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  1. Leave it to Jet fans to overreact after 1 loss. Hey, the Pats lost to the Cards at home. Do they suck too? The Saints are 0-2. Are they doomed? The Jets will be 2-1 going into the SanFran game.
  2. Disappointing loss. Alot of what-ifs in this game. If the receivers could catch, if the defense could wrap up big Ben, if they could have made a few third down stops, if Revis and Keller were playing. Jets will win their share of games this year. On to Miami to squish the fish.
  3. I guess it finally dawned on Tannenbum and Rex that Hunter is as atrocious as all of us have been saying for the past year. Better late than never I guess.
  4. It's good to see people finally realizing the Tannenbum really isn't the genious so many professed him to be a few years ago. This team is less talented and has less depth than it did a few years ago. He has had a bad couple of years and it shows. The offense is pop warner quality and who should be faulted for that - the supposed GM. I will never understand how he could do absolutely nothing to upgrade the O-line which is arguably this teams biggest weakness. How he did nothing to upgrade the RT position when there were draft and FA options available is beyond my comprehension, plus the fact that the depth of this unit is a travesty. I'm usually optomistic about this team but I honestly feel the offensive line performance this year will be abysmal and be the main reason this team faulters. The good news is that this will probably lead to Tannebum packing his bags.
  5. My real concern is the O-line and in particular our atrocious RT. I am truly dumbfounded how Tanny did absolutely nothing to upgrade the RT position and depth of this unit. There were options available in free agency and the draft and he chose to do nothing. The offense's effeciency and cohesion all begins with a competent offensive line especially for a team that wants to ground and pound. It is obvious to most astute fans of this team that this unit will be the downfall of this team. Forget about Sanchez and Tebow and the questions surrounding both of them. It won't matter when they are running for their lives and there is no running game to speak of. After last years poor performance from this unit I am stunned and pissed off that an obvious need to upgrade is seen by everybody but management. 12 sacks allowed in 2 preseason games is unacceptable even if is just preseason. We saw this sh*t last year and it looks like Hunter is even worse than thought. Tannebaum should and will be fired after what I believe will be a year long embarrassing display from this unit.
  6. Couldn't have said it any better. Tannebaum has done absolutely nothing to upgrade the line. It's deja-vu all over again. An atrocious RT and absolutely no depth.
  7. This team is going to be better than alot of people think. They were 8-8 last year, not 2-14. This years offense CANNOT be as bad and disjointed as it was last year. It will not be great but it willl be much more efficient. I don't believe all the sky-is-falling predictions. As for the defense, it will be much better than last year. They have added some much needed speed with Coples and Davis. Thomas is back and they really did miss him last year setting the edge. Scott is getting a little old but had lost 15-20 lbs and has something to prove. Even the safety position has been upgraded(couldn't be any worse). I think this defense has a chance to be as good as they were in Rex's first year when they were first in NFL. Overall I expect a better year than last year on both sides of the ball and on special teams. #27 is simply laughable.
  8. Does anybody know whats going on with Cumberland? There was talk about using him alot in the passing game last year then he tore his achillees. The guy is pretty big and fast.
  9. His job as HC is to be involved and have some knowledge about all aspects of the team. He was clueless about some things that were going on with this team last year, both on and off the field. Totally inexcusable. He and the jets have to have a better season or he could be in trouble.
  10. Hard knocks is a really bad idea this year. The last thing this team needs is more publicity. The media circus is going to be bad enough with Tebow in town and everything he brings. There will be enough distractions without the cameras. Rex is right on this one. Woody is an absolute media whore.
  11. I will be very happy when Tannebaum is fired. He had an atrocious off season last year and his decision making processs so far this this year has been anything but coherent. Hey Mike don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out.
  12. Terrible move by Tanny - AGAIN!! Turner adds desperately needed versatlity and depth to a very suspect O-line. I just don't understand why we didn't sign him to a 1 year deal like he did with the Rams. He was too expensive? Give me a break. I hate Tannenbaum!!!!
  13. This ESPN pre-draft ranking is as useless as t!ts on a bull.
  14. You are not going to play situational football with Peyton Manning as your starting QB. He is going to take every snap assuming he is healthy. Manning probably said he wouldn't sign in Denver if Tebow was still on the team, not because he has any thing personal against the kid but just because of the potential distractions that comes with Tebow and his followers.
  15. What happens if the unthinkable happens? He actually has success with the jets and he makes them a better offensive team. Are you going to admit you were wrong?
  16. Was that it? Just one OT pass? He took a 1-4 team that was going nowhere to a divisional title and a first round win against the steelers. It was not pretty at times and he was fortunate that the AFC west was pretty lousy but he still won it. He beat the jets with a 95 yard drive to win the game, he beat Chicago, he did some really good things. Is he limited in his throwing? YES. He is a work in progress but he is a fierce competitor and will do anything to win. Lets see how the Jets use him and how it works before we assume it's going to fail. I am not a fan of Tannebaum but I see this as a low risk move that may yield significant on field success.
  17. I like the kid. Great competitor. I see this as a low risk move but I'm in the minority.
  18. I think if the jets crash and burn this year both Tannebaum and Rex should both be shown the door. They both had a horribe year last year, during the off-season and season. Going hard after Asamua and ignoring other needs was a huge mistake and don't think it wasn't Rex who was whispering in Tanny's ear about how he woud love another top corner. So after losing out on Asamua(thank God) it was plan B. Don't know what that was because they didn't do much of anything to address safety help, offensive line help,linebacker depth. Rex was just as bad. He has to remember he is the HEAD COACH and not the defensive coordinator. His responibility is to the whole team. He really needs to crack the whip on players. He's always telling them how great they are and how great the team is when it is obvious to everyone else that the team is flawed. He allows the inmates to run the asylum and it was amazing to me that he had no clue about the serious locker room issues. INEXCUSABLE for a HEAD COACH. I guess we won't be hearing any SB predictions from him this year. Maybe we will, you never know with him. I used to be a big Rex fan when he became HC because he was the opposite of Mangina but his act is wearing thin. He has to change some of his ways because if the Jets crash and burn this year it is very likely that both him and Tanny will be gone.
  19. You make a compelling argument. I do agree they have traded away too many draft picks over the years and the lack of depth proves it. It remains to be seen whether this was a wise move or not.
  20. I also like the signing and I am not a fan of Tanny by any means. I see it as a low risk move that can have significant benefits on the field. We just gave up a 4th round essentially for a talented football player. He can't throw very well but the kid wins. Period. I think he could be very effective in the wildcat or some other variation that maximizes his talent. I've never seen a player get so much grief even after taking over a 1-4 team that was going nowhere to a divsion title and a playoff win against the steelers. Which move has more risk? Signing the 36 year old Peyton Manning coming off serious neck surgery who hasn't played in a year to a 5 year 96 million contract or getting Tebow for a mid-round draft pick and paying him only about 1 mil per year?
  21. My question is how would Rex even know if Tebow will fit in with the guys? He is supposed to be the head coach but had no clue and no control over what was going on in the locker room last season.
  22. Why is it an unbelievably high price. It's essentially a 4th round draft pick and 2.5 mil that Woody is paying. It doesn't go against the cap so who cares? It's not your or my money. We picked Bilal Powell with the 4th pick last year. Piece of garbage.Tebow will contribute more in one game than Powell had all last year.
  23. Those 5-10 plays a game may mean a few extra yards we wouldn't have gotten, which means a few extra first downs, which means a few extra points which might mean another win or 2. It's not like this offense wasn't a complete disaster at times last year. We could actually be better this year. Has anybody even thought about that possibility?
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