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  1. I would go to the edge of a cliff for all of you and then less than a step into turning into walking away I would wrist @Integrity28off such a cliff with all the torque available in such a situation directly into cragged flaming mortar thereby freeing us all to enjoy a small but at least logically pursuable game at times that suit us and aren’t driven entirely by an overt emotional mantit orangutang
  2. Starting to wonder if Saleh is quietly auditioning for coordinator in Green Bay.
  3. Yup. Up 40+ With a couple Minutes left and all their starters in, big message sent.
  4. The game yesterday proved that experience is incredibly important. Start White maybe the rest of the year to be honest. What a poll though did not expect that result.
  5. Dont ever forget: when all these Giants fans start identifying as non-binary- nationally, there is a half a sliver of Hempstead Long Island that identifies as Jet fan dominated - The damn few we are
  6. That’s great! A storybook situation. Good thing White didn’t have to go up against him.
  7. His brother obviously designed the plan this week and that’s fine.
  8. You make it sound like he beat Fairleigh Dickinson
  9. I can’t believe it’s even a question? Best performance I’ve seen a Jet QB put on since early season ‘08 Favre.
  10. Mike White LEAD THE LEAGUE this week. Against a top 5-10 Defense. It shouldn’t be interesting at all???
  11. Adam Gase, without the support of Dan Marino under center, will never fairly have his day in court down there.
  12. How do you run a system and not know you need a certain type of player in it? Holy ******* cow!
  13. Well considering that a YouTube analyst basically just explained that Belichick didn’t even waste his time planning against LaFleur, that may happen rather soon.
  14. The year he went to the AFC championship and we thought there was a manger in Mission Viejo CA with a star constantly shining on it?
  15. Man if that’s not an old time die hard tailgate photo I don’t know what is. Got the the shirts tucked in, the white jean shorts, ankle socks and quintessentially the best touch, the personal dumpster, Thank you for sharing this story. RIP.
  16. RIP .. I remember 15 years ago I’m sitting at work and have *JN* edit JI open and my female colleague saw his avatar and was like. “That website may not be appropriate for the office” …
  17. As they should. Can’t fit a Beamer in there anyway.
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