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  1. So I guess we are done for the night right? What time does 4th round start tomorrow?
  2. This defense was atrocious last year. If they can stay somewhat healthy(I know, big if) this could be a huge turnaround.
  3. Regardless, it's the truth. I think he's doing a good job and has a plan. If you can't see that this roster is far better and younger than 2 years ago I don't know what to tell ya.
  4. And you constantly sh*tting on him is also ridiculous. He is far better than than what we have had to deal with the past 10 years.
  5. Yes, definitely TBD. He could be a great pick but the guy still gives me Jamal Adams vibes. We will see.
  6. If their roster doesn't resemble a MASH unit like last year they should win 7-9 games which continues the process. They need to stay somewhat healthy.
  7. In contrast I watched an interview with Thibodeaux. This guy is pretty full of himself and will be a problem. You watch.
  8. 100%, just like they are about Becton. People forget that he was great as a rookie and then gets hurt and it's all JD's fault for picking him.
  9. Not only the trade but then paying the guy something like 25 mil is just freaking absurd. There were a ton of high quality receivers picked last night who could potentially be just as good for a fraction of the cost.
  10. How do you know he would have signed an extension with the Jets?
  11. We got 2 potentially really good players and don't have to pay them 25mil per but you be you.
  12. Oh please. they got 2 top players at premium positions and positions of need.
  13. So glad we beat Jacksonville to miss out on Hutchinson.
  14. This is going to be a disaster for Miami. Thats a alot of draft capital and money. Tua is not Mahomes. You watch. Total disaster.
  15. I almost feel bad for Bills fans. Is there something wrong with me?
  16. I look at Allen and Mahomes and laugh when some think we actually have a franchise QB that could compete with these guys.
  17. Terrible rule. Both teams should get the ball.
  18. I don't understand why both teams can't get a touch in OT during the playoffs. Such bullsh*t.
  19. This game is insane. Credit to both QB's.
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