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  1. I can't believe we're going to miss out on such vital information.
  2. The loser has to wear a Jamal Adams jersey.
  3. Watch the 30 for 30 special that ESPN did on him. He lived like a rock star. And hands down one of the funniest people of all time.
  4. <sits on the bowl> Idzik traded one of the greatest cover corners ever, then used the trade compensation to draft the worst cover corner ever. <wipes a$$ and throws the used toilet paper in your salad >
  5. He passed on Derek Carr for a safety, because he was content with Geno as his QB. Then he settled for Jace Amaro instead of moving up for a receiver, because he was content with Geno Smith throwing to David Nelson and Clyde Gates. As bad as Mac is (and he is), Idzik was much, much worse.
  6. sourceworx


    I didn't like the Jamal Adams pick as much as anyone on this site. I felt (and still feel) that using a premiere pick on a non-premiere position was foolish. However none of that is an indictment of Jamal. He's a good player, and from all indications, a good person. Does he run his mouth a little more than he should? Yes. But that is hardly justification for the abject hatred some people on here have for him. Maccagnan's poor decision to select him with such a high pick (and with so many needs at more important positions) is not Jamal's fault. Jamal is a good player, a good kid, and he seems to really love this team. Fans should embrace a guy like that, even if you disagree with where he was drafted.
  7. In pass protection, they weren't. I agree. But they were pretty bad in the run game.
  8. LMAOOOOOO you're such an a$$hole.
  9. He found out the black uniform doesn't come in size 3T.
  10. The Jets should be looking at Karter Schult, from the Salt Lake team. Good pass rusher.
  11. sourceworx

    Best new uniform video

    Pay no mind. Old codgers being old codgers.
  12. I completely agree. I think they paid homage to both of the previous uniforms, while also modernizing them at the same time. They also took the worst uniform combo from the old uniform (white jersey/green pants) and made it arguably the best. I think the white jersey is a home run. I love the look of the chromed green helmet. And while the decal is simple, I like that they retained something from the old ones. It doesn't bother me one bit.
  13. I know I'm in the minority, but I love the new look. Even the helmets.

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