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  1. Russell Wilson

    So I guess when I see Adams, Maye, Jenkins, Shell, Anderson, Stewart, Lee, McGuire, Burris, and Edwards on the field I am just seeing a mirage. Donahue was also getting snaps before he was injured and Leggett would have as well but was hurt. That's a good percentage of the last 2 draft classes.
  2. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    Big deal. They were an abomination for 4 years and it worked out for them. There are plenty of examples where teams are bottom feeders for a decade and getting those high draft picks doesn't translate into a championship.
  3. Butt Fumble - An oral history of the NY Jets

    If the dope Sanchez had actually opened his eyes he would have avoided Moore's big ass.
  4. Mac gets crucified on this site for just about everything thing he has done and IMO he has done some good things that he is not given credit for like some of the players he has signed and have performed well among other things. I don't think his drafting is all that bad either although he has made his share of mistakes just like most GM's.
  5. Funny how that crappy GM we have was able to bring in 5 players who have performed well at reasonable cap hits. I guess he just got lucky.
  6. Mariota four interceptions last night

    Even taking away last nights fiasco he had 7 TD's and 6 INT's thru 9 games. Not exactly stellar numbers.
  7. Mariota four interceptions last night

    What I find funny is if McCown had Mariota's numbers he would be crucified even worse than he already is. McCown, playing behind a bad OL has 14TD's and 8 INT's with a 94 QBR, and thrown for 2250 yds with a completion % of 69. The franchise QB who was picked 2nd overall in 2015 has numbers of 8 TD's 10 INT's and a 80 QBR, has thrown for 2100 yds with a completion % of 63. I get that stats don't tell the whole story and I haven't seen Mariota that much but it's possible Mariota may be a bit overrated by some.
  8. Interesting Francessa points

    All I am saying is he has done some really good things also and I think its unfair that anything good is called lucky which is total BS. I said before Hack was an atrocious pick but if Smith wasn't made of glass who knows what would have happened. Some of you guys make it seem like other GM's hit on every one of their draft picks which just isn't true. Fitz was coming off a pretty good year and the jets just went 10-6. Maybe the 12 mil was excessive but it was only a 1 year deal. I don't love or hate Macc and he has done some sh*t things but he has also done some good.
  9. Interesting Francessa points

    So he basically sucks at everything then and when he does good things he got lucky. He got lucky when he signed ASJ, Claiborne, Ealy. He got lucky when he traded the bum Pryor for Davis who is having a good year. He got lucky when he traded Richardson to get Kearse and a 2nd. His drafts aren't that bad either besides the awful pick of Hack who is trash. I know he passed on Watson but Adams and Maye have been very good plus guys like Stuart, Hansen, McGuire, and Legget may be decent players moving forward. The prior draft produced solid players like Lee, Jenkins, Edwards, plus the jury is still out on Shell and Burris. I don't love or hate Macc I just don't think he is a total fool like some like to portray.
  10. Interesting Francessa points

    Francessa is a pompous ass but he knows his sh*t and he probably knows alot more about football than some of the self proclaimed experts on this board. I agree with him that this defense looks like it can be a very good one. They need to resign Davis and Ealy and have to address CB and edge rusher in draft or FA. Skrine CANNOT be a starting CB on this team next year. The biggest problems on this team are on offense. This team is going nowhere if we don't get a QB and fix the OL. The OL is the foundation of an offense and we desperately need an upgrade. I can live with the receiving corp and we have a lot more pressing needs. Enunwa, Kearse, Anderson, Stewart/Hansen, and ASF(sign him) are a good group. Our RB's are ok but we need additional help which we can get in the draft. The importance of this off season can't be overstated. Macc has a ton of work to do and he has the draft picks and money to make a serious dent in so many areas of need. What this team looks like come next training camp is anybody's guess but the team's long term future will be shaped by what happens in the next 6 months.
  11. Not with the Jets. It's pretty unanimous that the OL sucks ass.
  12. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    We will see. That team is a dumpster fire this year and they have embarrassed themselves. I don't think its going to turn around as quickly as you think. They still have alot of problems including an Oline that is worse than the jets. The grass is always greener on the other side.
  13. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    The Jets are just a horrible road team. They would be 0-5 if it wasn't for the Browns clown show. Their next 3 road games are in high altitude Denver where they may keep it close but lose, then they are going to get run over in New Orleans and New England. That's 9 losses right there so playoffs are over because it's going to take 9 wins to get in. I was hoping for an 8-8 season but they had to win yesterday's game and instead they laid an egg. They need to fix the damn Oline.
  14. When can we Fire the Offensive Line?

    This Oline is a dumpster fire. It's the weakest part of this team right now. They can't run the ball, can't pass block, and commit way too many penalties. I'm still trying to figure out how this team ran for 250 and 200 yards in 2 games this year. The short yardage run blocking is horrific and they have been stuffed many times. Johnson and Winters have to replaced at the very least. Spend some of that 90 mil on some Oline help please.