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  1. Geno Smith sucks balls T0mShane defends him all day 'Cause he sucks them too.
  2. Francesa was right Just another bean counter Same old f*cking Jets
  3. Bevell will not work Marshawn gave him the finger Schotty the sequel
  4. No talent on the team. Change coach, same result, because Idzik drafts like sh*t.
  5. Idzik offseason No playmakers on team The coach is to blame
  6. Geno never should have been starting this season. Every scout and analyst felt he was a project. That's the real reason why he dropped in the draft. We were stuck with Sanchez, and Idzik made no move for a viable alternative.
  7. It doesn't. But if the other QBs are struggling, it's absurd to use a spot on a guy who can't step on the field. They might as well put Joe Namath on the roster as our third QB. No difference from Garrard at this point. Except Namath was actually good when he was in his prime.
  8. If the guy is on the roster, then he should be physically capable of contributing on the field, if needed. Brunell wasn't. Neither is Garrard. It's a waste of a roster spot. Considering it's a QB, and our other two options are useless, it's ridiculous. Hire Garrard as an assistant coach if you want him to mentor Geno. But every QB on the roster should be physically able to perform on the field, if the team needs them to. Idzik is no better than Tannenbaum in this regard.
  9. Other teams do it too. They just call them "assistant coaches," which doesn't waste a spot on their roster.
  10. So wasting a roster spot on a guy who is unable to contribute to the team is a good move? Do explain.
  11. Idzik's Mark Brunnell. At this point I wouldn't be shocked if Geno gets a big extension in the off-season.
  12. Marty M is a good OC. The guy is trying to make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t. No talent to work with, whatsoever.
  13. The Texans had the fourth rated defense in 2011, and the 10th last year. When did Rex ever have an offense that was ranked that high?
  14. So.... who should the Jets hire as their new GM in 2016?
  15. Except Kubiak accomplished way more as an OC than Bevell ever has.
  16. +100000000 We've promoted inexperienced coordinators time, and time again...and it always blows up in our face. More than anything else, this is why I'm not a fan of hiring Bevell. Shaw, Whisenhunt, and Bill O'Brien...these are the type of guys we should be looking at. Hell even Jay Gruden has experience as a head coach in the UFL (his team performed very well while he was there). If we're going to get a new head coach, get one who isn't learning how to be one on the job.
  17. In fairness, Graves put together the Cardinal team that went to the Super Bowl. You can criticize some moves he made, but he did turn that franchise into a winner.
  18. If they made the playoffs, or the team looked like it was headed in the right direction, I could see where it would have been tough for Idzik to fire him. Now that we're all but eliminated from the playoffs, and the offense looks no different than it did last year, I think Rex is finished.
  19. No. But they shouldn't just hand him the job. Idzik's been preaching competition since he got here. Let the kid earn the right to be the starter.
  20. For the right price, sure. I haven't really seen him play in Washington, but I liked him when he played at Michigan State. Good QB.
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