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  1. sourceworx

    Notes and an article

    LOL He's a kilt-wearing, red eye-flying, haggis-eating Scottish stud, who kissed all the baristas in the neighborhood and made them cry! Wooooo!
  2. Belichick isn't leaving until Brady retires. Both are worried about their legacy at this point.
  3. sourceworx

    Grade the Jets Coordinators

    He's done a good job getting Darnold to develop. I agree with you. However he sucks as a play-caller. He should have stuck with being a QB coach. That seems to be where his strengths lie.
  4. sourceworx

    Grade the Jets Coordinators

    I was going to bring up a similar topic, except it was going to focus on all of the assistant coaches. I'm curious to know if people think any of them are worth retaining after Bowles is fired.
  5. Sam is growing before our eyes.
  6. You people are nuts. They absolutely should make that trade.
  7. I've been calling for this for a while now.
  8. I'm standing like a tripod right now.
  9. This. So this. Mo and Sheldon played hard for Rex. You never saw them dogging it in a game when Rex was the coach. And he was hardly a taskmaster. We've seen it several times under Bowles. We've seen the team literally give up in games on numerous occasions. This is all on Todd. He's the root of the issue.
  10. Any coach worth a damn would bench players who do this. Bowles will not punish Williams at all. Between the endless amount of penalties and stuff like this, there is no discipline or accountability whatsoever. Bowles is the problem. Who would have thought a former long time NFL safety could be so soft?
  11. He's been on a losing team his entire pro career. It's taken its toll.

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