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  1. Only player whose been a bigger disappointment than Conley has been Fa Lamarcus Joyner. Time to stop using him as the nickel cb.(play him at safety) Very disappointed in G Conley the cb, who look very promising coming off of last season( was suppose to be their number 1 cb) . Never was a good tackler , but was pretty good in coverage. For some reason has taken a big step backwards. Started in Ota’s when Antonio Brown, and D Waller abused him constantly - don’t know if that destroyed his confidence. Conley was going to get benched , and they got a third rounder for him. ( can’t complain about that) . Two number 1’s , and three number 3 picks isn’t bad draft capital to have in 2020. Only need a number 1 Type of wr on offense. I think the Raiders aren’t finished with trades . I expect S K Joseph and Rb DeAndre Washington to be moved before the trade deadline. Raiders might make trades to acquire players too , but they better be young and cornerstones ( someone like X Howard.
  2. I guess the Jets are keeping Leonard Williams than, because no team in their right mind is trading a second round pick for him. Leonard Williams isn’t helping any team .
  3. C Herndon isn’t 6’6 255 with 4.46 speed . Only two TEs were timed going more than 20 mph 2 times in 2018 . George Kittle did in 3 times in 860 something snaps . D Waller did it twice , but in 47 snaps only.( Freak) The biggest surprise in Waller game has been his blocking , as not to many Te can be asked to block K Mack one on one and survive.( Gronk couldn’t do it). Chris Herndon couldn’t even hold Foster Moreau jock strap. As the Raiders offense Has revolved , Moreau snaps have increased every week . You see the Raiders playing more and more two Te formations . ( Great to have two complete Te’s) and why the Raiders have changed the Wr makeup. Out the smaller Wr’s for the monster sized Wr Corp.( T Williams 6’ 4 205 - out plantar fasciitis, M Ateman 6’4 215 , and Zay Jones 6’2 ) who are all excellent run blockers. The Raiders have been one of the best redzone offenses around . Why would you pass it to the Te when you can run it in. (Oh I forgot when your offense line is garbage- see L Bell 3.0 average , you can’t run it in.
  4. Are you freaking retarded or what. D Waller had a substance abuse problem, and was suspended by the league for one year. There was a reason the Ravens kept him around ( practice squad) despite his problems. The Raiders stole him off the Ravens practice squad late last year ( keen observation watching him in warmups before a game against the Ravens) , and a clean Waller has rewarded them. The Raiders just extended his contract. Unbelievable getting a top five Te like that. D Waller and Foster Moreau you don’t think have played a big part in this stat. The Raiders still haven’t been able to put out their starting offense line yet this season. Rg Gabe Jackson back but Trent Brown still battling a leg injury. The AFC West could be the Raiders . Last time they played the Chiefs they were missing three fifth of their offense line . lg - Richie Incognito - Suspension , Gabe Jackson - injury( hasn't played A game yet this season, and Rt Trent Brown left the game early( Raiders were up 10-0 . You will see what the best Te duo ( Waller, and Moreau) look like for yourself - November 24, 2019. Hope the game means something for the Jets - would be sweet to end the Jets season .
  5. Go ahead and force K Osemele to play, and do you know whose going to suffer - Sam Darnold. Do you really want a disgruntled offensive lineman blocking for your franchise Qb. Hey the Osemele trade didn’t work out for the Jets, move on , and try again next year to address the offense line.
  6. Let’s go Broncos. First place is for the Raiders taken with a Bronco victory tonight. The AFC West is ours. Btw hope Mahomes okay as I want to win the division the old fashion way- earning it,
  7. Monday night game is almost a must win game for the Jets. You can’t go 0-4 in the AFC , and hope to be a playoff team at 9-7 . Why. Tiebreakers are determine by head to head matchup( lost to two potential wildcard contending teams already Browns, and Bills), and by AFC record. Do the math 0-4 in the AFC plus games against Ravens, Raiders , and Bills again. ( even if you win one). 6-6 isn’t going to cut it in the AFC in the tie breaking formula. ( Most likely one of the tied teams competing for that last Wild card spot will have a better AFC record. So for your playoff dream not to end, you need to beat the Patriots Monday night.
