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  1. I remember when Jim Mora jr was the head coach of the Falcons when Michael Vick was drafted, and he initially tried to force him to be a pocket passer. He essentially tried to take away Vicks greatest strength, which was his mobility and athleticism. I feel like Gase is doing something similar to Darnold. Sam is not a dink and dunk QB. He's at his best when he's on the move, and they seem to be taking that away from him. Look at the end of 2018 when the light seemed to go on for him. He was moving around a lot. They need to go back to doing that.
  2. Same here. I'm at the point where the second things look bad for the Jets I turn off the TV. I'm tired of wasting my time with this team. By the time the second quarter began I went outside and mowed my lawn.
  3. Deceptive player. His long strides make him look slow, but he has decent speed.
  4. I'd argue the years since this post have rivaled or surpassed his father's pain. - Tim Tebow - Firing Tanny but keeping Rex - Idzik - A Manish hit piece scaring them from hiring Doug Marrone - Todd Bowles - Our starting QB getting his jaw broken at the hands of a teammate two weeks before the start of the 2015 season - Mac - Using a second round pick on Christian Hackenberg - Mo Wilkerson getting a huge extension, only to morph from Richard Seymour to Jane Seymour. - Fitzy holding us hostage - Passing on two franchise QBs in favor of a safety who thinks he's Ed Reed, but needs to stand on a chair to kiss Ed Reed's ass. - Signing Trumaine Johnson - Selecting yet another DT instead of helping the QB we moved up to take with our previous pick. - Letting Mac run a critical off-season, only to fire him weeks after the draft. Damn I'm depressed right now.
  5. Him making the Pro Bowl would be another middle finger to the Prez, so you're wrong.

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