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  1. No discipline at all. This coaching staff sucks donkey d!ck.
  2. Just bring back Rex already. No coaching staff since he left has been in the same stratosphere as him. Not one.
  3. They're signing every piece of sh!t available. Ray Rice is next.
  4. He talks a lot of sh!t for someone who's produced nothing but garbage as a head coach.
  5. The head coach is a glorified cheerleader whose crowning achievement was that Joey Bosa was his edge rusher.
  6. You don't get points for throwing the ball through the uprights, Joe.
  7. These guys can't tackle to save their lives. Poor coaching.
  8. Throwing jump balls to one if the shortest guys on the team..... Just genius. Our coach is a useless a$$hole.
  9. As soon as they got the penalty I knew they were going to score.
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