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  1. Bill Parcells was the same guy who passed on Orlando Pace in the 1997 draft too. The guy was a great coach, but like a lot of head coaches , wasn’t a very good General Manager. Was much better just coaching, than trying to be Gm too. So I really could careless Bill Parcells opinion on how to build offense lines . It’s like J Gruden opinion on QBs- he never developed one. So it really doesn’t matter what he thinks there.
  2. That might be the dumbest statement I ever heard it’s more to do with coaching, than talent on the offense line. For example , the last time the Jets had a top offense line they invested heavy into that position . They drafted LT D brickshaw Ferguson with their first pick , and C N Mangold with their second . Two cornerstones at premier positions on offense line , that once you had it became much more easy to fill the rest of those spots on the offense line .( think that Jet offense line would have been good if they said you don’t need to draft offense lineman with your first two picks. To built a great offense line it takes little bit of luck( not all offense lineman drafts are the same quality ) and you have to make the commitment in that position in the draft, Fa, and undrafted Fa. You neglect investing in that offense line, and think that coaching can hide that, than you have no one but yourself to blame when you have a bad offense line. The Raiders have only played nine snaps all year with there starting offense line Out there. Only Lt K Miller has played every snap. They have started three different Lg, three different Rg , three different Rt, and two different centers. Hasn’t made a difference as they put out a very good offense line out there each week. It’s not coaching as Tom Cable is a moron.
  3. He had cancer. Why he’s mad at the skins because they misdiagnosed it , and told him it was no big deal.
  4. https://twitter.com/BaldyNFL/status/1190012441213714436
  5. Brandon Marshall is a Raider now. He isn’t one of the Lb options for the Jets.
  6. Raiders defense is extremely young on defense (a lot of rookie, and second year players Everywhere. Tough to break that many Young inexperienced players at one time. Let’s take De position You used the fourth pick of the draft on De C Ferrell , Fourth rounder Maxx Crosby workload increases every week because he’s playing that well, Arden Key - promising second year De, Benson Mayowa - best veteran Fa they signed ( has 5 1/2 sacks in 6 games - was healthy scratch because trying to develop those young De’s - got hell for doing that as the guy producing. J Mauro- one dimensional run stuffer who doesn’t offer anything as a pass rusher - plays a lot on the run downs. There is no way Mauro should be stealing snaps from the youngsters. You have too many Young De’s you trying to develop at onetime. C Ferrell at what 260 is playing more under tackle than De. Drafting more youth At that position isn’t the answer , You have to figure out your best three De’s , and let them play.
  7. Right now there isn’t any defense player better than Nick Bosa drafted later than him . ( he’s a finished product + why he went number 2 overall ). In time Raiders fourth rounder Maxx Crosby might be the best defense player to come out of this draft. ( even better than N Bosa) The kids real good now , but just scratching the surface what he will become . Laugh now but in year or two , let’s see how wrong I am on this one.
  8. Thanks to signing Raiders backup offense lineman in Fa. Jon Feliciano . Wanted a chance to start somewhere.
  9. Scott Bair ✔@BairNBCS Raiders have re-signed Brandon Marshall, source said. Raiders are also signing Will Compton for LB depth. And...they are signing OL/Center Erik Magnuson off of Buffalo's practice squad. 329 4:49 PM - Oct 29, 2019 Must be bad news on C Rodney Hudson injury that they signed the center off of Bills practice squad. No problems rookie C Andre James is going to be a very good center in the NFL.
  10. The Jets should only be looking at adding young players that can be difference makers. ( that will be around when Jets are ready to win). Trent Williams makes zero sense for the Jets now. ( lost season) Can’t get that kind of young player, than they should be sellers. Trading players who might have value , but your organization doesn’t see the player in their teams long term plans.
  11. Depends on how lucky the Jets are in the draft. The Jets find a franchise Lt , and he plays like it.( there are a lot of supposed can’t misses Lt, that bust out) Than that’s a big piece of building a quality offense line a lot faster .( team miss on that Lt, and it can set back a franchise for years). You sign the best right tackle in Fa , and suddenly you are in business. You can get quality interior offense lineman 2-4 rounds that can come in an start from day one. It wasn’t by accident the last time the Jets had a great offense line they drafted a top Lt prospect,( D Brickshaw Ferguson). You find that cornerstone on the offense line , and suddenly things are looking up for building a top notch offense line. So it depends on how long it takes to find that Lt prospect.( one player can make a difference).
