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  1. This is true but most top QB picks are staring from day 1. He just hasn't developed at all unlike guys like Lawrence and Fields who have made progress in their second years.
  2. Really? Why don't you elaborate a little. I am 100% correct.
  3. GW is a better player than Moore but his game also suffered also when ZW played. Look at the numbers. In 6 games against Pitt, Miami, Denver, Green Bay, 2nd game against New England, and Jacksonville, GW's total production was 16 catches for 142 yards. That's pathetic. Out of the 9 games Zach played he had 3 decent games which accounted for 18 for 305 yards. Total was 34 catches for 447 yards. Totals when somebody else was throwing the ball was 49 for 656 in only 8 games. ZW sucks and he brought the whole team down with him including Garrett Wilson.
  4. Moore's best production came with Flacco behind center. He had some decent games with MW also.
  5. It has a lot to do with it. He was frustrated. Look at his targets and catches with somebody else behind center and the awful ZW behind center. They are night and day. It was like he was invisible once the limited brain of ZW was trying to process the field and find receivers. He handled it the wrong way but I could totally understand his frustration.
  6. Look at Moore's production when ZW was injured and after he came back. Night and day. ZW was/is horrible. Didn't Garrett Wilson go off on him also after a game last year? I'm surprised more receivers didn't munity last year.
  7. How could you not support it? This Jets team would have made the playoffs last year with just average QB play. He would be the best QB the Jets have had in 50 Fing years.
  8. There was a flag on every other play. There was holding and a block in the back on KC that weren't called. A bullsh*t PI on Cincy. All huge calls/non calls. There were others too I just can't remember details.
  9. A lot of the complaints are legit. It was horribly officiated game.
  10. They will only fix things if it costs them money.
  11. Feel sorry for 58 although it was a really dumb play. It he was a Jet and did that I would want his head on a silver platter.
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