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  1. Aside from this guy being a Grade A scumbag, how stupid is he to mess with an NFL player's kid? If he ever makes it out of jail, he going to have a small army of physical freaks of nature ready to tear him apart.
  2. Apparently you can spell Elite without Eli, after all.
  3. Agreed. If this story is true, then Mark is a spoiled brat who threw a hissy fit because he didn't get his way. That said, nobody was named on this as being a witness. With the media's track record, I've completely lost my trust in them to report the truth unless it comes directly from a named source. They've given us no reason to just take their word on it. So if there's no one named as a witness, then I simply don't believe it.
  4. I find it funny how up until 8:30 Monday night, you all said we had no chance to beat Atlanta. After we win, "BUT TEH FALCONZ HAS INJURIES!!!" It must be fun being able to change the rules as you go along. Oh and BTW, firing a coach who is winning with a roster as weak as ours would be the height of stupidity. The defense is playing very well, and the rookie QB is showing improvement. What more do you want from the guy? I don't care about things he says during pressers. I don't care about his predictions or smack talk. I care about winning. And right now he's doing that. And he's doing it with a roster that everyone thought was one of the worst in the league, not to mention a rookie QB. Pretty goddamned impressive, if you ask me. Woody being non-committal on Rex means nothing at this point. He said it himself: "We don't discuss contracts during the season." Why would say anything either way about Rex's future then?
  5. And yet, he's still head-and-shoulders above Mike Mayock, who is unbearable.
  6. Because we have lately. But this is the first time in a while that we're playing them at home. It seems like we always have to go to Pittsburgh.
  7. He seemed irritated by it. He said it was completely untrue, and that he didn't appreciate people putting words in his mouth.
  8. LOL. This site is like a penal colony. Australia for Jets fans.
  9. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised that Sean acted that way. I don't know him personally, but he strikes me as having the temperament of a woman who is always on the rag. Uncompromising and very moody. He takes things very personally, even when you're obviously just busting chops. SharePoint isn't bad. It has its quirks and limitations (like anything does), but it's also pretty powerful. There is a big market for developers who know it.
  10. Isn't Nicks a free agent next year? I can see the Giants letting him walk. If they do I'd go after him in free agency.
  11. I'm working in SharePoint. Some of the development is done in .NET, but we try to leverage the tool as much as we can using its own out of the box functions with JQuery. I remember you on JI under both names. I didn't know you designed the logos. That's pretty cool.
  12. It wasn't likely to go their way, but considering Atlanta got such a huge gain on the play, it was worth challenging.
  13. They prove your predictions wrong when they lose, too.
  14. Good memory! I used to post on JI, and I used to work as a graphic designer. I no longer do either. Sean and I had a disagreement that led to me getting banned. I don't know if he lifted it, but I really have no desire to go back. Most of my favorite posters from there moved here. There's still some good guys over there, but this site is much better. As for graphic design, I started in that field, but gradually evolved into a web developer. The pay is better.
  15. Fisher willingly hired Brian Schottenheimer to run his offense. That alone makes me question Fisher's judgement. At least in Rex's case, the front office forced Schotty on him.
  16. LOL I guess I'm just used to having to defend Rex because so many people get hung up over things he says.
  17. Maybe so. I didn't notice that. But on that pass play, Wilk beat his guy badly, and the O-Lineman held to protect his QB. It was an obvious call that wasn't made.
  18. He does. But if the team performs like they did last night, then who cares? If it gets this team to play the physical style they're playing right now, then I don't care how much of a buffoon Rex acts like.
  19. When you start a rookie QB, games like last week are inevitably going to happen. The hope is that the kid learns from the experience, and improves because of it. Last night showed that very well may have happened.
  20. He has a team that most thought was marginally talented at best at 3-2, and they just took out the Falcons at home on Monday night. For all I care, he can say whatever the f*ck he wants.
  21. On the play where Julio Jones made that one-handed catch (goota give him credit, that was pretty sick), there was a blatant hold on Wilk that didn't get called. I was screaming at the TV before Ryan's pass left his hand. The refs were terrible last night.
  22. Even with the refs doing everything they can to give the game away, GENO comes through!!!!!!!!
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