  12. Xavier Howard is going to be traded? A lot of times they take a player out when a deal has been made. Don’t want an injury to ruin it.
  13. Raiders aren’t trading for any TE, as they like there three Te they have.( D Waller, F Moreau , and D Carrier). They only been activating 4 wr’s on game day because they activate 3 Te’s each week. I
  14. Bad loss yesterday, but I like what I’m seeing from this Raider team. On offense -Just need number 1 type of Wr, backup Ot, and backup Rb to replace one of the Rb’s they lose in Fa. That’s it on offense .They lost their stud center R Hudson to injury, and their rookie undrafted Fa center played excellently ( Andre James - found R Hudson eventually replacement. Kids going to be a good one. Was Rt, Lt in college, and now a center. The Raiders defense is where most of the Fa, and draft capital is going to be spent . The Raiders defense is extremely young, and it’s all about trying to give these young players time to develop. ( not about wins and loses but developing these kids. Raiders should be sellers ( K Joseph, and one of the backup RBs ) and buyers in trade market . ( if they can get a young top pass rusher or Cb I think you give up some of those draft picks). Can’t have all youth , as you need some veterans the pups can lean on. Two first round pick, 3 third round picks, and 7th most cap space to spend in a state with no state income tax. .
  15. The Jets should be looking everywhere to strengthen their offense line . Right now they should be looking at other teams practice squad , and seeing what young offense lineman they can sign that might be long term answer for their offense line.( concentrate on teams with the top offense lines) . In Fa see what top offense lineman is out there( top ones rarely come free) , and be prepared to pay some big cash to get the guy you want.( have to strike early and quick there) . It’s very expensive in Fa , so it’s hard to see the Jets getting two fixes on the offense line. In the draft , if a jets get a chance to draft a cornerstone Lt, they have to do it. ( have to address Ot before Wr. Than you need young players like Edoga to develop.
  16. A pathetic jet offense . You aren’t stopping the Raider offense. A top five offense line( first time all year their starting five on the offense line will play together . Raiders have been able to run it against any NFL defense this year, and they have three top Te’s. You skated trying to address which Qb is better. What are you basing your answer why Sam Darnold is better than Derek Carr. What stat are you using to support your position. There isn’t anything S Darnold has done better than Carr. Just because you say it 100 times does it make it right. When Darnold puts up better numbers than Carr than make that point. Right now your position is a joke.
  17. No the Raiders offense relies heavy on the running game, and their Te’s. ( have three very good ones Waller, Moreau, and Carrier) . Tyrell Williams has missed couple of weeks with plantar fasciitis . Zay Jones hasn’t played a game yet coming over from Bills. Trevor Davis has played in only two games- Packers . The rest of their Wr corps are rookies, and some like second year Marcel Ateman are physical run blockers that makes the running game go.( they don’t show in the stat column but are big part of the running game success. Gruden elects to play a certain way - rely heavy on the run game + Te’s ( can do a lot of damage that the Wr don’t get as many chances.
  18. Tyrell Williams has been practicing the last two days, and will probably play this week. I total understand why they might be interested in Robbie Anderson . Someone to stretch the defense , and open the middle for their Te’s to exploit.( Carr is one Of the best deep passers in the game. The Raiders have three number 3 picks in 2020 . So giving one of those third picks isn’t going to hurt them. JMO I think it’s foolish to give up another draft choice for another Wr, when it’s a Te based passing attack. ( sometimes they will play with three Te’s) Not to mention giving up a third for a Wr that isn’t going to start. Gives them more options in the passing game . They have seven Wr’s already on the roster . ( Tyrell Williams, Zay Jones gave up a 2021 fifth rounder , Trevor Davis- Gave up a 6th rounder in 2020 , Hunter Renfrow, Keelan Doss, M Ateman , and Dwayne Harris- just special teams player. I rather see them address lb position , or add another pass rusher before they bring in another Wr.
