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  1. Yeah. Their offensive coordinator is a ******* disaster.
  2. I agree. I'd rather tank the season and get rid of Schottendisaster now, then make the playoffs and have to endure another year of his sh!tty playcalling.
  3. Which is exactly the type of back Rex wants.
  4. I'd rather get Michael Bush next year. The guy would be a household name by now if Bobby Petrino wasn't such a moron.
  5. Moore comes up to fix Schotty's mess, and a team captain says "It's up to our offensive coordinator if he's going to take in his words," and that's NOT taking a shot at him?
  6. Keep telling yourself that. We don't go to the Championship Game either year with Sissy-Arm as our QB the last two years. And it's not that we went because Sanchez is so good, mind you. But Chad was just so bad. God Bless Brett Favre. One of the greatest Jets, simply for ridding us of Chad.
  7. Couldn't agree more. They should build a shrine to Favre at Florham Park for getting rid of Pennington.
  8. This isn't happening, so why waste time talking about it? They're not giving up on Sanchez without seeing him work with a different OC.
  9. Exactly. Weis' offense with Rex's defense, and this team would be dangerous.
  10. I don't know why he's been blacklisted in the NFL, but his UFL teams have done well. He's a good offensive-mind.
  11. If they don't make the playoffs (a possibility, considering their QB situation), he could lose his job.
  12. If Weis were available, he'd be the top choice. I'd go all out to get him in here. Other than him: Gary Kubiak (if he's fired) Norv Turner Bill Callahan and my dark horse.......Jim Fassel
  13. One is working in a system where WR routes are well-designed. The other is working in Brian Schottenheimer's system.
  14. Agreed. However I don't see how the offense's performance this year hasn't solidified his fate. Unless the Jets go deep in the playoffs, I don't see how they keep him next year. The defense has regressed, but they've gone from excellent to so-so. The offense has gone from mediocre to horrendous. We can blame Sanchez, and he certainly deserves some blame, but the organization will give up on Schottenheimer before giving up on him.
  15. This is at the very top of my Christmas wish list. Please hire Schotty, Jacksonville. PLEASE!!!!!!!
  16. Agreed on all counts. I'd add OLB to that as well. Pace is decent, but the rest of them suck.
  17. Seriously. The guy has been lights-out since he came into the league. He has one bad game, and everyone's dogging him. Meanwhile Schottenheimer's sucked for years, and there's plenty of people still making excuses for him.
  18. I don't think we're winning out. Yesterday was a very underwhelming win. We still have big problems in all three phases of the game. Our offense is a joke, we're vulnerable against RBs and TEs in pass coverage, and we have trouble fielding punts and kickoffs. We're just not that good this year.
  19. We can't give up on Sanchez without at least giving him a shot with a different (ie: better) coordinator. It would be foolish not to do so.
  20. I probably won't follow the team next year if he's still here. I don't think I can stomach another season with him calling the offense.
  21. Someone should tell Schottenheimer to swallow a shotgun.
  22. Maybe so. But before we can give up on the QB, we need to try him in another system. If by any chance Norv Turner is fired at the end of the year, I'd be all over him.
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