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  1. Do you know the difference between a veteran roster, versus a very young inexperienced roster . This was a total rebuild job Gruden elected to do.( his second season) The betting line was 6 win season for the Raiders. The Raiders draft class has exceeded everyone expectations , as they really hit on home run on most of these picks. ( speading up the rebuild process) . If you understand J Gruden conservative game plan - the games are usually going to be close. It’s the way they play. They are going to run the football against anyone. ( the reason they are top three on third downs is because they don’t have that many third and longs. They eat up a lot of time of possession . They have a lot of young talent everywhere on defense, but they are trying to break it in at very important positions. Cb for example, Rookie second round Trayvon Mullen has assumed a starting position.( going to be a good one but only his third start .Rookie Isaiah Johnson 4th round is just coming back from face fracture experience in third play in the first preseason game- might eventually be better than Mullens , but is much rawer than Mullens too. ( his playing time should start to increase) K Nixon Eanother rookie is starting to get more minutes. When you are trying to break in that many young players at the same time , your going to experience growing pains. It’s a fine balance trying to win games, and trying to develop these young players at the same time. Raiders make the playoffs , and it’s a great year.
  2. JUST WIN BABY - a great man once coin that expression. You don’t get extra credit for style points. All you want to do is keep putting wins together- any way you have to do it. You get enough wins , and you qualify for the playoffs.( remember what that is- been a longtime). The Raiders could be in sole possession of first place in the AFC West after tonight. The Raiders will be a playoff team this year. Are they serious contenders for a Super Bowl. Probably not, but give Mayock one more draft( 5 picks in the first 90 picks) + 7th most cap space( last time it was posted) , and let these young players on both side gain some valuable experience. The greatness in the Raiders is it’s future. ( Mayock and Gruden are building something special) Raiders have the OROY = Josh Jacobs. Mad Maxx Crosby in the running for DROY.
  3. No one has stopped the Raiders running game yet . Lowest yard per average for Josh Jacobs is 4.3 yards per carry first week against Broncos. The Bears were number 1 rush defense too, till they played the Raiders. Everyone that knows J Gruden - knows the Raiders are going to run the football a lot no matter who they play.( it’s the Jets this week).
  4. Raiders signed Lb Preston Brown, and Placed special team standout Dwayne Harris on IR.
  5. I agree with that to start the game, but in the fourth quarter I expect 95% to be Raider fans.
  6. I hope the Jets plan is heavy dose of blitzes . The Raiders are pretty good blitz pickup team. The Raiders strength is their Te’s, and RBs. Carr gets up to the line of scrimmage early, he does great job of reading defenses , and changing the play to what the defenses showing. When you see Rb Jalen Richard in there , there a very Chance it’s a pass. You know they are going to try to exploit the matchup with him on the Lb.
  7. You would think not, but there are a lot of dumb teams out there, that just might do something that foolish . You always have you to be willing to see what you can get for J Adams .
  8. c Ferrell is going to be a very good player in the league. Has really picked up his game the last couple weeks. Regained the 15 pounds he lost getting sick in London, and the Raiders aren’t asking him to play out of position anymore.( played a lot of Dt as they tried to get their best pass rushers on the field. Ferrell is seeing just time at De now. ( has made a difference). Salt ( Maxx Crosby aka the Condor 6.5 sacks) and Pepper ( C Ferrell 3.5 sacks) will be in effect Sunday afternoon. After the Chiefs lose tonight to the Chargers , the Raiders will be in sole possession of first place . Thanks to k Mack trade we have a top ten pick coming from the bears.
  9. Stop being that dude- Raideraholic. ( over- rating every Jet player) Ryan Griffin is a 30 year old Jag Te. ( social security years for a football player) The Jets offense hasn’t been that great , and someone has to be benefactor of the targets.
  10. Listen the team Mike Mayock, and J Gruden are building with the Raiders. When they start winning championships , I will gladly wipe Gruden’s butt for free.
  11. Gronk going to announce it was always his dream to wear the Silver and Black . The Raiders will tell him some dreams don’t come true- Sorry Gronk you aren’t good enough to make the Raiders tight end group.
  12. Yea you have a funny way of describing average team- currently six seed in the playoffs, and half a game behind the Chiefs for first place in the AFC West. Using your definition of average - when was the last time the Jets were an average team? Btw Correction the Raiders are currently tied with the Chiefs for first place in the AFC West. The Raiders will either be a Half a game up or down depending of outcome on Monday night.
  13. Yea but we only care how many the Raiders score on the Jets defense. The Raiders are 6-4 - half a game behind the Chiefs for First place in the AFC West.( six seed for the playoffs right now) Your season was over after week four. You still haven’t beat anyone beside a team in the NFC East.
  14. Keep talking nonsense. Just because you keep repeating the same lie, means it’s going to change anything - make it true . Another loss to the Raiders. What was the team that destroyed the Jets recently in the middle of the field. Well it’s going to be much worse with the Raiders personnel. Have ORoy RBs Josh Jacobs . Stud Rookie Fb Alec Ingold. When you see either Rb Jalen Richard or Deandre Washington In the backfield there is a good chance they are coming in to be mismatches in the passing game. They have three Tes that are very unique- all can both block and catch . ( Waller, Moreau , and Carrier) They can play all three Te’s at once. Two Te’s formations with Waller, and Moreau , with D Carrier as h-back . ( very tough matchup problems) While they don’t have a true number 1 Wr , they have nice array of Wrs. ( Tyrell Williams6’4 205 , Zay Jones , Hunter Renfrow - becomes bigger part of the offense every week ( third down specialist) M Ateman 6’4 220 - big physical Wr who very good run blocker also) Raiders might have DRoy also Maxx Crosby seriously in the running to win that award too.( kids coming on every week- has chance to fatten up on the Jets offense line)
  15. Here is honest assessment . This game will be as close as J Gruden wants it to be. If he ultra conservative with the play calling , Jets will be in this game to the end. J Gruden comes out , and goes for the throat - Raiders win this One in a blowout.
  16. Bad news for the Jets , the Raiders didn’t play that great today . No way J Gruden let’s them put back to back bad games together . Mad Maxx Crosby with four sacks today( The Condor)
  17. The Jets should sign Colin Kaepernick . Sam Darnold could learn so much from a veteran QBs like him. Not to mention improve their reputation around the league with the players.
  18. That injury was a career ender for Bo because they didn’t know how to treat the injury.( waiting to long, and oxygen was deprived to the hip . Today they do, and I think there is very strong chance Tua makes a full recovery. I'm hearing anywhere from 6 months to 18 months including physical therapy depending on how bad the fracture is.
  19. Why would anyone want to see Tom Shane have a heart attack. I Love the guy. He moved out of Mahopac, and the property value increased tremendously. Direct correlation . Thank you Tom .
  20. Let the teams be able to suit up 53 players on their roster . ( there shouldn’t be any player inactive). Silly that you have to deactivate 7 players each week , where injuries are very common.
  21. Rex Ryan you aren’t fooling anyone with this post. No team is giving you a head coaching job. Accept it already. You have about the same chance as your brother Rob , to get an NFL job. None.
  22. That looks like Mike who served me at Starbucks .
  23. Great news for the Chiefs as their wild card chances just improved a lot. Pouncey out for three weeks, and 5-5 now.

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