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  1. If Geno pans out, Rex's grade for this draft will be correct. It won't even matter what any of the other picks do.
  2. Henne wouldn't be a terrible idea if they think Geno can build off of his last few games. Add a QB in the middle rounds as well, and that's a far better lineup than what we've had the last few years. As for receivers, Maclin and Nicks are risky moves. I think Golden Tate would be a nice fit here. Pair him up with an early round receiver or TE in the draft, and the offense suddenly looks much better.
  3. Wasn't that the name of the villain in the Batman movies?
  4. As am I. If that stuff is cat, then cat tastes good.
  5. What can I say? I like my beer to have flavor.
  6. BudMillerCoors is not allowed in my house.
  7. I have a hop-burst pale ale on one tap, and this week I'm keeping an American Brown ale (think along the lines of Brooklyn Brown) for the other.
  8. I think he's great with the draft, and all of the coverage leading up to it. But he is terrible when calling actual games.
  9. You wouldn't like it. It has flavor.
  10. It's a matter of preference I guess. I like being at home for the games. Also, I don't mind most of the announcers. Although I'll admit listening to Mike Mayock is excruciating. Occasionally I'll turn down the TV volume, and listen to Wischusen call the game on the radio.
  11. I completely agree. Get some weapons for the offense, plus a veteran QB to compete in camp for the starting job. Then go QB in the middle rounds, unless one of the top prospects falls in our lap at the right time, the way Geno did.
  12. To be honest, despite the money, I very much prefer watching a game from home. Living out east on LI, a 1PM game basically is an all day event. We have to leave very early to beat the rush in, then we have to wait a few hours to avoid the traffic getting out of Jersey. By the time we get home, it's 9:00 at night, and then there's the cleanup of the grills. It's just a very long day. Factor in the cost of tickets, parking, tolls, and concessions, and it all gets very expensive. Meanwhile, watching at home I can sleep in, drink as much as I want from my dual tap kegerator, and not have to deal with traffic or tolls. Plus I watch the game in HD with surround sound. And it costs nothing. Oh, and the only cursing drunkard I have to deal with is me. It's fun to go to a game once in a while, but I couldn't do it every week. Not worth it.
  13. Were you shaking your cane while typing this?
  14. He's supposedly a candidate to replace Bill O'Brien at Penn State.
  15. Exactly. Pollard facing the Pats twice a year means two of their players will go to IR when they play us.
  16. While not as big a name as some others on the list, Tate sounds like a nice fit for us. What is he going to cost?
  17. Rex can't develop players. Good for Milliner. Hopefully he can build on his play in December.
  18. Agreed. If Frazier and Tedford join him, that's a heck of a coaching staff.
  19. Ask any black guy if that stereotype bothers them.
  20. Starts a thread about another guy's dick. Questions my manhood.
  21. I didn't look. I just assumed the stereotype was true.
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