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  1. At this point I'd be shocked if Rex doesn't get fired at the end of the season.
  2. I don't need to scour the Internet for evidence on Idzik. I'm watching the product he's put on the field. He had no money to work with in free agency, so he gets a pass there. But his first draft is shaping up to be a disaster. Three picks in the Top 40, only one looks like he's going to be any good. It's still early, but so far it's not looking good.
  3. No tricks. I just think Mr. Magic Underpants is going to make us great.
  4. As long as he's not making personnel decisions, I'd be fine with that. Then again, Idzik is making those decisions, so we're f*cked either way.
  5. Darrel Bevell is going to turn this thing around. He and Idzik.
  6. Whisenhunt is who I like. Bevell more likely, because Idzik is useless.
  7. Another Idzik bust f*cks up. Let's let him pick our coach.
  8. He very well may, but they have to take Geno out.
  9. Can't wait until Darrel Schottenheimer is our coach next year.
  10. Except in Seattle. Then it's the offensive coordinator.
  11. Geno doesn't throw that pick if Bevell was the coach. Just sayin'.
  12. I guess Rex is going to fire himself on Black Monday. He makes all the football decisions, after all....
  13. Actually Miami's playcalling has been spot on. Tannehill just sucks.
  14. Rex is going to lose the defense soon. They're playing their asses off, only to watch Geno do nothing.
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