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  1. sourceworx

    Jets are tied for 1st in Defensive Turnovers

    Yep. The NFL is becoming the Big 12 Conference.
  2. Wow, good job at putting words in my mouth! All I am saying is he hasn't been as bad as some people think. Has he been great? Absolutely not. Far from it. But despite his missteps, and despite what you'd have people believe, the team actually is heading in the right direction. He deserves as much credit for that as he does blame for misses he's had in the draft.
  3. Has anyone entertained the thought that maybe Bowles has become less conservative because he now has a QB that he's comfortable taking risks with????
  4. He took Darron Lee over Paxton Lynch, who most people said should have been the pick. That decision is looking better every week. I'd say that's out-thinking the consensus opinion.
  5. sourceworx

    the circus is back in town

    Even better, I hope we trade him for a draft pick to one of their NFC East rivals, like say the Redskins or Cowboys, and he has a successful run as their starting QB.
  6. Darnold's second TD to Robbie Anderson was a GREAT throw. He had a few of them today.
  7. Denver's run defense isn't very good. If you want to call it progress, they exploited a weakness. In the past they would decide that playing against Denver meant throwing the ball more.
  8. The defense played inspired. Had a little extra fire for Kacy.
  9. sourceworx

    Where the F is Tom Shane?

    For years I've been telling T0m to get AIDS. Maybe he finally listened.
  10. I like the concept behind the logo, but I agree the execution of it is poor.
  11. I kind of like this one. It retains much of the current uniform, but modernizes it a bit. Good concept with the logo being a jet contrail. However the lettering needs to change.
  12. You have to admit, it's very difficult to refrain from being a potty mouth when you're a Jets fan. VERY difficult.
  13. As painful as it is to lose, if this all leads to Sam developing into a top QB then it is totally worth it.
  14. sourceworx


    He heard they were going to trade him to the Jets, and became a model citizen.
  15. Like I said in the post that you quoted; no coach worth a damn would go for it.

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