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  1. Edwards is certainly better than that waste product Gates. And I agree, from what we saw of Spadola during pre-season, he may be better than Brayon...yet Gates gets more burn than Spadola. Any other option is better than that a$$-clown of a receiver Gates!
  2. This guy really is a comedy of errors...he's worse than a walk-on. So, can somebody please give me a solid reason as to why Gates is on this roster and Edwards is not? Geno could use Edwards right about now. Braylon may have had a case of the dropsies before coming to NY, but he's been nothing short of dependable here. Even had some amazing catches in pre-season. So how the h3ll did Gates beat out Edwards?
  3. I doubt he would have bailed if we were winning the division. This team is playing horrible ball and it's hard to root for players who seem to have given up weeks ago. Maybe he's going back to being a Phins fan...AGAIN.
  4. If the Jets hadn't ruined my Thanksgiving "the way" they did, I might have agreed with you. But, Mark threw yet another red zone pick and ran into his own teammate's butt man. I don't know...maybe that was Moore's way of telling Sanchez to kiss his a$$.
  5. We Need to LOSE 5 games now... Don't have Revis or Tone? That's good. Don't fire AnyfFukkenBody!!! Don't cut anybody. Don't make a QB change. Don't use Tebow for another play this season. Don't activate McElroy. Don't be shy...let's hear from more anonymous sources. Don't bring in any motivational speakers. Don't practice anymore. Don't game plan for the rest of the season. Fans, don't watch or go to the games. JUST DON'T WIN. We're on life support...PULL THE PLUG RIGHT NOW! Best way to pull the plug is to keep Sanchez as the starting QB! "Mark gives us our best chan
  6. A repeat of The Dream Team is on NBA TV. Watching that now.
  7. We all knew this was bound to happen at any moment, but... of all time for Kyle to get gang raped?!!!!
  8. When we mixed it up with the QBs against the Bills we confused them. Had ‘em on their heels all day! Granted it was “the Bills” but at the time it seemed like the start of something good that we could work on and perfect. It was hard to defend!!! All of a sudden…nothing. [confused] So, what was all the cloak and dagger crap during pre-season about using Tebow 10-20 times in a game? Rex said opponents would have to prepare for it. Maybe that’s one of the problems…they’re preparing for it! Where is the Wildcat? Who are we hiding it from…ourselves? Was it all just BS? Or, could these in
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