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  1. I’ve witnessed a patriot fan dressed up as Santa with a Bledsoe jersey get popped in the face and roll down multiple rows at the old stadium. So,
  2. But It’s scary that the defense is such a critical element against Miami. 29th ranked defense in the league. We should be up by at least a full score
  3. Clemsons OLB was a former safety. I think if we had a coach and staff that had a leg to stand on, we could maybe ask Adams to consider doing it. But with this club he’s probably not going to bite on the idea. I think it’s the right spot though.
  4. When Mosley is back next year and healthy, Adams won’t make any sense in the defense. JD seems smart enough to make that trade.
  5. RW Stadium is in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. The neighborhood rents their lawns out which negates the five hour tailgate window that exists in the league for stadium premises. All people up there know how to do to entertain themselves is drink hard liquor. I made the mistake of going to MNF back with Fitzmagic playing and I thought I was going to get killed walking a quarter mile into the stadium. They had been drinking on lawns since 9am.
  6. Stevie Cohen buys Jets - Belichick retires - Mangold and Furguson come out of retirement
  7. Stevie Cohen is a freakish size consumer of raw data and applicant of quantitative analysis. We are going to 1: spend as much as we need to and 2: manage to metrics. He does not have tolerance for bs and underperforming personnel. Likewise, winners get rewarded. We are going to be a legit destination for talent but also not get held over the barrel in trade talks.
  8. He’s got no blocking, literally carries guys forward after contact, and newsflash for the first time in his career isn’t getting busted for smoking weed this season get a reality check
  9. The guy is literally represented by Lil Wayne. What did you expect.
  10. How about the fact that this place isn’t run like communist China?

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