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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Remember when Darnold blamed the coaches for his sh!tty play last month? Passing the buck to other people, and the football to other teams. Sam Darnold.
  2. Baker Mayfield

    Sam Darnold's INT factor....
  3. I think Canizzarro should start eating salads.
  4. What is the Jets' obsession with inaccurate QBs?????
  5. Breer On Josh Allen

    Ummmm......what? My argument against Darnold is that he's a turnover machine. If college players are picking him off left and right what do you think NFL players will do to him?
  6. Breer On Josh Allen

    Darnold's favorite receiver is the other team. He's way overrated.
  7. Breer On Josh Allen

    I'm not defending Josh Allen. I think he stinks. Just find it funny that the same people who are talking about excuse-making for Allen happen to be the excuse-makers for Darnold.
  8. Breer On Josh Allen

    Oh the ironing.
  9. Breer On Josh Allen

    Um, good?
  10. Jets Place Leggett on IR

    Too bad. This guy was catching everything thrown his way in camp.
  11. The best one isn't being talked about going early in round one.
  12. If Darnold was any good I'd be worried.
  13. If the Jets go 8-8 or better with this roster, then he deserves it.
  14. That's a fair argument. However even when he's gone up against teams that can play defense, he's performed. This is Deshaun Watson all over again. Worrying about measureables while ignoring your eyes.
  15. What's the other reason?
  16. We should throw three firsts and 20 kilos at Jim Irsay for Andrew Luck.
  17. If both are retained (and I think they will be), then the Jets should at least hire a senior level football operations guy to oversee them both. Something similar to Tom Coughlin's role in Jacksonville.
  18. Are the Jets good

    They're definitely a lot better than anyone expected them to be. But I wouldn't consider them a good team. Not yet anyway.
  19. He's used to being on the sideline.
  20. If I'm Mac, I throw 3 firsts and 3 kilos at Jim Irsay for Andrew Luck.
  21. Mac building redundancy at the game's least important position.
  22. Adams gets smoked, then the TE has a brainfart.
  23. Jesus H Christ, Bowles. Grow a pair!