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  1. I was hoping for this for the longest.... Braylon, Mark and Santonio had real good chemistry before.. i think it could happen again. I think Rex thought back to when he had great "team chemistry"... and that's what led him back to Braylon, he was loved in NY and was never a problem, no matter what crap people said about his off the field issues, that group had great chemistry back then when Braylon was here.
  2. Karl Dunbar will make this defensive line play 10 times better
  3. Trent differ won a super bowl, I guess he was elite, I swear analysts and reporters are so fn stupid
  4. 1. Strange how you need an elite qb when big Ben won 3 superbowls and is not considered "elite", so statement 1 is false. I don't even think Eli is "elite" because he's never put 2-3 really good seasons together. Look, the giants didn't get in the Super Bowl just because of Eli, thank Williams from the 49ers for that, thank the giants defense for holding the Patriots to 17 points. John Harbaugh got the defense playing their asses off and played to Alex Smiths strengths because he's a real good coach. Coaching to your players strengths is something shotty never did and thank god he's go
  5. first things first.. actually SIGN the guy first! still no clue if he's actually signed otherwise all this talk is for nothing.
  6. was Karl Dunbar officially hired yet? i've never read an article to say he actually "signed" with us. there was an article in the daily news saying he was offered and he was "expected" to be hired.. but i dont think there's real evidence that he's actually "hired"
  7. @Bricktime the jets fans were great to me and I enjoyed playing on Sunday's. Don't agree with how they pursued me in 2011 but i just might The business sucks but he knows he loves it here and the fans loved him... Let's just hope he comes back
  8. LT knows he won't be playing with the JETS next year so he's saying what he's saying now. 1. Sanchez aint going no where 2. Santonio aint going no where because of his cap 3. How is Rex going to want to take him back after this interview? I think it is a bitch move by LT. He's letting out dirty laundry at the end of his career and he knows he's out. Hall of Famer or not, still a bitch move, somethings you just dont say or let out and he's no better then McElroy and Santonio. There are alot of things you can say about a team but you keep it in house where you could freaking work it out on th
  9. does it make sense and can it happen. can it happen - yes, because he's going to come cheap. he was injured last year but fully recovered. only let go because he didnt fit the 49ers system. does it make sense? 1. he only dropped 1 ball the last year he was with the jets and he's a deep threat with amazing hands. 2. he's physical. exactly what sparano and rex want. great blocker in the running game and will lay people out. it would match the system to a tee. 3. he played with santonio and mark before.. he has good chemistry with mark. chemistry with wr's is key. this will be ma
  10. http://www.newyorkjets.com/photos-and-videos/videos/Tony-Sparano-1-on-1/17a80240-89a1-4628-9b47-f5d4cfcabdd6 I love the emphasized points on: 1. identity (with shotty we never knew our identity this past yr.) 2. physical (we tried to be with shotty but his play calling didnt prove it by the last 2 games we could have won) 3. chunk plays (20+ yard plays, hard to believe Miami was 6th or 7th in 20+ yard plays ... shotty called 95% of his plays within 10-15 yards making it 10 times easier to defend) also in the radio interview http://www.newyorkjets.com/photos-and-videos/audio/1
  11. this is a sign of the re-birth of 2009, ground and pound all day, with sanchez working off play action, that is what he is most effective at. sparano is a run first guy, everyone knows that from what he did with the wildcat. ball control type person which is exactly what rex wants from a defensive mentality. I like it for the simple fact that they are adjusting to the offenses strengths. this will lead to less sacks, better decision making and controlling the clock just like in 2009 but with a more experienced sanchez. in order to get back to the 2009 jets though, we gotta be more agg
  12. hell with sparano or watever OC they wanna bring in, let tom moore be OC if he wants the job
  13. twitted by Adam Schefter.... 1 down!! good, i just wanna see a total make over for the jets offense.
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