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  1. He might now a gasket on Monday. This could be fun!
  2. Don't waste your time and energy on this hump.
  3. I'm posting via the browser on my phone, you moron. I can only post a link.
  4. http://www.waynerosso.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/fredo.png
  5. The problem is, they all look like someone dropped tapioca on them.
  6. Impossible. You can't decline from rock bottom.
  7. If only your mother had one coat hanger back in the day....
  8. The problem with Nelson isn't that he's on the roster. It's that he's our #2 (you could argue #1) receiver. He is a good third or fourth receiver to have around.
  9. Idzik wanted Manuel, but Rex overrode him and picked two defenders. He wanted another CB in the second round, but threw the offense a bone by picking Geno. All Rex's fault.
  10. Pssst. All of our bad signings are Rex's fault.
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