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  1. Deepest sympathies to you, Shane, and the Eckerts
  2. how are the characters putting their actions in considering they're all sitting on a couch together? I only watched a couple minutes just to get a feel of the atmosphere. cool btw thanks for finding
  3. They had their moment with bunch of Philly area college aged men and some groupies for about 15 years. Then those men married women from Maryland who had no idea what that sh*t is and told them that nitrous and mollie was now out. Since you can’t listen to Bisco without those two key ingredients, nobody went
  4. Nobody went to bisco. They were giving tickets away. Although you probably paid for the full weekend.
  5. No. The fact that you found it means that it’s already happening. However, when you move there and all the other wooks like you that also didn’t go to Camp Bisco this year follow you, the situation will magnify like the mind flayer. @T0mShane.: we may be close to being rid of CTM.
  6. They don’t want you. Somehow you’ll move in and needles and tents will riddle the streets, homeless and animals will defecate in public, and to their absolute horror their taxes will rise. They’ll probably tie you up to the Alamo and execute you. Maybe go.
  7. I know it wasn’t an inside joke per se, but putting JI out of business may be the greatest inside joke here of all time
  8. Telling your team to handle their grievances internally and focus on their jobs seems right to me
  9. When they play actively, you latch on to them like a parasite
  10. Looks like it’s as far as the game went too
  11. I stand by the meme. **** you and your lazy ass game play
  12. Says cuties and calls fag in same sentence, has grey hair and only non virgin for 90 days. Head explodes
  13. Nobody cares about soccer. Happy 4th, God Bless America, eat drink and watch some baseball.
  14. Written under the influence again of hippie crack. You get free booze the second you walk in the door.
  15. You were so concerned about making an informed decision on your vote that you didn’t even wait for me to respond at 10:30pm lmao
  16. Go get your “I lynched lIzzie” high five in your scum chat. I’m sure your next one up tomorrow.
  17. Shocking. You wonder why people don’t play anymore
  18. The gameplay has been horrendous. I was accused by CTM with a handful of others of non reaction when i Was literally the only one trying to figure out if Godzilla was good or bad. So I literally painted the original line of question on day 1 to the whole group that CTM then accused me of not being concerned about. Go ahead and lynch me. You’re a particularly lazy pos
  19. Your lazy play and bad logic. Arguing with you further about it only serves as a vehicle for you to spin out of it.

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