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  1. Maccagnan loved drafting feel good sob stories in the middle and late rounds. He had one every year.
  2. Their defense has the potential to be very good. Their offense won't be good. I think Haskins sucks.
  3. We've been stealing all of their linebackers. They have holes to fill at the position.
  4. No need for such comments. This is a real football conversation about which inconsequential position Jamal Adams actually plays.
  5. Watch the Jets last year without Darnold and then with him. Don't know if he's a world-beater but they were clearly better with him than without him.
  6. I don't see them tanking. More than anything Belichick wants to prove that the Pats' success was more because of him than Brady. He loses that argument if they suck this year.
  7. I think it's better, but maybe not by the huge margin many would have us believe. And having a better QB narrows (possibly flips) that margin. I think deep down Bills fans realize that, and it worries them.
  8. It's understandable why they're trying to mock us. Their roster may be better than ours, but we clearly have the better QB. And that makes them nervous.
  9. The funniest part of that video is the Roger Vick announcement. Pete Roselle: "The Jets' first round selection, Fullback..." Jet Fan in the background: "OH NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Pete Roselle: "Roger Vick, Texas A&M." The despair in that Jet Fan's voice. That's what I sounded like when Jamal Adams was selected. LOL
  10. Good thing he only threw shade. Lord knows he can't throw footballs.

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