  8. Darren Waller is a freak of nature. 6’6 255 4.46. The guy has showed up every week. He’s like the 6th Te in the NFL , playing in five games where the other Te’s played six games. D Waller receiving was never the question, the surprise was his blocking. Not too many Te’s can block K Mack one on one . Easy a top five Te in the game today.( C Herndon couldn’t hold his jock strap as a player). The Raiders just started playing more two Te formations , and F Moreau has shown he can be a top ten Te in this league ( sucks for you as Wesco was taken before him). Can block and catch is a great number 2 Te to go with the number 1 Te ( D Waller) . Raiders with one of the top five offense line ( G Jackson back) . Two Complete Te’s in D Waller , F Moreau) . Strong ORY candidate Josh Jacobs, and impressive rookie Fb Alec Ingold . It’s no accident the Raiders ditched the small very fast Wr , for the monster size Wr who are great run blockers. ( Tyrell Williams 6’4 205 - out plantar fasciitis , M Ateman 6’4 215 , Zay Jones - ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. It was dumb trading for K Osemele whose a bad fit in the zone blocking scheme - why the Raiders traded him because he didn’t fit that blocking scheme.( Incognito been big time upgrade) . Jalen Ramsey would be traded by the Jaguars sometime this year. The other ones you have to wait for November 24,2019 to see I was correct. Mrs Cleo would be proud of me.
  10. No go look it up I said he was going to be traded this year. (Said was possibility that it would be before the season , but would happen by trade deadline. Now how did your Trent Williams was going to be traded. ( since he never was going to play for the Redskins ever again. Comeon Jif be gracious loser- you were wrong.
  11. Well Te Darren Waller says your wrong. He had a substance abuse problem with the Ravens ( suspensions) . They kept the talented TE around on their practice squad , until the Raiders stole him off , (the Ravens practice squad) and signed him late in 2018. d Waller whose clean now. ( also 27) He’s easily one of the top five Tight ends in the game today. With rookie Foster Moreau gives the Raiders one of the best 2 Te’s duos out there.( Both are complete Te’s who can block, as well as catch).
  12. Ramsey wanted to go to a team with no state income tax. The Rams play for a state that has one of the highest state income tax. Do you see him being a happy camper.
  13. Hey Jif told you so- Jalen Ramsey was going to be traded. Don’t ever doubt me. Now I will let you try redeem yourself. Does Trent Williams get traded ?
  14. On paper you’re two games out , but your AFC record says you’re further back than that. The Jets need to start winning AFC games , as that’s a big determination in the tie breaking formula for wildcard spots. Jets are 0-3 in the AFC right now. ( losing the head to head matchup with two potential wild card teams Browns , and Bills). They play the Patriots, and the Jaguars( another potential wild card team). Two very important AFC games. The Jets can’t lose the next two , or there season could be over. Getting to 9-7 might be good enough for a wild card spot this year, but there should be a lot of potential wildcard teams with that record.( comes down to tie breakers- 1. Head to head matchup, 2. AFC Record)
  15. Bells averaging a robust 3 yards a carry. Just how bad the Jets offense line has been. I don’t think mr Bill is worrying about stopping him.
  16. I hope the chiefs give up a 2, and a 5 for Leonard Williams. Let them blow draft picks on a player that isn’t helping them win any games. .
  17. Survive my suicide pool, but will revenge the Lions next week as the Raiders run the ball down the Packers throats.
  18. If the Jets tried to play next year with three rookie offense lineman on their offense line , it would be a recipe for a disaster. You think your offense line was bad this year, that offense line would be worse. That’s a big jump going from college to the pro game.
  19. Cowboys were missing both starting offensive tackles yesterday was a big reason for that.( big reason why they lost three straight) Not to mention Brady gets rid of the football very fast, and it’s hard to see the Jets getting too many hits on him.
  20. Hey might only been one game, but a win, is a win. Still you have to beat the Patriots if you have any serious playoff aspirations this year. Can’t go 0-4 in the AFC. ( lose all the tiebreakers). They have to start winning the AFC games.
  21. You have as much a chance to beat the Raiders , as you have to make the playoffs. Next week for the first time all year , the Raiders will be able to put our their starting offense line.( Lt K Miller Lg R Incognito C R Hudson Rg G Jackson Rt T Brown- Game over) G/T D Good on obvious short yardage situations comes in as extra Te. It’s scary to think what this offense would look like with Antonio Brown.( true number 1 Wr - only thing they are missing) . With two number 1’s next year they will get that receiver. Still the Raiders have so many options on offense . They can play with three Te’s as all their Te’s ( D Waller , F Moreau , and D Carrier - h/back ) can do both - block , and catch. They can play with their monster Wr combination . Tyrell Williams 6’4 205 and M Ateman 6’4 215 who both are physical run blockers . Two Te’s D Waller 6’6 255 , and F Moreau 6’4 255 , with Josh Jacobs as the single back. As good as you think your front seven on defense is, they are no match for the Raiders massive offense line. Either get out of the way, or prepare to get run over.
  22. The NFL has to take away these bogus roughing the passer calls, as they can change the outcome of games. Who cares Monday if the NFL admits they blew the call.
  23. J Gruden can’t stand players that are always hurt , and unavailable. JJ Nelson missed a lot of preseason games, and four of the first five games . It was only a matter of time before he lost patience with the player.

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