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  1. True, but it was still behind him and should have been more accurate. Wilson has been trash.
  2. Another pass that was not accurate though it should have been caught.
  3. sh*t. The Jets are going to be eliminated today with a loss. I had such hopes.
  4. A screen. Go figure. The jets have defended them so well this year.
  5. Maybe I'm being a bit unfair about the run but his throwing and his overall command of the offense is a cause for concern. He's just not good.
  6. Continue to make excuses. Even some of the dropped passes could have been delivered more accurately. I would love nothing more than him to be the answer but he is not good.
  7. Seattle sucks and nothing is a lock in the NFL.
  8. Carroll meant it was a terrific trade for Jets not with Jets and he be right.
  9. Refs are ruining football. That was not a penalty.
  10. This is the worst Jet defense I have ever seen and could be quite possibly the worst defense the NFL has ever seen. The really sad thing is we have a former DC who is now the HC.
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