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  1. Personally I love that he's a dullard.
  2. sourceworx

    Jets Training Camp - 8/12

    What a disappointment. He had a great story coming into the league, and looked like a promising player his rookie year.
  3. sourceworx

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    He sounded kind of like Jesse "The Body" Ventura did back when he was calling wrestling matches. I wanted to mute the TV.
  4. sourceworx

    Josh Rosen the One Who Got Away?????

    Sort of off-topic, but I caught part of the replay of the Cardinals game last night. Who was the color commentary guy for that game? He was really obnoxious.
  5. This. Maybe offer him a 2 year top backup money deal now, with a 3rd year as an option. Promise him that he can shop around for a trade in the off-season that includes tearing up the contract. This way he gets some security with us, while also having the option to move on to a better deal if he can find one. The Jets either get a quality backup for a few years, or fair compensation in a trade. Mind you, I'm not sure how realistic this is. 😁
  6. He made some good off balance throws as well.
  7. Nathan Shepherd looked pretty good too. What a great start!
  8. sourceworx

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    Who was the guy on JI that had two accounts and argued with himself in the Politics Forum? I can't remember the name of that dope.
  9. sourceworx

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    Ah, the Hampur! We had some great threads in there. Whatever happened to Stokes? I miss that little shrimp.
  10. sourceworx

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    Yep. Then a couple of years later he had a second meltdown, again over Sarah Palin. He went off on Warfish and a few others. It was pretty pathetic. I was embarrassed for him.
  11. sourceworx

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    That was Ham. He was a legit psycho. But I agree that was funny.
  12. sourceworx

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    Big time.
  13. sourceworx

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    Not for anything, but Tony doesn't know his ass from his elbow.
  14. I get that people want him to stop talking so much. I kind of do too. He hasn't accomplished anything to warrant his mouth to run the way it does. That said, I don't have a problem with what he said in this instance. All he said was that some people became complacent after years of losing, and the younger guys want to change that.
  15. sourceworx

    Darnold #1 after pro day

    I was as anti-Darnold as anyone. I am optimistic that I will be proven to have been wrong on him.