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  1. that photo is flawed because he originally had the ball in his right hand, and lost control moving to his left hand, that exact frame the ball has already begun to move, as in not having possession


    the loss of control began BEFORE he was touched down


    Too many game changing penalties, The penalties agains the miserable Patriots where "make up" calls to justify their horrible calls against the JETS on their importand drives. No matter who NE plays the penalties don't equal out and they play just as dirty or more than other teams - especially their offensive line who holds alot and does not get called. Time to bring the rain. You know what they say about paybacks! Be afraid Brady - be very afraid!

  2. Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't disagree on Pereira at all, I think he's a complete dipsh*t who did nothing but make up a constant list of bullsh*t excuses for years for the game's horrid officiating. The point is, when even his stupid a$$ can't manage to come up with any excuses for these horrible calls that keep happening, that just tells you how bad it's truly gotten. It's pretty clear that the NFL seriously needs to start firing some of their officiating teams, and I don't know how that's even a question.

    i have been a Jet fanatic since we got season tickets when I was about 5 years old. I miss most of the calls but my husband who played with John Elway at Granda Hills High school is probably the best Football analyst around. When I can tell that all these calls are Bulls**t - then it has to be obvious! I am an IT Security Expert and I am going to find where the "fix" is going on and what illegal crap they are doing - like hacking the Jets and NFL sites. TIme to bring the pain!

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