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  1. I wouldn't mind Gruden. He comes from a football family, has put together a solid offense, and does have some head coaching experience in minor pro leagues (UFL and Arena) where he was successful.
  2. Brick would do even worse on the right side. Your right tackle is usually more of a mauler. Brick is/was more of an athletic finesse blocker.
  3. Can't disagree with this. Antonio Allen was a pleasant surprise on a team that has had very few of them. If they thought they were getting the Ed Reed of old, that would justify taking Allen out. But it's blatantly obvious that Reed is finished, and Rex is too loyal to take him out.
  4. Good post. I completely agree. Contrary to what most people think, Rex's philosophy of a strong running game, coupled with a strong defense, is tried and true. It allows you to be able to win without a great QB. The QB just needs to protect the ball, and be an efficient passer. Rex's problem has been in the execution of this strategy. Our QBs have turned the ball over like crazy, and are ineffective, which stifles the running game. This causes the defense to be on the field way too long, which eventually wears them out. It's all about the development of a sound QB, which above all else is what is going to get Rex fired. He's failed miserably at developing one.
  5. If we're just going to dump him for the latest hot name coordinator, no thanks. Been there, done that. And the results have not been pretty. I'd prefer a replacement who has been a head coach (college or pro) before.
  6. You're right. "With the first pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select......."
  7. First off, your funeral can't come soon enough. Second, the roster sucked to begin with, but Idzik's draft, minus Richardson, has been a colossal failure.
  8. The three mentioned are guys Idzik brought in. All contributed greatly to this loss.
  9. - Milliner getting owned by a receiver that's smaller than T0m's cock - Winters missing blocks, and getting called for holding. - Geno sealing the game with another pick 6. #IdzikDisasters
  10. Depends. With Rex: playoff contender With Darrell Bevell: Top five draft pick in 2015
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