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  1. Having spent 100m+ three years ago, he shouldn’t have that much money again this soon. It means he didn’t draft properly and therefore didn’t lock up his guys. Three years of drafts down the drain. And we want him spending the next $100mil?
  2. The quote from the AFC executive was pretty insightful. I’m pretty sure that’s not how we’re currently picking our guys. Hi
  3. Lizard King

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    POTW for throwing up a @Pac post for this thread btw
  4. Lizard King

    Admit You Were Dead Wrong

    I agree with the OP. Good quarterbacks want to play they don’t want to mentor.
  5. Having 6 games left and your players mumbling about a coach getting canned that was generally well liked is probably not a good environment for Darnold.
  6. Bowles sucks and is going to get canned; but it probably would put unnecessary stress on Darnold to do it mid season with no real coach to step up, not to mention fracture the locker room; another thing Darnold doesn’t need.
  7. Lizard King

    Back up the brinks truck for McDaniels

    No. Belichick year in and year out proves that he is an incredible evaluator of talent alone. Brady is 🐐 but a qb alone does not do it. Look at Marino.
  8. Lizard King

    Back up the brinks truck for McDaniels

    McDaniels sucks. Also, nobody leaves Belichick and is any good. This thread is 🍌
  9. Hard to disagree with any of that. But at the end of the day Hess fell on the sword and wanted a winner on his way out of this life. Woody continues to meddle in affairs. Until he steps out of operations this team is not going to succeed.
  10. Jerry Jones vs Woody? This fan base would kill for the track record Jerruh has put up.
  11. Leon Hess was a good man who knew how to run a business and put the faith of the franchise in the hands of Parcells. Woody is a trust fund unaccomplished socialite who prefers headlines over Success and wants his hands in everything.
  12. Envious isn’t exactly how I’d put it. Team has literally no front office and ownership doesn’t have a clue. We need a miracle that Chris Johnson cleans house and somehow finds a VP of football operations who knows what he’s doing.
  13. The kind of guy you’d hope your son could play for in college. Herm 2.0
  14. Disagree. Football is still won in the trenches. Strong line, opens up the running game, which opens up the passing game. The Jets just don’t seem to understand that. However, Cowher does.

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