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  1. Jets will do what they have done all season after a win, lose convincingly. 27-13 Eagles.
  2. I agree. I have a feeling it's going to be a 2-3 TD loss.
  3. We could collect a lot of assets that way but would they be blue chip players this team needs? Imagine a Neal and Hutchinson on this team and then you still have 7 more picks before the 6th round. People get too enamored with the number of picks. We already have a total of 9 this draft. Lets pick some real quality in the top 5. I'm assuming Seattle's pick will be about where it is today.
  4. We need top end talent. Top OLine, CB and edge right there for the taking. Pick 2 of the 3. They still have 7 picks additional picks before the 6th round to work on other needs.
  5. No, enough with the trading down for more picks. If you have an opportunity to pick 2 top 5 blue chip talents you do it. This team needs game changers desperately. We still have 2 seconds, a third, 2 fourths, and 2 fifths.
  6. Nothing is easy for this team. Miami stinks but they are still a better team. In fact I can confidently say the Jets would lose to the Lions.
  7. Oh please. It wasn't a blowout because they were playing a crap 3-7 team with a crap QB. They still are a dumb and lousy football team with a horrible coach.
  8. Jets suck and they will always f@ck up a wet dream but the officials have been absolute trash today.
  9. Like I said before. Every time they do something good there is a flag. Every F'ing time.
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