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  1. Wischusen has a better announcer voice, IMO. But I agree that Papa is more insightful.
  2. It sure does. I remember I was getting things ready for my wedding the weekend that we drafted Brick, Mangold, and Leon Washington. Now I have two kids, and my wife and I just recently celebrated our 13 year anniversary. It's crazy.
  3. He made the picks, but the head coach very heavily influenced his decisions. When Mangini was here, they put a premium on high character guys. As soon as Rex showed up, that philosophy went out the door. That isn't mere coincidence.
  5. The best thing that could happen is this guy breaking out this year. It gives us a lot of flexibility with Leo.
  6. So when is the little goblin coming out to speak?
  7. Yep. That was a nice way of telling Cimini to f*ck off.
  8. That's usually how you find them. Unheralded players often are buried in the depth chart when their position group is stacked.
  9. Joe Douglas has only been here for a few days, and he's already made @joewilly12's sh*t list.
  10. Agree. In the few games last year where he made the calls on defense while Kacy Rogers was out with a health scare, the defense played very well. Some guys are meant to be generals while others are better off remaining as lieutenants. Bowles is in the latter category.
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