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  1. Ping for using the words Nolder and power play this in the same sentence
  2. You said it was a good post initially and then mentioned me and essentially restated the point I was making. So it’s absolutely nothing now?
  3. Yeah but that was awesome it’s what everyone needed to get started thanks
  4. All the people pointing fingers about drama and scummy behavior all look scummy to me. I am typing this and it says page 7. How could anything be scummy. People are literally calling it as they see it. Unless you’re trying to Drum up false concern and get someone started into looking in another direction.
  5. You made your final arguments today mr. Cochran?
  6. The Roman Stoics used to encourage reading about highly successful individuals ... it’s like woody bought a series on pt Barnum
  7. This is so crazy that he may actually try and put his neck out and bluff it because it’s just so nuts to do this early
  8. It’s a three day Weekend why does he need to be on
  9. Sunday? You’re crazy enough to distance on the 15th post. Watching you 🧐
  10. Vote 80 large ping for using the JN mobile app
  11. Anyone know? That whole Burner account thread got swept under the rug as if the cia itself wanted the whole thing to disappear.
  12. Yes, rhetorical question. Coach of the year would have at least thought that situation out. Or he’s got a me first player on his hands and can’t control it. Bad either way
  13. Absolutely not. Run first QB have a bad history
  14. How are you coach of the year and lose to Tenn...this is so Jetsy
  15. Yeah, I guess that’s a good excuse considering the opportunity to knock a major rival out of the playoffs that also happens to be the best traveling fan group in possibly all of sports
  16. Insane. Harbaugh got his ass kicked when it mattered. There’s a difference between playing to strength and letting it turn into sitting on your laurels.
  17. Did stub hub give away 20,000 terrible towels that day with the tix?
  18. The jets approach to roster building has not changed since the tannenbaum days... except that Even though they cut big checks, nobody anymore knows the slightest thing about how to build the roster. If you want to overpay for your dream car, home whatever, and it’s made with top notch material fine. But it’s like they continually pay for a Maserati and drive off with a pre owned 2002 Hyundai. Annually. This list should go merge with the 1981 ticket flyer thread
  19. Drunk Pikachu game thread necro ftw
  20. How do they rank against Pussy Power?

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