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  1. I agree. When did I ever say it was ok for us to talk sh*t? Actually I have said quite the opposite.
  2. Fans of a team who haven't won a playoff game in 25 years shouldn't be trashing other teams. Cmon man. I find it amusing. There is nothing wrong about them being optimistic about their team. They have a good team. I could understand Pats fans trashing us because of what they have done which is impressive. The Bills? PFFFF
  3. Yes they do have every right to be optimistic. They have a good team as I have said many times. I just wouldn't trash other teams like you just won 3 super bowls when you haven't done sh*t in a quarter century. That has always been my point. What is this so hard to understand?
  4. The point is they weren't that good. The point is they did nothing of any significance to talk trash. I would also say if the Jets made the playoffs and didn't win a single game and we were thumping our chests and talking trash after what we endured the last 10 years that would be just as stupid.
  5. Big whoop, they went to a playoff game as a wild card, let's throw a parade. Did they win? Didn't they go 20 years without even making the playoffs? They are the tallest midget in the room. Wake me up when they actually do something in playoffs.
  6. I don't give a damn what the jets record has been the last 4 years. They have sucked. No sh*t Sherlock. That wasn't my point. Fans of a team that haven't won 1 single playoff game in 25 F'ing years shouldn't be sh*tting on any fan base. Ya know, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Either way it's really not going to make me lose any sleep tonight.
  7. I don't think many fans think we are better than them, at least not me, but they got balls talking trash about the jets and their fans when they haven't won a playoff game in a quarter century and half of their fans are drunken inbreds.
  8. If this isn't proof that Bills fans are f@cked up I don't know what is.
  9. As long as Darnold gets average protection he will have a good to very good year. I'm thinking 30td/15int 4000 yards.
  10. It's far superior than what we had last year at this time. The 2 biggest needs we had were OL and CB and JD has done a great job upgrading both.
  11. Not a good idea, too much risk if injured plus he hasn't kicked since HS. Roster spots being increased from 53 to 55 also.
  12. A stern coach who wants players to be held accountable and not act like jackasses. The horror.
  13. No I can't but I am not the type of guy that thinks the team who wins the super bowl is the only team that has had a successful season. If my team is one of 4 teams out of 32 that is left playing I would consider that successful especially for this franchise. Let me ask you something. If the Jets made it to the AFCCG this year would you consider it a success or failure?

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