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  1. RevisIsland610

    Gotta love ESPN

    Joe Namath thinks so too.
  2. RevisIsland610

    Gotta love ESPN

    They are awful prognosticators. They had us winning zero to 1 game last year. They had us ranked 31st I think to start the season. Haters gonna hate.
  3. RevisIsland610

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    I do not have a good feeling about this game. Minny is good. This is going to be a breakout game for Cousins and his receivers. They are going to abuse our horrendous pass defense. I see Minny winning by double digits. Sorry to be a debbie downer but I have no faith in this D.
  4. RevisIsland610

    This is 100% Sick

    Couldn't happen to a better franchise. Let them suffer.
  5. RevisIsland610

    Brady's postgame words to Gronk........

    He had nobody to throw to the 1st 2 games. No Gordon, no Edleman, even Gronk missed one game I think but that was all a dream. 38,38, and 43 points don't lie. I would love nothing more to see him fall off a cliff but I just don't see it happening.
  6. RevisIsland610

    Brady's postgame words to Gronk........

    What games are you watching? They have scored 119 points in the last 3 games. He looks as good as ever to me, unfortunately. They are going 12-4 again.
  7. Eli said you and Sanchez can kiss his super bowl rings, and you're welcome for beating the Pats twice.
  8. I think you are underestimating his career in general, sorry. He is no Mark Sanchez, please. The guy not only won 2 SB's, he won 2 SB MVP's. He's thrown for over 53,000 yards including 6 years with 4000+ yards, He's been good and clutch in post season when it counts the most. To call him mediocre is ridiculous.
  9. I agree that the Giants made a mistake passing on a QB but Eli has been good for them for a long time. This board would pay for and erect a shrine in Darnold's honor if he somehow leads us to the promised land once let alone twice.
  10. Yes, but aside from yesterday's non-existent pass rush we have managed to pressure and get to the QB alot more than I was anticipating this year, yet our pass defense still blows.
  11. Yes, we all knew this but I thought the offense was going to be the main reason with a mediocre offensive line and a rookie QB but they have performed above expectations while the pass defense on this team has been absolute trash. Cousins and his receivers are going to have a field day.
  12. Thats a really good question and I'm afraid of the answer. It was a scrimmage for the Jags with Bortles telling us what we should be doing to defend against the crossing routes. Downright embarrassing. The Jags had done nothing the week before against Tennessee and the 2 games after, yet we gave up 500 yards against them. Something is very wrong with this pass defense. Any average to above average NFL QB seems to light us up. Luck was throwing to scrubs all day and they dropped about 10 passes yet they were moving up and down the field. The pass defense or lack thereof is the most concerning aspect of this team right now.
  13. It was a blowout win? I must have missed that.
  14. RevisIsland610


  15. RevisIsland610


    They left Tammy too much time on the clock. I've seen this movie way too many times.

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