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  1. The Jets can't do this, especially this year, when they're likely going to spend some money in free agency. What big time talent will want to sign a multi-year contract, knowing the coach is on the hot seat? They either extend Rex for a few years, or go in a new direction.
  2. Agreed. That was a good throw that Holmes should have caught.
  3. Of course he was. Rex isn't without blame. The problem is Tanny couldn't make the decisions himself, so he leaned way too much on his coaches for input. He did so with Mangini as well. That doesn't make either coach bad at being a coach. It makes Tanny a horrible GM. Many coaches should not have such a strong influence on the personnel decisions. Case in point: Mike Holmgren. An excellent coach, but he was a disaster at making personnel decisions.
  4. During the halftime show, Shannon Sharpe was making fun of that play, and Geno. He said the Jets should keep lining up two receivers on the same side, let Geno toss it up, and hope one of them comes down with the ball.
  5. Who is in charge then? If Rex is pulling the strings on personnel decisions, then what is Idzik doing here? I agree that the Reed signing has Rex's fingerprints all over it. But why didn't Idzik veto this move? He's the GM. If Rex wants to sign a player, and Idzik disagrees with it, he should shoot it down. He didn't, so he's just as culpable.
  6. You know you're a bad football team when you give up 37 points to Geno Smith.
  7. I agree. However that's what it's going to take to save his job. Idzik, like any other GM, wants to bring his own guy in to coach the team. He was willing to stick with Rex for a year to satisfy Woody. But that's just about done now, so the only way for Rex to save himself is to make the playoffs. It would be really hard for Idzik to justify firing a coach who took this putrid roster to the postseason. But this is all moot, because our chances of getting in are very, very slim.
  8. Rex needs to make the playoffs to save his job. That requires a miracle to happen, at this point. Get ready for Darrell Schottenheimer to be our head coach, because it's happening.
  9. There is not much to puff our chests out over. The Raider defense laid down for our sh!tty QB.
  10. QB WR TE OL RB CB S All of the above are positions of need for this team, and should be the focus of the front office over a pass rusher.
  11. You're looking pretty far down road, then. This doesn't mean anything. Barring a miracle, Rex is a goner.
  12. You're probably right, unfortunately.
  13. Were you born an a$$hole, or did you have to work at it? I didn't say it would or could happen. I said that would save Rex's job. He's getting fired. No doubt.
  14. I think there were/are only two ways Rex isn't getting fired: A) The team, and especially Geno, shows enough progress where Idzik wouldn't want to make a change that could disrupt the team's growth. B ) They make a deep playoff run, which would make it hard for Idzik to justify firing the coaching staff. Neither are panning out this way, so I think Rex will be let go when the season ends.
  15. He may very well be a great candidate, but I doubt Woody would go for it. He likes big name hires.
  16. You're really a special kind of idiot.
  17. Wow Manish must feel like an ass right about now.
  18. With the competitive disadvantage he's dealt with, 7-5 is impressive.
  19. That's understandable. Still there's no denying the job he's done.
  20. I think O'Brien has handled a rough situation superbly.
  21. Funny you say this. The cathouse is your mother's. She is a big star
  22. I'm fine with O'Brien or Shaw. I know either of them is unlikely to come here, but ideally they're who I like. Aside from them, I wouldn't hate Whisenhunt either. The only coordinator that I like who has never been a HC (as far as I know) is Mike Zimmer. But another defensive coach won't go over well.
  23. Just an FYI that I should have mentioned before T0m derailed the thread, I'm not against Rex being fired. I just think if he is let go, they should replace him with someone better, not just the hot coordinator du jour. We've already done that several times, and it's blown up in our faces.
  24. Don't worry. Darrell Bevell's picking our QB next year. He's got this.
  25. GMs rarely speak to the media during the season. Especially if the coach's job is in danger. This is Mehta being his usual pain in the ass self. Nothing more.
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