block de one on one), one of the best Fb Alec Ingold , a very big bad offense line, and last the ORoY RBs Josh Jacobs. The weather doesn’t effect this Raider team , as they are built to thrive in those weather conditions. Does this look like a team that can’t handle the weather conditions. The
  18. No one has stopped Josh Jacobs , and the Raiders running game.( worse game he had averaged 4.3 yards per carry). Josh Jacobs is great catching the ball out of the backfield, but they rarely use him because he’s playing with sore shoulder ( they count on him so much to run it) . When you see backup Jalen Richard there is a good chance it’s a pass.( they will keep isolating him on your lb in the passing game. The Jets better double team Te Darren Waller. ( like every team now does) . They don’t it’s going to be Darren Waller show all day. The Raiders are excellent blitz pickup team . 1. Their offense line 2. Josh Jacobs , and Fb Alec Ingold do a great job picking up the blitzer. 3. They play with a lot of two Te formations ( Both Waller , and Moreau are excellent blockers.( sometimes they play with three Te’s d Carrier h-back whose a good blocker , has wr skill , and possesses 4.5 speed. Carr has one of the quickest releases .
  19. Neither player Lamarcus Joyner( pulled his hamstring) , or Karl Joseph( out for the season) are playing against the Jets . L Joyner has been horrible as the NCb this year. ( probably goes back to Fs next year) Nevin Lawson will be NCb . And Dj Swearinger with be Ss for K Joseph.
  20. Couple points you can throw out the defensive stats( secondary) because it isn’t relevant .( the personnel has changed so much the last couple of weeks. Rookie Trayvon Mullen will be making his 4 th straight start . ( Replacement for G Conley).Ncb Lamarcus Joyner is out with hamstring injury( against the Chargers) . In is Nevin Lawson . Raiders lost their starting Ss K Joseph. In is Dj Swearinger( second start). Rookie 4th cb Isaiah Johnson who just came off IR with fracture face sustained in the first preseason game . Only played 7 snaps last week, but I would expect his snaps to increase a lot more. Rookie undrafted Fa K Nixon will see some time too. Gruden doesn’t have anything to do with the defense. Paul Guenther Calls the defense , and is a disciple of Mike Zimmer. Will show double lb blitzes up the A gap- that’s to give outside pass rushers one on one matchup.( usually they will drop back, but sometimes they do come) Raiders have so many new faces on defense( Swearinger, Preston Brown, Isaiah Johnson, and T Mullen) . That I really doubt if they blitz too much.( reason being communication could be a problem). I expect The matchups to be D Worley on D Thomas - Worley Is very good on short and intermediate passes . Struggles on deep ball.(Can’t stay with R Anderson) Nevin Lawson on Jamison Crowder , Trayvon Mullen on Robbie Anderson Lb N Morrow on L Bell. Swearinger or E Harris on Ryan Griffin. If cb I Johnson plays I expect him to play off coverage. ( bait Darnold as he can really break on the football) . I hope the Raiders plan is to rotate only four De ( Crosby, Ferrell, Mayowa( sack leader) , and D Jordan. Not Five ( J Mauro-is one dimensional run stuffer I would deactivate) . They play five than most likely D Jordan will move inside on the passing downs. ( I rather have Pj Hall , and M Hurst as the Dt’s on the passing downs. If I was Darnold i wouldn’t roll out too much with the Condor. He’s going Right after the QB. The Jets are going to have to establish some kind of running game. They don’t than Raiders front four pinning their ears back and coming after Darnold.
  21. Remember when the Raiders have third down to go. It’s time for third and Renfrow show.
  22. Gruden has very good play designs. He will show you something in the first half ( out of certain formations) and with the game on the line in the second ( exact same formation - do something totally different.( constantly adding new wrinkles to offense). The Raiders will play with a lot different personnel. You can see anything from three Te’s , to wide range of other personnel groups. Gruden is very conservative . He could be playing the 86 Bears defense, and he’s going to run the football. The Jets will get a heavy dose of Josh Jacobs this Sunday - no doubt about that. D Carr reads NFL defenses very well, he has totally power to change the call at the line of scrimmage. ( you will see him constantly change the play at the line of scrimmage whatever he sees from defense).
  23. Just watch and learn . We will talk after the game, and let’s see how wrong this prediction was. Btw. https://twitter.com/e_geerlings/status/1196939299804942338?s=21 Passer Rating & Comp % on Attempts of 15-Plus Yds (Min. 50 Att.) Through Week 11 125.4 - Cousins 121.2 - Mahomes 116.9 - Wilson 114.9 - Carr 113.4 - Rodgers Comp % 54.2% - Carr 50.7% - Brady 49.4% - Prescott 49.1% - Garoppolo 48.8% - Stafford
  24. Watch out for Dion Jordan 6 ‘ 6 275 - had one sack last week in very limited snaps , despite being very rusty . ( that’s missing 10 weeks serving a suspension) . Raiders just signed him last week , but he’s in tremendous shape. ( the guy who I think might explode this Sunday) .

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