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  1. Watching the jets wearing Islanders jerseys makes me sick. I hate that F'ing team.
  2. Sam is watching this Jets draft and is like WTF?
  3. I guess a lot of people don't understand that we aren't going to fill every hole on this roster this year. That's why we have a ton of picks next year too. This draft and this off season has been F'ing outstanding so far and not done yet either.
  4. No DT or safety selected so far? What is happening? Thank you JD. FU Macc.
  5. Yes because we have such a plethora of such amazing TE's.
  6. He did show flashes in his rookie year but last year wasn't good. I would give him another year, especially with a new QB, since we don't have a lot at TE.
  7. Some of you guys are obsessed with trading down. I want immediate starters and quality. Stay at 34 and pick either Jenkins or JOK. That's good value.
  8. This team has neglected the Oline for a decade and this team has been ass for a decade. I'm glad they are starting to build it to protect Wilson. My grandmother could run behind Becton and AVT. Not making the same mistakes previous sh*t regimes have made is just fine with me. It was a great pick at 14. They won't be able to fill all the holes in one year but QB and Oline are a very good start.
  9. Yes you're right. A good OL means nothing and Gase was a good coach.
  10. If Humphrey is available at 34 you take him. F@ck trading down. My grandmother could run behind that line.
  11. Nah. It was a great pick and trade. Well done JD.
  12. Actually you are the one that is expressing the woe-is-me loser mentality with this post. Darnold was done here and I was one of his biggest supporters. This was the right move and landed us 3 draft picks. What did you expect exactly and what is your solution.
  13. The question is irrelevant. He just signed 9 FA's, some of which are pretty damn good.
  14. He signed 2 pretty good WR's so far and has 5 picks in first 86 in upcoming draft. I don't think he's done upgrading the offense at all.
  15. I like what he has done so far and I don't think he's done either. I don't know how much cap space we have left but it seems like we have spent quite a bit and we need money to sign up to 9 draft picks as well. Would it make people happy if we signed Golladay for 18 mil per year?
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