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  1. Attack of conscience. They're tired of favoring one team every week.
  2. sourceworx

    Brandon Copeland’s Road to the Jets

    When it comes to the OLB position, the Jets are literally throwing crap against the wall in hope that something sticks. Next offseason they really need to attack this position.
  3. Don't forget we could have had Derek Carr with our first pick. Idzik didn't go QB because of Geno Smith.
  4. The team picking after us being bad at drafting = Idzik being good.
  5. Buried in your sea of b.s. posts is this single piece of truth. Woody should have cleaned house in 2012. More than anything else, his failure to do so is what set the team on the course it's been on for the last 6 years. If Rex had been fired along with Tannenbaum, then the caliber of GM candidates at Woody's disposal that year would have been considerably higher. A real GM would have killed the 2014 draft. And this team would be in much better shape today as a result.
  6. sourceworx

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Because some players are good at football, while others are not. If Sam Darnold turns out to be a good player, it won't be because Josh McCown mentored him. If Brady is such a great guy, why did he force the Pats to trade Garoppolo for pennies on the dollar?
  7. sourceworx

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    LOL are you serious?
  8. sourceworx

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Umm....when has Brady ever shown a willingness to mentor other QBs? For a guy with his standing in the both the league and especially the Pats organization, he has shown himself to be extremely insecure.
  9. sourceworx

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    He worked with McGuire a lot last summer in camp. Mitchell seems to really like him.
  10. sourceworx

    Jets Minicamp Day 3

    Stump Mitchell. RB coach. The dude is a hard ass.
  11. sourceworx

    Oakland Raiders release Hackenberg

    He'll get an opportunity somewhere. There's two new leagues (AAF and XFL) forming. I'm sure one of them will give him a chance. His physical ability will be enticing.
  12. sourceworx

    Jets minicamp day 2

    It's looking like I may be eating crow this Fall, my friend.
  13. sourceworx

    Jets minicamp - Day 1

    He was lobbying for the Jets to sign Bridgewater back in February. This is him puffing out his chest.
  14. sourceworx

    Junior Flight Crew Sumer Camp

    I thought you were an old fart? You have young kids?
  15. As much as he hates the Jets, is there any possibility that he'd come here just so he can kick their asses twice a year?