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  1. Exactly, at the end of the day, business is business. And I’m sure it will end up that way, if JD stays clear and focused, which he seems like he is any other time he does anything else let’s hope though that this GM/HC combo takes us to the promised land!
  2. Taking a guess since I didn’t see the video he posted, was it systemic racism explained? A cartoon featuring two men, white and black? Excellent if that was it. Redlining is a real concept. I get trained on it annually. If that’s not the video, go watch it anyway
  3. It’s tough to envision JD handing Gase his release, aren’t they historically very close?
  4. I think he should instantly be made Mod with Admin privileges.
  5. How many Andy Reid’s are typically available in any given 5-10 year period? 2,3? Good head coaches often stay where they are.
  6. +1 who here has actually seen Q in person? Not as big a guy as you’d expect for his position. I believe this was always the knock on him, not developed and strong enough. He needs to be making an impact out of the gate this year.
  7. I would imagine that being optimistic about the nation’s most popular past time is a more winning strategy than pessimism in the midst of social unrest, a once-a-century global viral pandemic, death, record unemployment, and involuntary mass social confinement typically akin only to those especially violent criminals already in prison.
  8. I would imagine a lot of high first rounders outplay their contract. With that said, paying a box safety like he’s Ed Reed in his prime is insane. Especially given how we already have CJ Moseley at a belt busting deal.
  9. You heavily inferred by referencing Darnold, that you could pay Jamal and pay Sam too.
  10. Why would you make a financially disadvantaged deal ..? its not JD’s problem that Jamal is unhappy with his deal. Jamal should be asking his agent, and DeMaurice Smith, why he had to sign a deal that didn’t capture a better portion of his potential value.
  11. You sound like young Ulysses S Grant on the history channel documentary that Leonardo DiCaprio just produced. “my Daddy says I have $20 to offer you for this colt and if you won’t take that, I can go up to $25”. Even back in those days, that wasn’t considered a good business tactic.

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