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  1. We expect the coach to manage the game properly and to make a decision late in the game that was a no-brainer which a 5 year old could have figured out. What happens if Buffalo recovers onside kick and wins by a point. That is unlikely but possible. It really wasn't a hard decision. It kind of reminded me of a Terry Collins brain fart and is not something that instills confidence in the head coach.
  2. The offense was incredible but the defense was not dominant. They gave up 23 points(not counting the fumble returned for a TD) and close to 400 yards against. I can't understand why people just dismiss those 2 bombs like they were nothing. The defense has given up 800 yards against in their first 2 games and have been burned quite a few times for big plays. Things need to be fixed.
  3. So what your saying is outside of the 2 80 yard bombs and 14 points that we gave up the defense wasn't that bad. That's like saying that guy pitched well expect for the 2 grand slams he gave up. We can't dismiss these big plays the secondary gave 2 weeks in a row now.
  4. The kid has talent but he needs to harness some of that energy. He seems to fight for the extra yard when there is none to be had. When you are being tackled by 3 players go down and protect the ball. That's what caused the fumble last night and in pre-season. I too, would like to see Anderson get some touches. He showed more than J. Marshall in pre-season.
  5. Did you actually watch the game? Fitz and entire offense were great. Play calling was very good as well. 37 points, 500 totals yards, 28 first downs and you mention negatives for the offense? Give me a break. I can't recall them even punting until the last series when they were running out the clock. The only negative on the offensive side of the ball was J Marshalls fumble which was returned for a TD. The defense, well, that's a different story.
  6. Yeah sure. 4 flukey plays in 2 games that cost them 28 points. They better tighten things up because the competition is not getting any easier.
  7. Yes, but they did indeed allow those two big plays and they allowed some equally huge plays last week as well. It's a big problem.
  8. Good win but our defense needs to tighten up big time. Last week we allowed Dalton to do anything he wanted when he wasn't on his back and this week we let Taylor throw for 300 and allowed 2 inexcusable long TD's. This is the same bills team that score 7 point and had a total of 150 yards against the ravens.
  9. Are you related to him? This game never should have been this close and this much of a nail biter until the last play.
  10. That's not saying much quite frankly. He should have gone for 2 and it could have bitten us in the ass. So many big plays against his defense. He stands there comatose on the sideline. I'm really not impressed with him.
  11. Fitz was great and so was entire offense but defense should be embarrassed and so should Bowles.
  12. Bowles dot not impress me. No reason to not go for 2 and playing prevent which is dangerous.
  13. The game was close and we should have won but I don't think Fitz had anything close to a good game. We had 2 first and goals and came away with 3 points. Some of the blame was the play calling and some of it was on Fitz, and some was on Folk. Fitz also had the help of a running game which Dalton did not. Dalton threw for 360 yards and had a 70+ percent completion rate, plus he had a couple of huge plays on third and long. You say he didn't have a good game because he got sacked 7 times? It's his fault that our Dline dominated? He didn't have a chance with most of those sacks and I would rather my QB take a sack than throw a pick. There is no comparison between the two QB's performance in that game and their overall talent level.
  14. I disagree. He was mediocre at best. He looked rusty and threw some garbage passes when it counted the most especially on 1st and goal. This team has weapons and has a running game and the offensive line gave him ample protection on Sunday. He has no excuse and a 55% completion rate isn't going to cut it. We witnessed a huge difference what an actually good QB can do on Sunday as Dalton shredded us even though he was sacked 7 times. Nope, I have little faith he can go up to buffalo and win a must game. We all saw what happened last year.
  15. Yes, going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
  16. They are good, no doubt, and have a much underrated QB but the Jets could have and should have won that game. Jets were without Sheldon Richardson too. The facts are they lost by 1 point, missed an extra point and had a FG blocked. I maintain there is not much different between the 2 teams.
  17. Cmon guys I had a bad game. That Dalton to Green combo is pretty lethal and I just didn't play well. You will see a new me against Rex and co.
  18. The Jets lost by 1 point in the last minute of the game, a game they should have won. There is not that much difference between the 2 teams although Dalton>>>>>Fitz.
  19. F'ing Arizona crapped the bed. Awful day of football damnit. No Brady, Gronk, Ninkovich, and Volmer and they win on the road. FML!!
  20. They are also without Ninkovich and Volmer too. I just don't get it. I expected them to get blown out but Arizona looks like crap.
  21. It's going to take awhile to get over this one. A game we should have had but couldn't get it done in the red zone and gave up some killer big plays. Positives - OLine, Forte, Powell, DLine Negatives - Fitz, Secondary, Special teams with missed PAT and blocked FG
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