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  1. In fairness to him, they were playing the Pats. Their O-Line is allowed to hold.
  2. How you guys can listen to sports talk radio is beyond me. Low brow garbage.
  3. Yep. The dude's a shady motherf*cker.
  4. Same. I love football, but the corruption in both college and the NFL have really left a bad taste in my mouth. Some may mock me for this, but I've started following the CFL this spring/summer, and I'm hooked. The pacing is fast, the rules are interesting, and the overall talent level is pretty solid. I'm enjoying it so far. And to my knowledge, the league doesn't appear to be a sewer like the NFL.
  5. The powder blue Chargers uniform are the best of the best. I'm with you on that one
  6. Players feared this guy because he tried to make your body the same color as his shirt. The Bears uniform is phenomenal.
  7. Absolutely. It's right up there with the Colts' uniform.
  8. ^ Part of a generation who saw a Tears for Fears mullet and said "Let's bring that back!"
  9. Agree. The Jets wore a "white out" variant uniform a few times during the Todd Bowles years that I thought were amazing. If they wanted to be unique, they could have done an alternate uniform along those lines instead of black like everyone else is doing.
  10. Disagree. The Pats' uniforms are horrible despite all of the Super Bowls they've won.
  11. You're out off your f*cking mind. There's a reason that uniform hasn't been touched (until now, because Nike can't leave anything alone). It's timeless. It's menacing. It's intimidating. It portrays that team and their history perfectly. Also, blue and orange are supplementary colors. They go together extremely well.
  12. Awful. The Gotham Green helmet is the current uniforms' only redeeming quality.
  13. What are your thoughts on Jamal Adams?
  14. Zach attending his mother's book club meeting:
  15. No. Coles walked, and we traded Moss to Washington a few years later to get him back.
  16. Letting Laveranues Coles walk in free agency after having a huge year, and replacing him with Curtis Conway.
  17. I'm outside having a drink with the wife, and almost doused the fire pit. Lmao
  18. The scene in the Godfather when he bites his knuckles after seeing Connie's black eye always makes me laugh. That's a reaction one of my uncles always has when he's pissed.
  19. That puts him right below Namath, in my opinion. Following through with it would put him above.
  20. My post that you responded to was about Zach and Josh Allen playing against lesser competition. If you're going to play the role of message board sh!tbag, at least be good at it.
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