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  1. My guess on the holdup was Zach's camp didn't want to make a deal until after Trey Lance signed. Didn't want to agree to something less than what the guy drafted after him was able to get.
  2. Ugh. Just connected to the site to see if there was an update. I was hoping to hear he took a turn for the better. Horrible news.
  3. Same here. I love Fitzy. I even liked him before he was a Jet. I don't understand the hatred people have for him. He's never been a superstar, but he's a decent QB. 2015 was an enjoyable year, largely because of him.
  4. Football doesn't matter right now. I just hope Coach Knapp pulls through.
  5. Klecko is in reach! Let's goooooooo!!!!
  6. Maybe not, but we should be able to get to D'Brickashaw Ferguson.
  7. LOL I forgot you how much you guys love your Rutgers alums. Marvin never lived up to his draft status, but he had a decent career.
  8. A Victor Hobson pic. Jeez. Forgot all about that guy.
  9. After reading Phil's post, I threw in a little more. My wife had some health issues after giving birth to our second daughter a few years ago, so I know how hard it is to shoulder the burden of handling all of the daily child care responsibilities on your own to so your significant other can rest and get better. Much love to you and your family @Maxman
  10. Come on friends! Even a tiny contribution can make a difference!
  11. This is a great thing you're doing @TeddEY. I just contributed.
  12. Completely agree. Sanchez contributed to playoff wins for us. He wasn't a great player, but to say he's the worst pick in the last 15 years is ridiculous.
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