  19. Raiders have an offense lineman on IR , we love to trade to the Jets. Good center and guard.
  20. The key thing to remember with Trent Brown is that he was never arrested or prosecuted.( it was a case she said, he said - can’t see NFL suspend for that( there is no tape) . See Tyrek Hill. Gabe Jackson played for the first time last week all season as he coming off knee injury sustain in training camp practice against the Rams.( Raiders kept him on active roster) . Played great this Sunday. Has a little swelling after playing the whole game. He will be fine - probably limit his practice time but play every week. Rt David Sharpe played pretty well in relief of a brown, but had two holding calls that took two big pass plays away . Not to mention he’s no Trent Brown- one of the top Rt in the game, When T Brown Is back , and with healthy Gabe Jackson Raiders easily have top five offense line. Carr has played very well this year despite missing his wr Corp. ( Tyrell Williams - there best Wr missed a couple games already with plantar fasciitis ( Sp?) and Zay Jones - traded a 2021 fifth rounder for - isn’t up to speed yet. Very young wr Corp they start. Raiders strength is the Te position. Have three Te’s that all can block and catch the football. That group only gets better when they get back Tyrell Williams and Zay Jones . jacobs and Fb Alec Ingold - both rookies have been very impressive. Only piece on offense they are missing is true number 1 wr . They get that in next year draft. The defense is very young .Fa Lamarcus Joyner Has been the biggest disappointment as nickel cb.( think he starts to play more natural safety). G Conley Has been the second biggest disappointment- traded him to Houston, The Raiders are going to give their rookie cbs a shot.( T Mullen, I Johnson - been on Ir - fracture his face on freak play in first preseason game - week 8 he’s back, and K Nixon ) more playing time. Raiders very young defense line will abuse the Jets offense line.
  21. No K Osemele wasn’t hurt when he joined the Jets. The Raiders traded him because he wasn’t a good fit for their zone blocking scheme.(it surprised me Gase offense ran a zone blocking scheme- that’s on Gase) . R Incognito is much better fit in that blocking scheme . If I was the Jets - the Raiders offense lineman I would target in Fa is G Denzel Good.( hopeful Raiders sign him before the season over before he becomes too expensive.
  22. Raiders before that fumble were in position to go up by 4 at half. Next time they got the ball on offense, they were down 17 . Raiders move the ball on the ground, and through the air all game. That’s without the best Rt in the game Trent Brown , and Wr corps missing there top players. It’s scary Do think what the Raiders offense could have been with Antonio Brown .( last piece needed on offense true number 1 wr) . Every Raider fan before the season started - looking at their schedule, would take a 3-3 record . They win this week in Houston they are sitting pretty for a playoff spot. ( very big game) . This team is extremely young on both sides of the ball , they were never going to be contenders this year. 7th most money to spend in Fa, and 2 number 1’s + 3 number 3’s = Just might put them in position to compete with the top teams.
  23. Sar1 when the Jets get eliminated before the Raiders game sell me your tickets for the Raiders / Jet game. Only right things do after making these crazy predictions . This was the year for the Jets to make the playoffs - very favorable travel schedule. Next year you play the AFC West again. The Raiders will again see the Jets at Metlife . Hopefully next year you will give the Raiders a better game. Btw Sar1 . The Raiders beating the Colts is way more important than Jets beating the Cowboys. Why. The Colts are an AFC team that’s a potential wild card , where the Cowboys are an NFC team- that dosen’t do anything for you. AFC Games are like two wins, versus one win for NFC games. Like the Raiders beating the Bears doesn’t have the same effect as the Colts.
  24. AFC Head to head matchups and AFC record matter. The Jets are 0-4 in the AFC . After the Raiders beats the Texans they will be the sixth seed. With wins over the Colts, and Texans- Win the tie breaker against either team. Raiders are getting to 10 wins.( survive the killer road schedule3-3 with very easy schedule remaining ). 7. At Texans, Lions , Chargers , Bengals, At Jets , at Chiefs , Titans Jaguars , at Chargers ,at Broncos.

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