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  1. Wow I didn't mean to cause a problem. Sorry man. That wasn't my intention. I'd been on JI for close to 10 years. Over that time, Sean and I have clashed several times. Harmless disagreements, but nothing malicious (at least to me they were, he apparently thinks differently). This time he permanently banned me because I felt his online petition (that got newspaper attention) was silly. I guess his ego couldn't handle it. His ban message to me reads "GFY....Ban long overdue." So I kind of lost any respect I had for him after that. Hence calling him a sh*tbag. I guess he expects people to kiss his ass because he runs a popular site. Sorry, but that isn't happening with me.
  2. I think it is possible. You know Rex will field a good defense. If we can run the ball effectively on offense, I don't see why we can't be a 9-10 win team, and take a Wild Card spot. The key is the O-Line. If Willie Colon can stay healthy, and Peterman or Winters steps up, I think our running game (and therefore, the whole offense) can make a fairly dramatic improvement.
  3. You forgot to put the word "nearly" before it, meaning "less than." JI really stirred up a hornets nest with this one. LOLZ
  4. No I get it. He's taking the high road, and that's fine.
  5. Understood. Just to clear, my post was in no way malicious towards Borgo. He's one of my favorite people from the other site.
  6. Probably. sh*t-Bag needs hits to his site now that SAR left. A Borgo photo thread fixes that for him.
  7. Playing for IS fun. Sounds good though. I'm in.
  8. He's taking cues from his coach. He didn't "understand the rules" for taking a breathalyzer.......
  9. Yep. I loved him his first two years here. But he got old and slow real quick.
  10. You won't miss watching teams convert third and longs at his expense when the season starts.
  11. How is Dustin Keller not on that overrated list?
  12. Didn't David Diehl get a DWI a year or two ago? I guess that doesn't count. So true. I know a lot of Giants fans (my brother included), and they talk way more about our team than their own. Hell, they talk more about the Jets than most of us do. It's kind of pathetic, especially when you consider the success the Giants have had the last few years. The other thing is they're delusional. The Giants had a 9-7 regular season record both years when they won the Super Bowl 2007 and 2011. They barely squeaked into the playoffs and got hot at the right time. Yet if you ask their fans, they'll tell you they were the most dominant team in football both seasons.
  13. LOL I know he's soured on a lot of people, but I can't help loving Rex.
  14. I bruised his over-inflated ego. Oh well.
  15. Brain-fart. Sorry! Still, I'd be curious to see how his contract is structured. I wouldn't be surprised if they can cut him after a year or two, with a minimal cap hit. He's also a few years younger, so maybe they feel they can get a few years out of him, even as a situational pass rusher. Playing a position that depends on speed and a quick first step, nobody is giving a 35 year-old a big multi-year contract.
  16. Freeney is a few years younger. He also has a long history with the Colts, and was retained to be a veteran presence on a very young team.
  17. If that was what he was willing to accept, then he would have signed with someone a while ago. He's looking for that last big paycheck. At his age, there's no way he's going to get what he's asking for.
  18. I understand he's young and having his fun, but you'd think he would be a bit more focused on getting his career back on track, instead of getting caught with his pants down (literally).
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