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  1. This was a good football day with both the Bills and Pasts losing. I'm going to have another beer.
  2. Funny how getting away from the QB whisperer resurrected his career.
  3. If that call doesn't prove how bad these officials are I don't know what will. Pathetic.
  4. They played horrible teams like Giants, Cincy, Skins, Fins. They played a Steelers team that played their 3rd string QB and a Buffalo team that rested half their starters. They lost to 2 winless teams also. Again, consider me unimpressed. They have a lot of work to do in the off season. Let's see how things go next year before we start planning the parade route.
  5. Boomers grew up with the best music so there. Nothing like the 60's and 70's for music.
  6. Poor Adam Gase. How is he going to survive all these hurt feelings and knowing many fans still want him fired? 😢
  7. That sh*thole is made for those drunken Ahole fans. I hope they never win a playoff game.
  8. Macc isn't going to be drafting for us anymore. That's something to be happy about. 🥂
  9. Ficken's ok but he's too inconsistent and misses too many PAT's. I would to upgrade next year.
  10. I would love to say this but there have been quite a few games this year that I was looking to see if he was playing he was so invisible. I think he has been outplayed by the no names on the Dline. Not what you would expect from a #3 overall pick. I hope he improves and is more noticeable next year because we can't afford more 1st round busts.
  11. No, but I'm sure they weren't highlighted and a thread started about it. The fact is that Williams has been invisible and unproductive for most of the season. Wake me when he actually beats somebody and gets a sack.
  12. Sorry, not the least been impressed. As other people have said it would be great if he could actually beat someone and get a sack. A novel concept, I know. The only sacks he has had this year are the result of being completely unblocked. My grandmother could have made that sack and she wasn't picked 3rd overall.
  13. If you do become one Buck Naked is a good porn name.
  14. Nothing like setting reasonable goals. I want to grow more hair and win the lotto too.
  15. I was responding to your post that you are upset that FANS are celebrating a WIN against the STEELERS. Again so what if it is a meaningless win in the grand scope of things. What exactly is your point? How is that going to change what has happened in the last 8 years. In case you didn't get the memo this is a Jets fan board.
  16. Yes and he made some really good throws too against a top 5 defense. The problem is all you ever hear about from some posters is the mistakes. They become mute when he makes plays and wins games.
  17. Why does that matter? Fans are entitled to celebrate a hard fought win no matter what time of the year it is, particularly against one of the NFL's darlings.

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