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  1. Real GM's, unlike the arm chair GM's on this site, have to make important decisions without the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. The decision to jump from 6 to 3 when the jets did was unquestionably the correct move. Who knows how it would have played out if we stayed at 6? Maybe Buffalo or some other team then trades up to 3. Nobody in his right mind ever expected things to unfold last night like they did. Maybe people liked Rosen over Darnold for some reason but nobody should be complaining now about the jets trading up to 3. It was a good move and the jets got the best QB in the draft.
  2. RevisIsland610

    Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    6th pick, 2 seconds, and 105 mil to spend.
  3. 2 horrific calls on 4th and inches by Pitt. Holy Sh*t.
  4. Neither of the picks are considered the worst picks ever. High 1st round picks like Gholsten and Blair Thomas were worse.
  5. Brown would have been flagged for pushing off if it was against the patsies. Book it.
  6. I think he's upset because the reason he hasn't played in his first 2 years is because he absolutely blows.
  7. The Jags can absolutely beat the patsies. I'm not sure if they can overcome the guys in the striped shirts though.
  8. Watch out if the Jags actually get a competent QB next year.
  9. Brady has been great this year once again. He will definitely be back again next year unfortunately. Brees probably and Big Ben is 50/50.
  10. Tonight was disgusting but why will it change anything? The same sh*t has been happening for a decade and it just seems to be getting more blatant.
  11. It really is incredible how the pats get the benefit of so many calls.
  12. RevisIsland610


    I understand that but I just don't think I could stomach a full season of what has happened the last 4 games.
  13. RevisIsland610


    Exactly. Could you imagine 16 weeks of this garbage? At least with McCown in there the offense looked somwhat competent. Petty has led this team to something like 30 points in 4 games. With Petty and/or Hack in there for 16 games the Jets would have been 0-16 and set records for offensive incompetence.
  14. RevisIsland610


    Bryce Petty is f'cking horrible. The good thing is there is no delusion anymore that he is an NFL QB.