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  1. Well they did just double their win total this year, lol. What a clown organization. I would not waste a dime on this team.
  2. What about the worst defense in the NFL that gave up over 500 points? You need to use at least one of those first rounders on defense.
  3. JD better make it count with those 4 picks in the top 40 and he better spend some of that cap money he has. I don't want to watch this F'ing sh*tshow again next year. A little progress would be nice.
  4. Im not a Wilson hater but I just don't think he is the guy. As much as some people rip on the kid there are just as many who make excuses for everything he doesn't do well. It pains me to think we still haven't found a franchise QB yet.
  5. No because on the rare occasion he had time to throw his passes were inaccurate. He can't throw a simple short pass with any accuracy. It's a real concern.
  6. I wouldn't give up on Becton just yet. The guy needs to be in top shape next year but sometimes good players get hurt. He's a big guy and he got rolled over when the injury occurred. sh*t happens. Does Lawson suck because he tore his achilles? Becton did have a good rookie season and made all rookie team. Lets not forget that. If he can stay on the field he can be a force. Next year is huge for him.
  7. Layup my ass. This D is the worst in the league by a country mile and on pace to give up 500 points and you want to use the top 4 picks on offense after they did that last year? LOL. They had better use 1 or 2 of their top picks on defense especially if a top edge guy is available.
  8. JD had FO experience before so it wasn't like he was a total newbie and didn't understand the draft process. I think most coaches are somewhat involved in the decision making process to a degree anyway. You make it seem like he was sitting in the GM seat and had the final say which just isn't true. JD has had 1 bad draft and 1 good one so far. This upcoming draft is critical to the future success of this team with 4 picks in the top 40. Lets hope he makes the right decisions.
  9. You sound like you have inside info and were in the draft room. You don't know sh*t like the rest of us. JD has done both good and bad in his 2 years here. People criticizing him after 2 dreadful years have every right to. I'm on the fence about him. This is a critical draft and off season and I hope he will make the right decisions.
  10. Concerning thing is Darnold looked better in his rookie year than ZW has. Not good, just better.
  11. I'm not mad at the team. They are supposed to try to win. That's why they get paid. I'm just frustrated with the situation and the likelihood we just blew a chance to get a top edge guy that we so desperately need on this horrible horrible defense. A December win against crappy Jacksonville that gives this team a whopping 4 wins on the year means nothing to me. Picking as high in the draft as possible is so much more important than a meaningless win that will be forgotten when we get our asses kicked by Tampa and Buffalo next 2 weeks.
  12. This is true. At the time people were surprised that he fell to the 2nd round and were very happy to get him there. Now, with the 20/20 hindsight many are saying it's another JD wasted draft pick. It was a reasonable pick, especially with the state of our receivers but for some reason he just didn't work out. He has the physical tools.
  13. There is no defense of the D. They have sucked all year regardless. Worst defense in the league even when they were healthier.
  14. The win against Jacksonville that will make us a 4-13 team is much more important though. Who needs elite talent? We beat the Jaguars and ZW threw for 102 yards.
  15. How long have you been watching this team? Today's win will mean nothing by this time next week. They are going to get their asses kicked by both the Bucs and Bills.
  16. Not saying the team should intentionally lose, they get paid to win. Just saying it would be better for the organization in the long run if the result was a loss for a better draft position with top edge rushers available so we don't have to go through this sh*t for many more years. I'm tired of losing and looking like ass.
  17. Why is this so hard a concept for so many to grasp?
  18. I think getting help for the worst defense in the NFL should be the priority.
  19. I agree we are very far apart. We will see how he has progressed when he plays real teams the next 2 weeks. My guess is not much.
  20. Yeah ok. He still wasn't that good. He threw a td and ran for 1. He also almost had 2 passes intercepted because of horrible throws. He did barely enough to win against a very bad team. I'm not overly excited about it tbh.
  21. I just responded to another poster about that. Geez. It could be said it is the ZW supporters who see what they want to see. He just has not been good.
  22. I was just going to edit that. Yes he did throw for 1 also. Still not a great game. I would love him to be the guy we have waited for forever. I just don't think he is.
  23. Really? He ran for his only TD, had a whole 102 yards passing, and could have easily had 2 passes intercepted one of which he banged off a defensive guys helmet which was a horrible throw. All of this against a horrible Jags team that's just a little better at losing than the Jets. I saw nothing that made me think he has made any significant progress. Lets see how he looks against real teams the next 2 weeks.
  24. They are going to get obliterated by Bills and Bucs but we will always have that awesome win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The 4-13 record is really going to help when we don't get an elite edge rusher.
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