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  1. How do you run a system and not know you need a certain type of player in it? Holy ******* cow!
  2. Well considering that a YouTube analyst basically just explained that Belichick didn’t even waste his time planning against LaFleur, that may happen rather soon.
  3. The year he went to the AFC championship and we thought there was a manger in Mission Viejo CA with a star constantly shining on it?
  4. Man if that’s not an old time die hard tailgate photo I don’t know what is. Got the the shirts tucked in, the white jean shorts, ankle socks and quintessentially the best touch, the personal dumpster, Thank you for sharing this story. RIP.
  5. RIP .. I remember 15 years ago I’m sitting at work and have *JN* edit JI open and my female colleague saw his avatar and was like. “That website may not be appropriate for the office” …
  6. As they should. Can’t fit a Beamer in there anyway.
  7. I don’t think that’s it. I think it’s more like who cares because Matt Slauson could come out of retirement and play for KC right now.
  8. I am still not over Woody having hired an executive search firm to hire Idzik. To Me that was just pinnacle ineptitude and at that moment whatever optimism I had about the organization getting smarter about football flew out the window, never to return.
  9. I would have liked to have experienced a Robby Anderson with a real quarterback. He may talk like he grew up in some abandoned trailer but the kid has lightning speed and I’m sure would have been just fine with Zach because Zach doesn’t suck balls.
  10. Says he will be top 5 could even be top 3
  11. The thing is, if anyone wanted Robby that bad they would go get Robby. He’s not expensive either in contract or probably as trade value.
  12. The preseason ghost of Bill Cowher rises again!
  13. Colts don’t have a QB. This post is going to bite you.
  14. Lol! Anyway sorry for the unintended Necro
  15. It was cool but it did feel as if it just stopped out of nowhere. I thought maybe more were being made.
  16. I am A little surprised not to have seen this discussed here, Maybe I missed it. Has anyone seen the series? The Jets opened their drafting and front office to SNY and it’s incredibly revealing, chock full technically for the amateur scouts here, has plenty of footage with JD , Saleh LaFleur @Mogglezand the entire staff and also at times humorous. Even a snippet a couple times Of the late Knapper. RIP. Worth a look!!
  17. It IS sad. I agree that he seemed like such a decent genuine guy. Can’t fake always having a radiant smile like that.
  18. Have you read the statement from the family? Those are some strong people. That doesn’t happen without a rock solid patriarch. Seemed like a heck of a guy. What a loss.
  19. He gets the bandwidth because fans are understandably trying to reconcile the use of draft pick, size of contract and the lack of his dressing a single game last year. I suspect he is a development and trade piece and with JD being on year 2 of a buildout, potentially flipping him for a higher pick or maybe a key position player.
  20. I think it stems from Morgan not having dressed once yet. However he’s got a cannon and that can’t be taught, hopefully he pans out. Losing the QB coach must have been a total morale blow to him also.
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