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  1. It isn't about this year and anybody who thought the jets would win more than 5 games were kidding themselves. It's about 2021 and beyond which I believe the Jets will be in good position to sign some talent as teams will struggle with the realities of a covid cap, not to mention 4 first rounders in the next 2 years. JD has basically punted on this year. No Adams, no Anderson, no real FA signings and plenty of cap space, no Mosley once again, and a ton of injuries as usual to an already thin roster. There is no doubt in my mind the team will hit rock bottom this year, 2 or 3 wins at most.
  2. he's been in a pretty bad situation since he's been here and it's gotten worse since Gase became HC. How do you evaluate a 23 yo QB that has played behind the worst Oline in the NFL his first 2 years and has limited weapons and terrible coaches since he has been here. How can you accurately evaluate somebody under those circumstances? What young QB would be successful under the same circumstances?
  3. The last 2 years he has played behind the worst OLine in football, arguably with the worst weapons in football(he was throwing to Malone and Berrios today), and two of the worst HC's in football. Tell me 1 young QB that would have success with that clusterf@ck.
  4. Really? You think Berrios and Malone would be on some other teams roster?
  5. Really impressive. Never a doubt on all 3 of them.
  6. This KC-LAC game has been pretty good. I miss watching good football being a Jets fan.
  7. I really miss Ray Lucas in times like this.

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