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  1. You can play the what if game with any team, any year. - What if Brady's fumble counted in the AFC Championship Game against the Raiders? - What if David Tyree doesn't make that catch against his helmet in 2007? - What if Scott Norwood hooked his kick just a bit to the left? We can keep going with this all day. The Jets dominated the game on Sunday, and won. Your hatred for Rex is making you look silly.
  2. Idzik definitely deserves credit for the draft picks. But this team still isn't exceptionally talented. The coaches are making it work.
  3. I so agree with this. I don't get why everyone gets so hung up over Rex's trash talk and predictions. He has a roster of young players, and bargain basement vets playing at a high level. He has his blemishes, but the guy is doing a fantastic job this year. Idzik's free agent moves and trades have been a little shaky. Colon has been very good, but the rest is meh. But that's what you get when you have to shop in the clearance aisle because you have no money to spend. His draft class has been very good. 5 rookie starters who have contributed greatly to wins. That's impressive.
  4. Idzik would be a god if pulled that one off. I doubt it.
  5. Agreed. If he gets extended (and I think he deserves to be), then it's a multi-year move. A one year extension puts them in the same situation next year, and will turn off many top tier free agents from signing with the team.
  6. I don't think he had enough time to throw it away. Plus he would have gotten clobbered even if he did. The guy is old now. He can't afford to take big hits anymore.
  7. He's good during draft coverage, but absolutely terrible at calling games.
  8. Yes, but he was also protecting himself.
  9. I had no problem with the calls on that drive. My biggest criticism of Rex is that he too often gets comfortable with small leads, and starts calling a prevent defense. He took his foot off the pedal on defense late in the game yesterday, and it allowed the Pats to get in field goal range to tie it up. That said I love Rex, and hope Idzik extends his contract. He's a very good coach.
  10. Sorry guys, but NOTHING was as painful as listening to Mayock fellate Brady and Belichick for 3+ hours on Week 2. That guy should be ashamed of himself after that game. Dierdorf isn't the greatest color commentary guy (Phil Simms is, IMO), but I don't mind him.
  11. Exactly. At his age, all it takes is one big hit to send him to retirement.
  12. If you think about it, he wasn't that far off when he said Clemens would be the best QB in that draft. Other than Cutler, who's had a better career than Clemens? Young and Leinart are both out of the league right now.
  13. Tebow + Schottenheimer = A sh*t show of monumental proportions.
  14. Didn't he say a while back that he would retire when Brady did? If so, smart guy. Doesn't want to be outed as just another NE coach who rode Brady's coattails.
  15. Oakland's head coaches are on the hot seat the moment they're hired. Schiano is almost certainly a goner.
  16. I'm sure Jerome Bogar will get called to Roger Goodell's office tomorrow morning for a chat.
  17. Funny how he's showing more confidence now that he doesn't have to throw to Clyde Gates anymore. Just sayin'.
  18. Exactly. Belichick isn't this savant. He just stepped in sh!t big time in that 6th round of the 2000 draft.
  19. It's amazing how bad our WR situation is. I understand Idzik couldn't address all of our needs this past offseason, especially with the cap constraints. But holy crap are we in bad shape at this position. So long as Geno progresses, with the cap space we're going to have, WR really needs to be a priority next year.
  20. If this were from Cimini or Manish, I wouldn't believe it. But it's Schefter, who is a bit more credible.
  21. Aside from this guy being a Grade A scumbag, how stupid is he to mess with an NFL player's kid? If he ever makes it out of jail, he going to have a small army of physical freaks of nature ready to tear him apart.
  22. Apparently you can spell Elite without Eli, after all.
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