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  1. Another great Chargers QB that never went to a Super Bowl.
  2. Fake news. He never did that!!!! It was the blocking TE.
  3. @SAR I had some if the greatest Chad memes back in the day. The others on that list don't compare.
  4. There's something going on with Bieniemy. Something is very wrong there. You'd think by now someone would give him a shot.
  5. JD has a chance to right Maccagnan's greatest wrong with such a trade.
  6. The reason I'm asking what his value is, is because I'd rather send him to Houston than both first round picks.
  7. We're talking about trading for a legit franchise QB who is just entering his prime. Nobody is untouchable when you're trading for that caliber of player at that position.
  8. No one can take away from Sam the fact that he has a beautiful head of hair. This would be a f*cking travesty. LOL
  9. I don't know why people are shocked that the front office likes Sam. He was the main selling point that enticed JD to come here.

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