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  1. Defense is going to be top 10 because of Williams. He will make up for roster issues at CB and edge. OL has me worried the most because if Darnold gets hurt it's season over.
  2. Terrible pick by Macc to pick Lee with a first and terrible trade by Gase to get only a low 6th. Terrible all around.
  3. Its been said before and I will say it again. If you have idiots as owners then the entire organization has no real chance for success. The dysfunction is a deadly virus and it starts at the top. Look at the morons who run the Jets, Mets, and Knicks. They have 1 championship between them in the last 45 years. Nuff said.
  4. That's not the point. The point is does every one of a 1000+ posts have to be negative. Every f'ing one.
  5. My point isn't juvenile you dumbass. It was a very important move to get what we needed regardless of what happened prior. Thats just a fact. Darnold would not have fallen to the 6 spot. Plain and simple. I don't like or hate Macc but I feel he should be given credit when he makes good moves. You might want to throw your name in the hat for the next Jet GM since you seem to have all the answers. I'm done with you.
  6. My point was he put the jets in the position to get their franchise QB, something that has eluded them for half a century. If you want to undervalue that move because you hate Macc go ahead.
  7. What don't you get? It's not that Macc picked Darnold with the 3rd pick when he fell to him, any moron would have done that. It's that he worked the trade that put the jets in position to draft a potential franchise QB that they haven't had for 50 years. What is so f'ing hard to understand about that?
  8. The fact is he did trade up from 6 to 3 to pick a much needed top QB which thankfully happened to be Darnold. That move could wind up being one of the most important moves in Jet history.
  9. Jet fans can't stop complaining about anything for a second, let alone a whole 24 hrs.
  10. No matter who we picked the tears were going to flow. It's guaranteed like death and taxes. Jetnation never disappoints, full of whiny biatches.
  11. We just signed two top free agents in case you missed it.
  12. They are not taking a DT with the 3 spot. They are going to take either Bosa or Allen if they stay there. Are you saying there is no immediate need for either of those players? Cmon man.
  13. It's comical how some of this board was played. The emotions spewing from every fake news tweet was very entertaining. It was like a bunch of 8th grade school girls who just got dumped. I never knew there was so much estrogen on this board.
  14. Too bad. All of you celebrating right now are going to be bitching and moaning about him this year.
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