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  1. It’s not easy to break free in your head of prepackaged attitudes about situations and the Jets probably challenged a lot of their staff’s tolerance and patience with the losing, the constant flipping around of the front office, coaches, etc. I can imagine it’s not an easy place to work from lots of viewpoints. Sometimes you need to eject to be able to get tough enough to come back and not be upset anymore.
  2. How could you not? The first pick is not the ticket into Canton people think it is. Not even close.
  3. Nolder you are my spirit animal. Thanks for the game.
  4. It’s not blowing picks - You are getting much more than Watson you are earning the right to sit at the table for serious discussion to entice other premier offensive players for a decade.
  5. Agree. The proven player is always superior to the draft pick until proven otherwise, & when you have a 25 year old talent who had proven already that he can win divisions, play at a high level in big playoff games and is actually attainable, it’s like your looking at shares of Amazon in the face 10 years ago. Seemed expensive. Knew it was a winner. You hold your nose and you buy.
  6. Agree. Many more stories of failure from coaching here than Pete Carroll’s.
  7. No if he is town you die. You wanted it you own it.
  8. My dentist asked me why I had such a stress free covid. I explained that I blocked a troll on the internet that tagged me all the time and had been sleeping better. I figured let’s kill Drums and if no good we kill you for recommending it. I’m town I am just going with consensus. I am not trying to write bullsh*t diatribes on page 14 like cum dumpster Spoot
  9. Would prefer a mod from Sheboygan WI, better representative of the general population of this board

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