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  1. prospect porn: lamar jackson

    I'll be honest, Jackson is my favorite QB in this draft. I'm not as sold on the top two as others are, and Mayfield and Allen both scare the hell out of me. I would go nuts if we took him at #6. Absolutely nuts. I'm with @Lupz27. Sign Bell and draft Jackson. Combine those two with the speed we have at WR, and this offense can be dangerous.
  2. Calling Mogglez......

    I don't agree. I think Mac and Bowles have their backs against the wall. They need to do something to generate excitement, and Josh McCown will not provide that. The only way they keep him is if they draft a QB early and want to give him time before playing him. But to be honest, my gut tells me they're going to make a big push to sign Cousins.
  3. Calling Mogglez......

    I honestly don't know much about DeFillippo. But to your point I don't see him coming here. Right now he looks good because Wentz appears to have developed nicely, and he deservedly is getting some credit for that. Coming here, with this roster and shaky coaching situation, is very risky for him. I think it will come down to Haley and Bates, with Bates likely being the choice. He can provide some sort of continuity, and the staff reportedly felt he was largely responsible for whatever success the offense had last year. He's also a QB guru and has ties to the Shanahans, which may help attract Kirk Cousins. Also if he is promoted I can see them hiring McCown (if he retires) to be the QB coach. The coaches and players all seem to really like McCown, and this would be a good way to keep him around.

    It sounds like they've given up on him and Petty. So the continuity issue is kind of moot.
  5. Calling Mogglez......

    Sounds like the Jets are going to make a serious push for Kirk Cousins.

    I think Bates is going to be the new OC and McCown will be the QB coach.
  7. Mike Westhoff

    He wanted the Jets to draft Deshaun Watson last year.
  8. Congrats to Jamal Adams.

    I feel so much better about passing over Deshaun Watson now.
  9. Beningo vs Mehta. Wow

    Agreed. I don't like Manish, and I even sort of agree with Beningo here. But Joe was extremely rude.
  10. Agreed. It sucks. The league has no integrity any more.
  11. They still need star power. No one cares about Miles Jack playing in a Super Bowl.
  12. Yup. The league will see to it that Brady and/or Brees are in the Super Bowl.