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  1. We should have never signed the old man in the first place. Just another poor decision by Tannenbaum this off season.
  2. I agree with you Vin. I think your reality check is right on. This team just isn't good enough to get to the promised land as painful as that is to admit.
  3. Oh, and I didn't even mention our backup QB situation. The way Sanchez is getting hit we could see the awesome Mark Brunell behind center pretty soon. What a treat that would be.
  4. I've been worried about the depth on the offensive line for awhile. Hunter is a career backup and couldn't hold Woody's jock. Ducasse is a major bust in waiting. Poor job by Mr. T.
  5. There are alot of people to blame for all of this- Sanchez, the O-line, Schotty, Rex Ryan, but the main "architect" of this team is Mr. T and he has created quite the mess. How does a team who has superbowl aspirations have so many issues with their personnel after 4 games. The offensive line is a complete and utter disaster without Mangold. Why? Shouldn't there have been more thought into to the utter lack of depth on such an important part or your team. Ducasse, Really? Colin Baxter as your starting center for 2 games? Really? Why did he let Woody go? Why would you think that Wayne Hunter could do the job? That's not the only problem, just the biggest. What about drafting a guy who could rush the passer? Did he address that need in the draft? No. They have to bring back a reject like Maybin because they are so desperate for a pass rush. His last 2 drafts have been poor with very few players making an impact. Sanchez and co. are going to get alot of sh*t this week, but I think the "genius" deserves alot of the blame.
  6. Sanchez is shell shocked at this point. He is just looking to get rid of the ball as fast as he can so he doesn't get hit anymore.
  7. All the problems for this offense start with the offensive line. They can't run block and every time Sanchez drops back he gets hit. Really poor job by Tannenbaum thinking the depth on this line was ok.
  8. Tannebaum has to take alot of heat for the lack of personnel on this team, especially the offensive line. How could you go into a season so thin at offensive line? Turner was your only decent backup and now he's gone for the year and now you have a third string waiver wire pickup as your starting center the last 2 game. Thats not to mention guys like Ducasse and Hunter who are horrible. Bad job by Mr. T.
  9. This has been an atrocious first half for the offense, the refs have been awful in every way, and yet we are only down by 10 points. Crazy game so far.
  10. The article does not say that Mangold is out. He is still listed as questionable. I would love to see him play but only if he is really ready. Otherwise, give him another week and have him ready for the pasts.
  11. Joe Namath is the greatest Jet ever and he happens to be correct. Rex talks about his defense like they are the '85 bears or steel curtain. The fact is the defense is overall an above average group that has some speed issues, can't cover tight ends, and has basically stunk up the joint for 2 out of the 3 games this season. The offensive has has been horrible and is going to get Sanchez killed, Wayne Hunter is a waste, and we can't run the ball with any consistency. I am a jet fan who bleeds green but I have thought for some time that Rex overestimates this team. Rex has got to wake up, smell the coffee and kick some azz. Plain and simple. He was saying during preseason that this is the best roster he has had. Really? I don't think so. Namath is right.
  12. I honestly think we are less talented. Brad Smith was huge for us, Woody was so much better than Wayne Hunter, Offensive line depth is a travesty, letting shaun ellis go was a big mistake.
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