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  1. Steve Atwater. Dude hit like a freight train.
  2. ....in the second or third round. No more first round picks wasted on interior D-lineman. Been there, done that a million times.
  3. I believe them. Both have played with Tom Brady, so they obviously know what a bitch looks like.
  4. He still thinks Dewayne Robertson should have been given more time to develop.
  5. "Ok Mike. Imagine looking into someone's eyes as they go lifeless...."
  6. Good player who seemed very likeable. RIP
  7. Yep. You could tell that Saleh wanted him badly. He was absolutely giddy when JD made the trade.
  8. Just finished the last episode. LaFleur talking up Michael Carter, Elijah Moore, and Zach....wow that got me really fired up. That said, Zach's 80's Tears for Fears mullet bothers me. Dude needs to get rid of that.
  9. Huff generated a lot of pressure in the Titans game last year. I don't know if he's a full time starter, but he's a good situational pass rusher.
  10. He probably thought they were done for the night, and was either taking a sh*t or watching porn.
  11. Man, that entire draft room was so happy when they traded up for Jermaine Johnson.
  12. At this point, Cleveland is the only place where he will be the starter. Obviously that can change if someone on another team gets hurt in camp/preseason. But right now the Browns are his only option.
  13. You're right. The guy had a franchise record-breaking year, and had the audacity of trying to maximize his value! He should have known his place and taken less money! F*ck him!!!!!
  14. Are you sure he wasn't talking about the total number of wins he had in his pro career?
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