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  1. Big deal. Wilson still sucks. He ran for 1 and had like 100 yards passing. He is not the answer.
  2. I've been rooting for this F'ing franchise for 50+ years and I was upset they won today. I want this team to be competitive and not be in the Stupor Bowl in December next year. I'm sick and tired of it. An elite edge rusher is what this team desperately needs and hasn't had for 2 decades and they just blew it.
  3. Can't wait when Hutchinson and Thibodeaux are causing havoc on the field and we draft a safety. We will always have that electrifying win against the equally horrible Jags though. That will really help next year. Some of you guys just don't get it.
  4. I'm still on the fence about JD. He has done some good some bad. I can't think of 1 good thing that Saleh has done. Not one. His team is every bit as bad as the team coached by Gase and his defense is hands down the worst in the NFL. He's a trash coach.
  5. Not sure what games you are watching or what you are smoking. This "defense" has been an embarrassment all year. They are the worst defense in the league, and quite possibly one of the worst in NFL history, and on pace to give up 500 points. They have shown absolutely nothing. They can't tackle, they can't rush the passer consistently, they can't stop the run, they don't create a lot of turnovers, they don't make adjustments. This is a bad and poorly coached team.
  6. I know there have been injuries but Saleh is an ex DC and this is his defense and it's atrocious. The Dline with Williams and JFM was supposed to be a strength and they have been run over regularly. Dominated today by a mediocre to lousy Oline. There are no words for how bad this defense has been. Worst in the NFL and on pace to give up 500 points. I want to puke.
  7. Nope just this year. 4-13 or 3-14 doesn't really matter. They still suck big time with an all time horrible defense and a win against crappy Jacksonville won't mean sh*t except to lost a top edge guy which this team hasn't had in forever.
  8. Yes, I know. I realized that and edited my post.
  9. The same guys saying not to worry about draft position are going to be crying next year if they are watching Hutchinson or Thibodeaux on some other team. Don't worry though, you will have that victory against Jacksonville to hang on to.
  10. Forget what I posted previously. You are right. Strength of schedule is correct for draft position.
  11. We should get the 1st pick because we are the worst team in the league but we already beat Houston so we lose that tie breaker and I don't trust either Houston or Detroit to win another game. Losing to Jax secures a top 3 pick because we are not beating Buffalo or Tampa.
  12. Do we have real scouting? Top 3 pick we get a play making edge rusher that we desperately need on this pathetic defense. 4th or lower and we probably don't. 4-13 or 3-14 means sh*t to me.
  13. No way bro. It matters. I rooted every week for wins and anything positive. Whats the difference if we go 4-13 or 3-14? I want an impact edge rusher that we haven't had in decades. 1 meaningless win in a lost season could ruin that chance. I don't want to watch this sh*t anymore. I want an impact player for once.
  14. Yeah like winning another game is going to matter in the grand scheme. Newsflash, It's not. Getting as high a draft slot does matter though and getting a chance to draft a legit edge rusher like Hutchinson is in the best interest of this team especially with this NFL worst defense on pace to give up 500 points this year. That 1 extra meaningless win could screw up any chance of that. This season has been a total and complete disaster and while watching these games I have wanted to stick forks in my eyes. I would like to at least get something out of it in return for my weekly misery.
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