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  1. So last night hurt. Actually it hurt really badly and I hope that the bad doesnt go from bad from worse with the deadly New England Patriots and yes Preppy Boy Tom Brady but the oddsmakers are already rooting against the Jets -10 and really rooting against us. If we drop two in a row does that mean that our spirits are going to be drowned and Rex Ryan will take all of the air out of the balloon? Also what are your NFL Picks for week 5 do you like the Giants for this week or who else do you think will win this week?
  2. That is correct most people have no idea how to figure that one out.
  3. Glad to see only one response was incredibly biased see the monday night nfl odds for tonight currently have the Total set at 40 down from an opnening of 42 and the Bucs giving up 10 points to the Colts. Looks like the Jets/Pats matchup is set at a total of 50 points and the Jets getting 9-10 points depending on which book you use. Interesting as I think the Jets will put up a good fight ATS in my opinion. When I compiled my nfl picks for the week it initially had the game close in terms of my point system. Than I really studied the game, home field advantage for the ravens and so forth
  4. Since I study games, defenses, weather, and talk with sportsbooks throughout the world to see what side the money is going on I am always curious to see the numbers. Last night was staggering with the majority of people putting their money on the J-E-T-S and Sanchez (against the spread). So I wanted to see if there was a biased opinion here for the Jets when betting on the game or if you believed that the Ravens would come out on top in last nights game.
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