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  1. Are you surprised? They lost to Cincy and nearly lost to Miami twice. They are also a terrible road team. This has blowout written all over it.
  2. Feely was definitely overly critical but this was the first time all season that Darnold pissed me off. Usually he is running for his life and has no run support behind this awful OLine but today he was making poor decisions and missing open receivers when he had time. I still think he will be a good one in this league as he matures.
  3. Wow. This officiating is so so bad.
  4. Seriously, how is that not a penalty? It is a penalty for every other team. Maybe Kraft made his payment to NFL at halftime.
  5. Spoiled brats Pats fans booing them at halftime. Wow.
  6. Wow, what the hell is going on here? Refs picking up flags against other teams and calling penalties against the Pats.
  7. He hasn't done it to Darnold yet but he has done it to other players. He rarely takes the heat for his incompetence, and yes I hate Gase.
  8. I have a weird feeling almost every day that this is the day I'm going to win the lotto too. I'm still working.
  9. If they had lost he would have probably thrown him under the bus.
  10. I have always defended Sam and still think he will be a good one but he was not good today. He had poor reads all game and left a lot of plays out there.

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