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  1. He's still crying because we didn't give DeWayne Robertson a few more years to develop.....
  2. Man this is some ball-licking Mayock is giving Belichick tonight.
  3. Absolutely. Their receivers are just as bad.
  4. Let Spadola play. Can't be worse than Hill and Gates.
  5. He looks like one of the infected from 28 Days Later.
  6. Geno looks good. Receivers are killing him right now.
  7. Great post. I think Rex is a very good coach. Is he flawed? Sure. All coaches are. But his defense keeps us competitive, even when our offense is absolutely putrid. As bad as we were last year, we were still in the playoff hunt going into December. That's with some of the worst QB play I've ever seen. A large reason for that was because of the defense. I think they finally hired the right OC. Get him some talent to work with (especially at QB), and combined with Rex's defense, we can be an excellent football team.
  8. What happened to Clyde Gates? He actually did a decent job returning kicks in the preseason.
  9. Clearly. Barring injury, we've seen the last of Mark Sanchez as our starting QB.
  10. With the reputation Brady has acheived for him, Belichick should lick Brady's balls clean every night. This clown was an atrocious head coach before Mo Lewis knocked the piss out of Drew Bledsoe. Sorry to say, but take away Brady, and your boy Belichick is not a great head coach. Give Rex the kind of QB play Belichick has had, and you'd be in love with Rex.
  11. Right. And you wouldn't be tearing into Rex if the team didn't practice this week..
  12. I agree that it's going to take a little time for the line to jell. But that doesn't excuse Mangold from getting beat so badly on certain plays. He was lousy yesterday.
  13. This defense will keep us in games. Good QB play can overcome a lack of talent elsewhere. Watching Geno improve over the course of one game gives me hope. If he can continue to progress each week, then this team will surprise some people.
  14. A lot of people compare Geno to Aaron Brooks, but to me he's more Donovan McNabb-like in his skill set. Primarily a passer, but has enough mobility to pick up first downs with his legs if there is an opening.
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