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  1. Colts don’t have a QB. This post is going to bite you.
  2. Lol! Anyway sorry for the unintended Necro
  3. It was cool but it did feel as if it just stopped out of nowhere. I thought maybe more were being made.
  4. I am A little surprised not to have seen this discussed here, Maybe I missed it. Has anyone seen the series? The Jets opened their drafting and front office to SNY and it’s incredibly revealing, chock full technically for the amateur scouts here, has plenty of footage with JD , Saleh LaFleur @Mogglezand the entire staff and also at times humorous. Even a snippet a couple times Of the late Knapper. RIP. Worth a look!!
  5. It IS sad. I agree that he seemed like such a decent genuine guy. Can’t fake always having a radiant smile like that.
  6. Have you read the statement from the family? Those are some strong people. That doesn’t happen without a rock solid patriarch. Seemed like a heck of a guy. What a loss.
  7. What a terrible idea of a thread.
  8. He gets the bandwidth because fans are understandably trying to reconcile the use of draft pick, size of contract and the lack of his dressing a single game last year. I suspect he is a development and trade piece and with JD being on year 2 of a buildout, potentially flipping him for a higher pick or maybe a key position player.
  9. I think it stems from Morgan not having dressed once yet. However he’s got a cannon and that can’t be taught, hopefully he pans out. Losing the QB coach must have been a total morale blow to him also.
  10. Terry McLaurin wait until @Paradis picks a corner back
  11. So, this has gone straight past Klecko, Mangold and looks like it’s on its way to Winston Hill. Can I get a Chrebet???
  12. Maybe though… Trader Joe plays pretty good poker
  13. In thank you for the tag was out of town
  14. Wishing her God’s Grace and a speedy recovery.
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