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  1. T0mShane, dbatesman Plowing each other's culos. Brown stuff all over.
  2. Point grammar errors out On internet message board Puffing your chest out
  3. Ah, protecting your boyfriend. How precious.
  4. Count Idzik's blunders Geno, Dee, Goodson, Winters.... Ran out of fingers.
  5. You're the last person who should call anyone a dope, you f*cking moron.
  6. Is there proof that he influenced the Sanchez extension that made him uncuttable while crippling our salary cap? What about overpaying for Holmes in 2011? I don't he influenced trading for him, but I've never read anything about him demanding Tanny keep him at all costs. If you can prove that Rex forced Tanny's hand on those decisions, the I'm with you. Otherwise you're just making things up to support your stance against Rex.
  7. Putting words in my mouth. Rex absolutely shares some fault in this. I never said he didn't. But he also has worked with a front office that has made some terrible personnel decisions. The last two years, the personnel on offense has been pure garbage. And the Holmes and Sanchez contracts have crippled them from making any real improvements. Houston has drafted well, and made some good moves via free agency. Wade Phillips has done a good job there, but having good players to work with helps tremendously. We don't have good players to work with on offense.
  8. You're assuming their DC and our OC are on a level playing field, personnel-wise. Kubiak's defense also has a of talent to work with. Marty M has Geno Smith, Stephen Hill, David Nelson, and Brian Winters.
  9. Compounding mistakes Dee over Warmack at 9 Winters the turnstile
  10. Geno Smith sucks balls T0mShane defends him all day 'Cause he sucks them too.
  11. Francesa was right Just another bean counter Same old f*cking Jets
  12. Bevell will not work Marshawn gave him the finger Schotty the sequel
  13. No talent on the team. Change coach, same result, because Idzik drafts like sh*t.
  14. Idzik offseason No playmakers on team The coach is to blame
  15. Geno never should have been starting this season. Every scout and analyst felt he was a project. That's the real reason why he dropped in the draft. We were stuck with Sanchez, and Idzik made no move for a viable alternative.
  16. It doesn't. But if the other QBs are struggling, it's absurd to use a spot on a guy who can't step on the field. They might as well put Joe Namath on the roster as our third QB. No difference from Garrard at this point. Except Namath was actually good when he was in his prime.
  17. If the guy is on the roster, then he should be physically capable of contributing on the field, if needed. Brunell wasn't. Neither is Garrard. It's a waste of a roster spot. Considering it's a QB, and our other two options are useless, it's ridiculous. Hire Garrard as an assistant coach if you want him to mentor Geno. But every QB on the roster should be physically able to perform on the field, if the team needs them to. Idzik is no better than Tannenbaum in this regard.
  18. Other teams do it too. They just call them "assistant coaches," which doesn't waste a spot on their roster.
  19. So wasting a roster spot on a guy who is unable to contribute to the team is a good move? Do explain.
  20. Idzik's Mark Brunnell. At this point I wouldn't be shocked if Geno gets a big extension in the off-season.
  21. Marty M is a good OC. The guy is trying to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. No talent to work with, whatsoever.
  22. The Texans had the fourth rated defense in 2011, and the 10th last year. When did Rex ever have an offense that was ranked that high?
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