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  1. I didn't look. I just assumed the stereotype was true.
  2. T0m loves big black c0ck. Mods, please change the thread title.
  3. Geno struggled during his rookie season, but improved quite a bit during the final month. How is that proof that he isn't the answer? No way would I give up on him now. Bring someone in to push him. Don't coddle him like they did with Sanchez, but don't give up on him either.
  4. I have not. Have you ever eaten asparagus, and your piss smells like a cadaver?
  5. My piss would resemble a bock if that were the case. Coors Light resembles seltzer water with a few drops of lemonade in it.
  6. It's gold? More closely resembles my urine after drinking a few glasses of water.
  7. Same here. Locked up at home with a newborn. The wife and I are getting ready for bed now. Normally I'd have a few more hours of drinking to do. No complaints though. I enjoyed several pints of my haus pale ale, and I don't have to worry about how I'm getting home.
  8. I know, and I agree. He's an exciting player to watch.
  9. +1 Let's see him do this against a real defense.
  10. From one fat guinea to another, happy birthday!
  11. I'll only read it if it's for a manly beer like Coors Light.
  12. By which week do you think Alfred Morris will flip him off?
  13. #coachedupbyrex #greatcoaching #rexryan #rextension
  14. I don't really agree with you. I've been to several public events in Philly (sporting, among others). NY fans have their fair share of knuckleheads, no disagreement there. But Philly fans can be absolute f*cking animals. Very loyal, and passionate, but they go too far many times. And I'm not bashing Philly, mind you. My brother-in-law lives down there, and we visit often. I think it's a great city.
  15. They also booed Santa Claus, cheered Michael Irvin's neck injury, and throw batteries at opposing team's players.
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