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  1. The Jets supposedly turned down a first round pick for Adams before the trade deadline, so I don't see Jamal getting traded unless they get some insane offer. The coaching staff loves him. I can see Bell being moved for sure. Signing him while ignoring the O-Line was stupid. If they can get decent value in exchange for him I think they'll do it.
  2. Only because you can't replace all five starters, I'd keep Beachum and Lewis. They suck the least.
  3. This. That ugly Irish bag of sh*te banned people left and right from JI, but had no problem selling their info to Scout for a paltry few bucks. He's a Grade A turd, and I'm glad his site went down in flames.
  4. I remember people talking up Tyrell Williams prior to free agency. He looks like the second coming of Justin McCareins.
  5. Those are two teams that understand the value of offensive playmakers and a strong line up front. The Jets on the other hand stumble onto a blue chip QB, and put him behind one of the worst O-Lines I've ever seen. The kid has been under siege each week, with no run game (again, because no O-Line) to relieve some of the pressure he's under. What we are witnessing are the results of decades of neglect on the offensive side of the ball.
  6. Look at Sam's highlights from yesterday. Each one shows him a) Making a throw with a defender in his face b) Making a throw with a defender on his back. c) Running for his life. I appreciate his optimism, but this team is going nowhere with that O-Line.
  7. Leo is "almost" really good. A third and fourth for him is highway robbery. Kudos to Joe D for getting the most in a trade for a guy who provides little value.
  8. Funny how Hairston and Winters leave the game, and suddenly the pass coverage and blocking improve.
  9. It's funny how Mac's mid and late round picks shine as soon as they get a shot to replace his high round and free agent failures. Shep looked good today.
  10. I'll give credit where it's due: Jamal was excellent today. If he played this way every week he'd justify the pick at #6. Great game by him today.

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