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  1. I know no one will believe this, but I'm not trying to kill Adams. I've never said he's a bad player. He isn't. He's a very good safety. However at the time, we had no offense to speak of, mainly due to the putrid QB play we had for years. So when you're picking at #6, and you have a QB who gutted a historically good defense in college twice, and another with freakish arm talent staring you in the face, you don't take safety. I don't care if he's Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, and Sean Taylor rolled into one (which Jamal isn't), you don't overlook the glaring need at the most important position for a safety....any safety.
  2. Exactly the point, my friend. At the time we didn't have a QB. You don't waste time with box safeties when you don't have a QB. We lucked out and got Sam. Decent consolation prize for taking a safety over Pat Mahomes.
  3. Jamal is a nice player. I've never said otherwise. However at the time it was a crime to select him at #6. We had no QB, no pass rusher, and the O-Line was weak. I stand by my position on that pick moreso today than when they took him. The entire team played better today. That isn't because of Jamal Adams. That's because of Sam Darnold.
  4. That's my point. People here don't understand that. The QB is EVERYTHING in this league. Good box safeties are nice to have, but they don't affect the entire team like a QB does.
  5. Not being negative at all. I enjoyed today's have immensely. That said, the outcome of this game is entirely different without Sam. If Jamal wasn't playing today, there's a 40% chance we don't win. If Sam wasn't playing there's a 100% chance we don't win. That's the difference between a QB and a box safety.
  6. Wrong. The Jets lose today (and badly I might add) without Sam Darnold. Jamal's play is meaningless with the QB breathing life into the team.
  7. The only reason he had the opportunity to make the play of the game was because the QB breathed life into team. Otherwise this game was another trainwreck like what we've been subjected to the previous few weeks. Without Sam this game is a blowout win for Dallas.
  8. Oh bullsh*t. I love my QB. Without him this game is another unwatchable mess. **** the box safety.
  9. No QB for weeks, and the needle didn't move at all because of Jamal Adams. Sam comes back, and the entire dynamic of the team changes. Suddenly the O-line, receivers, backs and tight ends are better. That is why you only use first round picks on QBs, guys who protect QBs, or guys who harass QBs. You don't waste your time with safeties, defensive tackles, or middle linebackers. You get those guys in the third, fourth, and fifth rounds.
  10. "Leo is unbelievable. That's why we're extending Steve Mclendon."
  11. This is a valid point. I remember when the Jets had Sal Alosi running the strength and conditioning program. I don't know what kind of magic that guy worked on the players, but back then the Jets were able to stay pretty healthy over the course of each season. Then he went and stupidly tried to trip an opposing player who was running along the sideline during a game, and the Jets had no choice but to fire him. Since then the team seems to have a long list of injuries each year.
  12. Holy crap can something go right this season? Honestly just sit Darnold before anything else really bad happens. Too much bad juju around this team right now.
  13. Gase is breaking the trend of recent Jets coaches, who did well their first year, then sucked badly after. Mangini (10-6 in 2006), Rex (did well his first two years, then fell off a cliff), Bowles (10-6 in 2015). Maybe Gase will flip that script. Give him a chance.
  14. Yup. And we could have had the two good ones from that class. Instead we took a safety.

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