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  1. Yeah but that wouldn't prompt T0m to kill himself.
  2. Hopefully you'll be long dead by then.
  3. Yeah. God forbid you get laid without having to pay for it once in a while.
  4. Unmarried miserable prick talking about the sex life of someone married with kids.
  5. To be honest, I was kind of hoping Rex would get extended, and the news of it would prompt T0m to commit suicide.
  6. If Dunbar leaves, it's Idzik's fault. These guys want stability, the same way any of us would. You either extend the head coach, or you don't. You don't play the "coaching for your job," game every year.
  7. The talent of this team is bailing this f*cktard out. He's awful.
  8. Ask Drew Brees if he agrees with you.
  9. Exactly. Ben extends plays because he's hard to bring down. The guy is bigger than some linebackers.
  10. Karl Dunbar. He looks like a burn victim, but his D-lines are a thing of beauty.
  11. This story reminds me of the Pennington era. Remember how every offseason there would be an article about Chad taking karate classes, or some other weird training regimen, to build arm strength? Then when the season started, we'd see the same wounded ducks being tossed in games.
  12. I doubt your boy ever gets endorsed by Parcells.
  13. Chad Pennington "slinging it" for Miami.
  14. Coordinators can interview during bye weeks in the playoffs. In fact, Seattle's D-coordinator interviewed, and is supposedly a top candidate to land the Titans job. He can't be offered the job until the Seahawks are eliminated. No one wants Bevell because he sucks.
  15. - Washington - Houston - Detroit - Tennessee - Tampa It's funny how such a hot commodity is being overlooked by so many.
  16. Even bad owners want nothing to do with that lump of sh!t.
  17. I'm in the same boat as him. The wife just had a baby girl three weeks ago. I'm dreading what my life is going to be like in 15 years.
  18. Give it three years. Just look at the '09 draft. It looked successful after the '09 season. In 2010, with Matt Slauson taking over the left guard spot, it looked even more successful. In 2011 it proved to be a disaster.
  19. If Geno pans out, Rex's grade for this draft will be correct. It won't even matter what any of the other picks do.
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