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  1. The Jets are probably right in this Enuwa situation , but this can’t look good to potential free agents, who the Jets might be interested in adding to their roster. This isn’t the first Jet player , who has had a problem with the Jets organization this year . The reputation of the Jets organization is at an all time low, and it probably just became so much more expensive to sign potential free agents this offseason. Not to mention the Jets gave other teams who might be competing with the Jets for a Free agent , ammunition why they should sign with their team, and not the Jets.
  2. The worst thing the Jets can do is fire Gase because you can’t keep changing the offense each year- Darnold is never going to develop. Darnold needs to play in the same system , ( will be much more comfortable in the second year) than having to learn a whole new playbook. Darnold development is the most important thing going forward for the Jets, that you have to keep Gase.
  3. Don’t count on it, for the fact that the Raiders have done so much traveling this year( west to East) , and have played at 1:00 eastern time a lot . They are use to it by now. Raiders aren’t looking past any team , as they know they beat the Jets they set up a meeting with the Chiefs for first place in the AFC West the next week.
  4. Trent Brown has battle numerous injuries this year, but when he’s in there he one of the best Rt’s in the game. ( thanks to trade of Osemele - they were able to target him day one in Fa .The Raiders need a healthy Trent Brown down the stretch . They were beating the chiefs 10-0 when he went out with an injury . Richie Incognito - another Fa o lineman been a big addition to their offense line. C Rodney Hudson was also a Fa addition a couple years earlier . You have to do both build through the draft Lt K Miller( 1st round pick) , Rg Gabe Jackson ( third) , Swing Tackle D Sharpe ( 4th) Brandon Parker ( Third round- eventually will be guard). Center Andre James - undrafted Fa who was a Lt, and Rt in college. Will be Hudson eventually replacement at center), and in Fa ( Rt Trent Brown, C R Hudson, and Richie Incognito. G Denzel Good they picked up on waivers - been a God send coming from the Colts who offense line coach cut him last year because he went to a funeral.
  5. 5-4 now . Even you have them losing 2 games out of three - that’s 10-6. That would be only 4 loses in the AFC . The Raiders are taken the AFC West as who wants to be a wild card. After the Raiders are 7-4. ( Bengals, and Jets) The showdown in Kc for the AFC west crown.
  6. Raiders put K Joseph on Ir. Sign S Dj Swearinger , and De Dion Jordan
  7. No it won’t . It’s going to take at least 10 games to make the playoffs. Here Raiders remaining schedule - Bengals , at Jets, At Chiefs, Titans ,Jaguars , at Chargers , at Broncos . Raiders are taking the AFC West. The Steelers schedule at Browns, at Bengals , Browns, at Cardinals , bills, at Jets , at Ravens
  8. The Cowboys thinking this year, versus next year, could be quite different. The Cowboys want to win a title badly , and might have been willing to give up more to make that happen this year. Next year the Cowboys have some expensive players they have to take care of ( Dak Prescott, and Amari Cooper) . Can they afford what’s J Adams going to cost after the 2020 season. Jmo I think the Cowboys go for a lesser safety like Karl Joseph in Fa.
  9. The Raiders were glad that a lot of teams subscribed to that viewpoint during last year draft. Rb Josh Jacobs has a good chance to be OROY , and been a big part of the Raiders success this year. That’s running behind an offense line that has started three different RT’s , three different Rg’s, three different Lg’s, and two different Centers.
  10. A lot of NFL people say Maxx Crosby reminds them of young Jared Allen . That’s a nice compliment, as Jared Allen was very good pass rusher.
  11. Good for me as I changed my pick of the Colts( starting QBs injured) , to the Chiefs in my suicide pool.
  12. http://www.nfl.com/videos/baldys-breakdowns/0ap3000001074572/Maxx-Crosby-Raiders-D-line-show-up-big-in-Week-10-Baldy-s-Breakdowns
  13. The Jets might get a first, and third from some team for Jamal Adams , but it won’t be the Raiders. The Raiders aren’t trading for Ss Jamal Adams as they have their Ss Jonathan Abrams ( 2019 number 1 pick - out for the season ) back next year. The Raiders with two number 1 picks, and three third round picks in the 2020 draft . Just keep letting Mayock do his thing in the draft. Unbelievable the haul they had from the 2019 draft.
  14. Tom Cable - Raiders offense line coach+ Former head coach. More a wish on my part, than anything else.
  15. I’m not going even argue about David Carr because you have no clue what you’re talking about. People who don’t understand football label all young players who struggle out of the gate busts. That isn’t the case as not all players mature at the same pace. Some positions Rb, and Wr the transition from college to the pro’s are pretty easy to make. Other positions like defense line, and QBs are much harder to make the transition.( takes more time) In college playing for USC there talent was better that a lot of schools. Most of the time there was considerable separation from the Cb’s. In the pro’s it’s so much faster game that there are much tighter windows a QBs has to throw to. ( sees much more complex defenses each week).
  16. Go look at Derek Carr brother David who was ruined for good playing behind a offense line like the Jets. Do you see him on the NFL Network when they bring in the top NFL QBs , he constantly is way more accurate than these top QBs. ( now subject him to pressure, and you see a guy who was battered constantly . No QB likes to take a hit , you hit a QBs enough times, and the greatest Qb is going to fold like a cheap suit . Some of you Jet fans expectations weren’t realistic . Sam Darnold is so great he doesn’t need a top offense line to be effective. Rubbish . You hit Brady enough now, and he’s going to look as bad as Darnold. ( when you hit forty it hurts like hell getting hit. Jmo I wouldn’t play Darnold anymore till you fixed this offense line - to at least average. Only thing you’re doing is creating mental and physical damage , he might never recover from. All you need to look at history of QBs drafted with lousy offense lines , and how many busted.
  17. You missed what I was trying to say. You can’t judge him till you rectify the offense line. Some young QBs get ruined by putting them behind a porous offense line. The danger of keep playing him now behind a garbage offense line is that you develop bad habits( throwing off your back foot) and the internal clock in your head is sped up( if it’s real or not). Many young promising QBs were ruined by that.
  18. Steve Young was a bust playing in Tampa bay too( bad offense line) , than gets traded to the 49ers( very good offense line ) and suddenly is the franchise Qb everyone thought he was. The Jets have to fix that offense line before any Qb can be successful. No Qb likes to get hit - even franchise QBs. A young Qb gets hit enough times early in his career , and that can ruin him forever.( can develop a lot of bad habits( throwing off the back foot) and speeding up the clock in his head( imagine pressure that might not be there. Jets want to trade Darnold, call the Raiders . Gruden will be gladly willing to trade one of his first for Darnold. The Raiders have the time ( can be backup to Carr) and the offense line To rehabilitate Sam Darnold. You have a chance to rebuild a franchise qb confidence , and that opens up a chance to recoup so much more than they gave up to acquire him. Or if he never develops , than the Raiders lost that first , and the Jets have another piece to rebuild their offense.
  19. Bill Parcells was the same guy who passed on Orlando Pace in the 1997 draft too. The guy was a great coach, but like a lot of head coaches , wasn’t a very good General Manager. Was much better just coaching, than trying to be Gm too. So I really could careless Bill Parcells opinion on how to build offense lines . It’s like J Gruden opinion on QBs- he never developed one. So it really doesn’t matter what he thinks there.

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