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  1. I got news for you. They are all idiots.
  2. I disagree. There are many who have already written him off as a bust.
  3. Op is right. The negativity by some is so ridiculous when there is so much to be excited about. Great off season, great draft. Roster that is younger, better, faster, with more depth, but God forbid if we are positive about it because, ya know, same old Jets. I'm also not one to wear green and white colored glasses but the negativity is way over the top. It's tiresome and I choose to come here less and less because of it.
  4. Is this a serious question? They had a great draft and off season. Upgraded RB, TE, CB, Edge, Oline, and WR. A lot of success on the field is going to depend on Wilson but the overall roster is more talented and deeper.
  5. If the Jets are somewhat healthy, which is a big if as they have resembled a MASH unit the last few years, they will win 8 or 9 games.
  6. Did you watch the games last year? He would stand on the sidelines like he was in a coma while his team got their asses kicked on a weekly basis and his defense gave up 500 points. It was like having Gase on the sidelines. I thought he was at least going to show a little emotion. Don't come in talking all this sh*t and saying things are going to change when absolutely nothing changed. I was very unimpressed and I'm expecting a lot better this year.
  7. I have my doubts about Saleh also. He talks a good game but he often looked like a deer in headlights last year. All gas no brakes, my ass.
  8. Maybe Saleh should order bubble wrap and change his mantra to "All Gas No Breaks".
  9. That would have been such an overpay Jet fans would have burned down Florham Park. What a fool. Not to mention the fact they would have had to pay him 25 mil a year also. So many of these talking heads have no idea what they are talking about.
  10. I like Bart but he is a bit of a wind bag sometimes. I don't think Belicheat's drafts are very good and that 1st round pick this year was pretty awful but he still went to the playoffs last year. Their rookie QB outperformed our rookie and they also crushed us twice last year. I do think we are building a very good young team and will eventually be kicking their ass on a regular basis but Bart should chill on the Belicheat sucks thing.
  11. Top CB's absolutely do matter. It's a premium position. The jets gave up 500 points last year and much of that was because of a bad secondary. It was a fine pick at 4 especially considering their picks at 10 and 26.
  12. Yeah and how much did they have to pay that starting caliber guard?
  13. No he is not. They gave up the equivalent of a 13 to draft AVT at 14 and get much needed help at guard to help protect your rookie QB. That and AVT is very good. Sometimes instead of purely looking at spread sheets some context needs to be applied here. This team desperately needed help at guard and trading up for that help is what a good GM needs to do sometimes.
  14. Lets see. We drafted arguably the best corner, the best receiver, the best edge, the best running back, and the second best TE all in one draft and this PFF tool says it's below average. Yeah ok. I guess the many other draftniks who gave them A grades and the fans are all wrong. This tool will be eating crow.
  15. That was not a hard question last year. This year could be totally different.
  16. No kidding it has nothing to do with the sportswriters. JD just uses them for information or misinformation in the case of the draft. I haven't read Cimini for years because of what I have previously mentioned. Somebody posted that Cimini asked a question about how are they going to pay all the guys they just drafted in 4 years. What an idiotic question to ask 1 day after the draft. He's just a tool looking for a negative spin.
  17. Cimini is a negative, doomsday loving putz. Just like Larry Brooks who covers the NY Rangers.
  18. Nobody said the Bills draft was bad but the Jets did have a great draft and were graded A's across the board. The Dolphins and Pats were bad.
  19. Best draft in Jets history. I liked Hall pick the best and loved that JD had the stones to trade up and get him. He will have an immediate impact.
  20. Has Jamal vibes all over him. He will be a problem for the Giants. It all depends on how much production he has on the field. I'm glad we got JJ.
  21. Why are people still hoping we trade down? We already have a ton of guys in camp. Pick the highest quality guy and walk away with 7 guys and the greatest draft the Jets have ever had.
  22. Tremendous tremendous draft with 2 more early picks tomorrow. Wow.
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