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  1. You once suggested that Woody offer Belichick a piece of the team in order to come coach here.
  2. Every Patriot assistant goes on to be a complete and utter failure when they leave New England for a head coaching position. They all try to emulate Belichick, and it turns out they all do a great job of it.
  3. He came back right after Idzik was fired, and it was rumored that Woody wanted him back.
  4. I think going to the Pats was his way of giving John Idzik a middle finger. He came right back to us once that scarecrow-looking bag of sh*te was gone.
  5. I started on JI during the Herm/Pennington years. Maybe 2003? I don't really remember. In 2006, I was banned by Sooth for mocking Mark Canizzaro's extreme girth after he wrote an article challenging D'Brickashaw Ferguson's manhood for not giving him an interview (Mangini had forbidden the players from giving them at the start of training camp that year). I think that's when I created an account here. Eventually the ban over there was lifted, and I jumped between sites for a short while. Then I got into another argument with Sooth that ended with me telling him to go f*ck himself. I
  6. Good post. While I'm disappointed in the loss, and the slow starts from the offense are frustrating, there were positives today. They fought their way back into the game. I said back in August that this team would struggle early on due to all of the inexperience on the team, and that has happened. I just want to see improvement as the season continues. I feel as though we're startng to see little bits of that.
  7. So in other words, he took the Ambassadorship, and left the team in the hands of a relative. But continue on about how WUDDY DUZ EVERYTING RAWNG!
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