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  1. He did. He may not have made in the endzone but he would have been close and given them a 4th and short.
  2. It was a horrible call. You go for it on 4th and 8 for the chance to tie the game with Rogers as your QB. This wasn't Darnold behind center. You are going to trust your defense the hold the GOAT with 2 minutes to go? How many times has Brady burned the opposition on that. Then even if you stop Brady you still have to score a td anyway. It was a very dumb decision.
  3. The figured that they wouldn't convert the 4th and 8 and that they could hold Brady and get the ball back for another shot. It was a dumbass decision could have cost them the game.
  4. Exactly. That is a move that chicken sh!t Gase would call. How do you call that with Brady on the other side and Rogers as your QB. Dumb. Even if they hold Tampa they still have to score a td. Dumb.
  5. No doubt. 6 SB rings and may lead another team there at age 43.
  6. We have a real GM this time, 6 picks in top 100, and 100 million in cap space. This team will be alot better in the very near future.

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