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  1. They didn't need to game plan for him. Welker you need to have a solid game plan to stop. You have to bump him at the line, force him outside and double him.
  2. 2012: A Heavenly Dream Season

    Passionately hating a Jets player seems a bit rash. He's a person as well. There aren't many other options out there for QB of the Jets, ya know?
  3. Oh please. The Jets didn't give a sh*t about Randy Moss when they played the Patriots, why would they? They had a good CB1. They planned for Welker. It's ridiculous. I'm tired of the hate this guy gets, just because he doesn't stop proving people wrong. This guy is a VERY good WR, better than anyone the Jets have, by far. I think it's time this boy gets some respect.
  4. 2012: A Heavenly Dream Season

    Where is JiF to bring some negativity to this thread?
  5. This is incredibly wrong on so many different levels. Welker is possibly a top 5 WR in the NFL, easily top 10.
  6. Payton Manning to retire

    Rob Lowe is a joke.
  7. I love when my mods get along
  8. Bye Bye Schottenheimer Contest

    February 11th Oh favorite moment? Probably his beautiful goal line drive against the Steelers in the AFC Championship game last yr
  9. Important Playoff Question??

    I don't think anyone got the sarcasm in this post.
  10. In a league with a set cap space, half a mil is a lot.
  11. Quote: nyjetscap @nyjetscap #Jets have shifted money around in QB Mark Sanchez' contract. Will attempt to figure out what they did in a day or 2. #nyj Quote: nyjetscap @nyjetscap Doing some quick math...if deal was done last week Mark took a 525K paycut in 2011 and will earn it back in 2013. #Jets #nyj Quote: @nyjetscap nyjetscap If that is the case his 12 cap charge remains the same. Could be that Jets just needed some additional cap room to roll into next year https://twitter.com/nyjetscap __________________
  12. Tebow....

    Listen, if they want to keep relying on 59 yard field goals and fumbles in OT to win, that's fine. Don't praise Tebow for this. He got them ~30 yards for a 59 yard field goal and ~20 yards for a 51 yard field goal. He's not a good QB....He's a good football player. I'd rather have Sanchez.
  13. Kenrick Ellis was a wasted draft pick

    You can never have to many Lineman in Rex's D.