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  1. For teams that are a piece away from a championship, that trade would be worth doing. Tampa's mistake was thinking they were one of those teams.
  2. I wouldn't call it a heist. It was a fair trade for both sides.
  3. If the GM is fired, then there could be a chance he becomes a free agent. If the GM is not fired, not happening.
  4. That is a ridiculous firing. Not even a full year with the team.
  5. I think Rex mentioned in the presser that he got hurt, but didn't say what the injury was. Nobody followed up on it because everyone was grilling Rex about whether or not he got an extension.
  6. Woody Johnson has built a world-class facility and stadium, while also assembling a top-notch front office and coaching staff. He's a wonderful owner. We're lucky to have him.
  7. We ran the ball a lot this year out of necessity. Outside of running back, our skill position personnel is awful. Give Marty some weapons to play with, and he will want to throw plenty. Bring in Graham, along with a guy like Maclin or Nicks, add a high draft pick, and the look of this offense changes dramatically.
  8. Graham is the one guy I'd throw big money at in free agency. You get him, then go for mid-tier guys to fill some other needs. Then draft a receiver early.
  9. With an ordinary QB throwing to him, and he'll become Greg Salas.
  10. First Marshawn, now Idzik. Bevell's been given the finger twice this season.
  11. Looks like he won't be changing caps anytime soon. #MerryChristmasT0m
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